No main lamp lighting design! Canadians, trap, and firearms are unclear?

In the currently popular light -free lighting design, the four most commonly used lamps are used in the most popular lighting design. When you buy the lamps when you decorate the lamps, you ca n’t tell which ones are ceiling lanterns, which are downlights, and which are shooting lights. This article will help you. The light -fitting downlights are better different from the light -fitting lights, but some people are unclear as embedded ceiling lights, downlights, and shooting lights.

1. The difference between light -loading downlights and light -fitting lights

The lamp head of the lightweight down light cannot be rotated, so the direction of the lights is fixed.


2. The difference between ceiling light and downlight


From the installation location, the downlight can also be called a ceiling, because they are all installed on the ceiling, and the size is similar, which are also embedded.


Anti -glare trading lamp


From the definition of narrow senses, small lanterns are downlights. If we are more careful, the ceiling and downlights are still easy to distinguish, and we can distinguish from three aspects.


(1) In terms of size: Most ceiling lights are relatively small, and the heat generates is small, so the heat dissipation tablets are relatively small, so the thickness is thinner, and the thickness is less than 10 cm. The power of the downlight is relatively large, and the calories generate a lot. In order to heat the heat, the heat sink has to be made greater, so its thickness is larger, especially some commercial downlights.

(2) In terms of anti -glare: The anti -glares of the downlight are generally achieved to improve the anti -glare shading angle, and the ceiling light is achieved with frosted glass transmittance or acrylic light transmittance. , Use the light cup to reflect the light of light.


(3) Different curves with light, this is also the most important difference: the irradiation angle of the ceiling lamp is large, the light is more evacuated, and the downlight is more than the ceiling light.

The light curve of the ceiling lamp

Light curve of downlight

3. The difference between embedded down lights and embedded shooting lights

(1) The direction of the lights of the downlight is fixed, and the direction of the shot light of the spotlight is flexible and variable.


Fire lamp



(2) The beam angle is different. The beam angle of the spotlight is smaller than the beam angle of the downlight. Therefore, the radiation light is far away from the reference light, which is often used for key lighting.

Firelight with light curve

Dibn light with light curve

Small lanterns and trap lights are commonly used for general photos or functional lighting, which can meet the requirements of illuminance uniformity. The spotlight is used for key lighting or focusing lighting. , Make the subject of the subject.

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