From the thousands of regiments to the sinking market, the gathered gathers are ups and downs

Gathering is more important than you think, and more and more signs are pointing to this.

One of the most obvious details appeared on September 9th. This day is the most important “99 cost -effective festival” of each year. The e -commerce festival is commonplace, but the gathering and Jiangsu Satellite TV also cooperated with Jiangsu Satellite TV to complete a live broadcast of the party. A whole party lives on the e -commerce holiday, which is rare even within Ali that is working on the operation.

This is undoubtedly an encouragement for people inside the cost -effective. After all, there are not many business lines that can enjoy this treatment. This party, which appears in this star such as Zhang Jie, Zhang Shaohan, Tengger, and is known as the “99 Available Festival Festival”, is one of the few three similar event marketing activities approved by Ali. In other words, the cost -effective “99 cost -effective festival” has at least gained the same status as “Double 11” in form.

A few years ago, the gathered inside personnel would not think that there would be such an opportunity to be valued again. You know, after the vigorous “thousands of war” a few years ago, the strategic position of gathering in Ali has dropped again, and even once became a “vassal” or “tool” of other business lines.

However, the sudden rise of the sinking market allowed opportunities to fall from the sky, and a “midfield war” that belonged to a cost -effective “midfield war” suddenly opened in 2019. For gathering costumes, it suddenly has more group resources, but at the same time, it has also begun to bear greater responsibilities and trust: it has become a key window for Ali to deal with Pinduoduo and attack the market. And this campaign seems to be allowed to succeed and not failed.


In this war that surrounds the sinking market, the gathering is like a soldier who has no choice, and it needs to carry its own responsibility immediately. Obviously, the competition for the market will not end in the short term, but the success or failure of this “midfield war” is related to whether Ali can still occupy a strong position when facing the new blue ocean. The second -line market has done the same.

Sinking the market, the sudden air outlet

On July 28, 2018, Huang Yan, the founder of Pinduoduo, the founder of the Shanghai Lujiazui Center.

Such arrangements are slightly special. As a Chinese company listed on Nasdaq, Huang Yan did not choose to go to the United States because of the opportunity to “consumers, employees, including the media, and people who helped us before can be in the past If you feel better, “together.” As a Internet company that relies on the sinking market, choosing to take root in China instead of rushing to overseas, this action seems to be more consistent with its own tone.

According to the data of the prospectus at the time, Pinduoduo’s annual active users reached 295 million as of the first quarter of 2018. Although the indicators are in the year, the scale of nearly 300 million still reveals the vitality of the sinking market. Especially when the traffic dividend in first -tier and second -tier cities has almost finished, it seems that the sinking market of white paper looks more cute.

All of this can be followed.

The earliest heated discussion on the young people in the film industry, the film practitioners suddenly discovered the quality of a movie box office, and began to depend on the favor of young people in the town; then the rise of PKQ , This new economic force “club” that imitates BAT has three products including Pinduoduo, Kuaishou and Fun Toutiao. Their sudden rise is related to the sinking market. Until this year, similar private domain traffic, social networking The concepts of e -commerce and KOC followed, and the dazzling of these concepts created by peeling out. The issues they discussed in essence were “how to enter the sinking market.”

The end of the first round of traffic dividends, the improvement of the purchasing power of the market, and the iconic incidents such as Pinduoduo and the successive listing of fun headlines. It also makes the sinking market a key “wind outlet” that the giants can no longer ignore.

As a long -term dominant advantage of the e -commerce market, Alibaba is also more active by the catfish suddenly emerged in the pool. In order to quickly seize this emerging blue ocean market, the group has quickly moved up and down. For example, rural Taobao has become an important starting point for the launch channels of the sinking market. Blossoms everywhere; in addition, the harvest of the vast farmland is also sold to consumers across the country through the village Tao platform.

