Literary and artistic! With this Yuanji Mu language solid wood bookcase, everyone knows that I am a reader

As the so -called “poetry of poetry, the qi is self -self”, I usually like to read books, because books can enrich their lives and cultivate their spirit. For this reason, I bought a lot of books. Although there are bookcases at home, they are relatively old and unreasonable layout.


In this way, books are not only messy, difficult to find, but also easily damaged. So I strengthened the idea of ​​replacing the bookcase, and found a very satisfactory bookcase through the three houses. It comes from a brand that specializes in solid wood furniture -Genji Muyu. From the material to the face value and practicality, it is full of surprise.

The treasured book must have conspicuous display space


Everyone has a headache for the choice of closed or open types of bookcases. The closed type of cabinet is protected, which can isolate the dust and tide, but it will look dull, and it will be more troublesome to find a book. Therefore, individuals prefer open -style, and the design is more in line with the aesthetics of young people, which is convenient and bright. The bookcases can be seen at a glance at a glance.

Genji Muyu Prague · Bookcase is a proud work in the open bookcase. It creates a warm and healing reading corner for the home. The face value of this bookcase is really good, the colors are fresh and elegant, and the design is versatile, which is very suitable for modern minimalist style. The open design not only has a large storage space, but also visually simple and generous.

The height of each layer of the bookcase is ≥30cm. It is separated from the space of different widths. It has a rich sense of design, the layout is more reasonable, and the use is more flexible. Treasure books of different sizes are displayed in an orderly manner, eliminating the time to find, and also improve learning efficiency. If a friend visits, you can also lead to a talk with a conspicuous book. The distance between the closer is really more.

In addition to books, green plants, audio, artworks, etc. on the bookcase, watching pleasing to the eye is also the expression of personal interests and personality. Being able to show your favorite books and beloved exhibits at a glance and integrate your hobbies into the living space. This is the unique charm of Prague Bookcase.

100%pure solid wood, give a more quality “home”


As a book of love, of course, the “home” to the book cannot be sloppy. Many people buy the skin or density panels in order to get cheaply, and those so -called “logs bookcases” posted with a large number of adhesives are heavy and will release a large amount of formaldehyde. On the other hand, cheap inferior board bookcases are not only not beautiful but also very durable, so you must buy pure solid wood, and you cannot compromise at all.

The combination of good design with real materials can be high quality. Prague’s bookcase rejected the odor and formaldehyde from the source. 100%pure solid wood, no inferior materials such as medium fiber plate, density board, granular board. The cabinet is a North American FAS -grade oak. After the surface is polished by hand, you can feel the warm texture of the wood itself. Moreover, the color of oak is relatively shallow, and it has obvious mountain -shaped tree patterns, which is beautiful and smooth. This unique and rich texture is a beautiful gift for nature.

It is rare that the side of the bookcase also uses a whole wooden material. Choose a wood with different widths of 5-11cm for panels. There is no finger crushing. Under the premise of ensuring the stability of the wood and not cracking, the bookcase will become more beautiful. In order to maintain higher environmental protection standards, after four open spraying, the texture and texture of solid wood have been retained to a greater extent.


A book that is cherished is a “home” that integrates storage, beautiful, environmentally friendly, strong, and durable, and the reading corner created by it has also become my favorite place.

These heart details are really pleasing


As a delicate girl, you have always paid attention to details when buying things, because small details often reflect the intention of the product.

There is also a creative design in the large storage space. In order to have aesthetics and practicality, the Prague bookcase is equipped with a single Changhong glass cabinet door and two drawers. The space in the door of Changhong Glass Cabinet can put more private books, which not only protects privacy, but also makes the bookcase more artistic; in addition to putting books, you can also put on small objects such as things, office supplies, and other small objects. very convenient.

Humanized design is also hidden in every detail: the corners are rounded, giving you intimate care; thick partitions, bearing capacity is not worried; stable cabinet legs are 15.5cm away from the ground, clean and worry -free. These tentacles can also reflect the meticulous quality of ingenuity.


With this bookcase, the books in the family have become well -organized and no longer messy. And whether it is placed in the study or the living room, it looks full of style, so that the literary temperament at home has risen straight, and the girlfriend praises it after seeing it. The days must be full and textured, and the soul must also have thickness and quality. The books carry the wisdom of many sages from ancient times to the present. In the future, they will continue to discover the beauty of books and life with Prague Bookcase.

Author: ArticleManager