But this is obviously not all in the face of sinking market operations. If China’s first and second -tier cities have almost consistent personality, then the face of the sinking market is complicated. This diversity requires a more systematic and systematic combat team. Vision.

There is a well -known assertion in traditional marketing theory, “the cost of getting a new user is five times that of a satisfying customer cost.” According to insiders, before re -supporting the cost -effective, the group did not think that it would be a product that specializes in the sinking market.

At least, the achievement of the 99th cost of this year proves the correct judgment. Two days before and after the cost -effective festival, its GMV reached 58.5 billion, of which 60%of the orders from the third and below cities reached 60%; on the day of the hosting, the trading of the Amoy series increased by 40%year -on -year, even higher than the 38%of Tmall 618%. Two percentage points; more importantly, it comes from merchants, with a total of more than 60,000 brands joining this shopping festival, and there are even head brands such as Lancome, L’Oreal, Siemens, and other head brands.

The amount of such achievements also relieved Alibaba. The pretty achievements achieved when attacking the market, so that the group can be slightly calm when dealing with the sudden air outlet.

A year of independent operations

“Don’t give me a Tmall party again. This is not what I want.” When preparing for the cost -effective party, Liu Bo (Huaming Jialuo), general manager of the Great Cost of the Division, told him. If you can’t understand the complexity of the sinking market, it is actually difficult to really enter this market that looks like a low threshold, which is why Ali wants to re -enable the cost -effectiveness.

The earliest appearance of gathering is an accident. It was just a group purchase project of Ali employees spontaneously innovated. It was officially launched in March 2010. Before and after it was born, a melee entitled “Thousands of Mission War” began vigorously, and the website of the group purchase business reached 5,000 during its heyday. At that time, Juxing became the “warrior” of Ali’s attack on the group purchase market.

Of course, at the key points of the success or failure of the group purchase business, the relationship between the price and the relationship between the traffic and the merchant, the relying on the cost -effective advantage of Ali’s resources. In the end, in this rapid and rapidly fading Internet contest, it was cost -effective to defeat other players.


However, when a large number of group purchase websites were closed, the smoke of the “Thousands of Mission” gradually calmed down, and the gathering of the winners also began to fall into the anxiety of “I don’t know why”. Lost the main stage, and the strategic position of gathering in the group began to decline quickly -in 2014, it transformed a marketing platform based on a limited -time sale model and became one of the marketing tools provided by Tmall to the brand. In 2016, with the gathering of gathering The cost -effective business bar is comprehensively incorporated into Tmall, and the sense of presence of cost -effectiveness has fallen to the bottom.

“You can understand it so, the gathering of gathering is the door to the room; now, Ali wants to turn it into a room,” a Internet observers told 36 氪.

The internal architecture details can often show the group’s strategic thinking. For example, teams such as gathered costumes and digital operations that were previously merged into the Tmall system were re -demolished. Subsequently, the “Tao snap -up” and “Tiantian Sales”, which are also marketing tools, also merged with gathering costumes to “Daju Cost -of the Business Division”. These actions show that after the thousands of war, the gathering has been re -enabled after the thousands of war, becoming the vanguard of the sinking market.

For the group, the sinking market is a must -play. The latest Ali financial report shows that about 70 % of Taobao Tmall’s new users per season comes from the sinking market. Considering that users often establish a relatively stable and loyal relationship after choosing an e -commerce website; therefore, whether the key nodes that can quickly flow in the market for e -commerce users in the sinking market are related to develop.

This also prompted Alibaba to announce the 99th promotion that had begun seven years ago, and fully upgraded to the “99 cost -effective festival”. At a press conference specially held for this, just like Ali’s previous style, the cost -effective goal also announced its ambitious goals: activating 100,000 brand merchants in the sinking market, creating 1 million explosive items, creating 10000 10000 Everbright market has increased business, incubated 100 digital industrial bands, cultivated 10,000 digital chemical plants, and allowed the average daily order volume of the industry to exceed 10 million.

In other words, Ali not only regards the cost of reaching the “capillaries” that reaches the sinking market, but also regards it as a vehicle that can lead brand merchants to the market. A widely known case is related to Shoes King Belle, although it is difficult to see Belle women’s shoes with a price of less than 600 yuan in physical stores; but during the 6.18 period of this year, Belle launched a low -cost Macaron color for the gathering. Loo -shoes, the final sales volume exceeds 180,000 pairs, 80%of them are new users who have never purchased Belle.

Not only Belle that benefits. Relying on the rapid touch of the sinking market, Midea’s growth rate in the sinking market reached 144%, and the values ​​of the mother and baby brand BabyCare and the net red ice cream brand Zhong Xuegao also reached 165%and 576%, respectively. On the whole, 47 brands have increased by more than 100%year -on -year, while the number of head brands with an increase of more than 50%reached more than 80.

You know, such achievements are obtained in the background of the overall growth of the e -commerce market.

Gathering secondary revival

Can gathering a second revival? This is the question of people’s hearts when they return to the vision again.

American manager Ichak Edis once drawn a well -known curve called “Enterprise Life Cycle”. After the different stages of the birth period, adolescence, stability period, and early bureaucraticization, this curve presented presentation. A form similar to the arches and normal distribution curves. From Edis, a widely used curve, you can easily interpret that for most companies, its development trajectory often goes up in the early stage, and after heights Essence

In other words, it is not easy to achieve a second revival, even in the Internet industry that is good at creating a miracle. In fact, there are indeed some extremely rare cases. For example, Weibo defeats and retreats under the impact of social media such as WeChat, but subsequently, with the entertainment of the aggressive commercialization and content levels, it ushered in rebirth.


But unfortunately, looking at the development of the Internet, there are very few opportunities for companies to breathe again.

But for the cost -effectiveness, from the thousands of the regiments to the sinking market, it has been able to see the real possibility of the second rejuvenation. An internal personnel of a gathered team told 36 氪 that in the year when the aggressive layout of the sinking market, more and more merchants started to ask for cooperation. The big name of the connection. Merchants are often the most sensitive to market trends, and their willingness to cooperate confirms the reliability of business transformation from the side.

On the one hand, the purchasing power of the sinking market is rapidly increasing. Forecast data from McKinsey shows that a large number of intermediate bourgeoisie will be born in the next decade. The Chinese private consumer market will increase to 11.8 trillion yuan by 2030 to 1130 Two -thirds of them will also come from offline cities; on the other hand, this rapidly expanding market is very different from the market faced by merchants in the past, so it also needs a platform with ever. The basic logic of the second rejuvenation can be used.

From the perspective of Ali’s strategic layout, the gathering not only fills the gaps of Ali’s original business, but also becomes a tentacles that merchants cover the sinking market through Ali; at the same time, the genes formed by the team themselves from the thousands of the regiments will allow them to deal with them under response. The rich market is also familiar enough. This kind of familiarity is difficult to achieve in a short time in a short time.

For example, when looking at the sinking market, Liu Bo directly pointed out the limitations of the existing mainstream views. He believes that the sinking market is a user strategy, and it cannot be simply understood as a city strategy: “For example, a large number of Didi brothers, a chef working in the city, and a waiter in the bath center. . They just live on the front line, but you can’t impress these people with the price strategies and brand strategies of first -tier cities. “

From this perspective, the future development potential of the sinking market may be much larger than most people think.

In the changing situation of the big waves of the Internet, the emergence and fading of the air outlet often occur instantly, and the gathering has become an individual that is ups and downs in the air outlet. After many years of forbearance, it finally found a rare breath, and the long -established sinking strength was also waiting to spray out.

“The road of glory heroes, everything has begun”, there is such a classic line in Li An’s “Billy Link’s Midfield War”. Right now, gathering costumes are playing a “midfield war”, giving it a chance to revive it, and some good signs have gradually happened in the future journey.

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