100 poetic names come from poetry! Name for your baby must be a must, please collect it quickly

What is the use of Tang Shi Song Ci?

Students say: You can add poetry to life.

The elderly said: It can increase the joy of life.

Bao Bao Bao said: You can give your child a good name.

Indeed, Tang poetry and Song Ci are refined and profound, which is indeed suitable for children. So how to use Tang Shi Song Ci to give your child a good name? Recommended and species of Poetry Jun, let’s take a look together!


The taste of the world is clear.

——Su Shi “Huanxi Sand”

Yao Qing

Mei Yaoqing can dye Han. Thousands of miles and small poems.

——Liu Yong “Wind Cup”

Ruihua fluttered the snow, full of gas full of Nangong.

——E “Straight in the Snow in Dou Dou Min Ministry”


When Xuan Zhi Ge Mao, he felt the Lu Xiang.

——Longji “Dragon Boat Festival”


The white horse Yanxue was deep, and the flying Huang Yan Qin Yunyuan.

——Hang Shen “Give Peng II away from the Qiwei”



Feiyun Ran Ran and Twilight, the new question of the colored pen is broken.

——The “Jade Case”


At the beginning of the north wind blowing snow, Jiarui Tianjiao and the age of age were eliminated.

——Lu You “Snow Snow”

Reflect the cold

The children of the pear country are scattered like a smoke, and the girls are happy to reflect the cold day.

—— Du Fu “View Gongsun Aunt Disciples Dance Swordsman Line”


There are all kinds of Hui Yi, happy, and wanting to fly in the sky.

——Li Bai, “Xuanzhou Xieyu Building, the Shu Shiyun”


Looking at Shuyue, Hao Hao ice silk silk silk. —— Nalan sex


Lan Yan Manchinzhou, traveling on the road.

——Heo Zhu “Nanku”


Qingxi Shengtonglu, Shuimi is good.

——Li Bai “Xuancheng Qingxi”

Know the cloud

When I was at the end of the road, I wanted to see the mirror in the mirror.

——Wang Shouren’s “Don’t Hili Yan”

At the beginning of the blog

At the beginning of Anbo, he presented the spring, and who was blowing in Yetai.


—— Zhang Yan “Anbo Rest”


Qiu Qian’s back, the style is like yesterday.

—— Nalan sex “Tea Bottle”

Mu Ning

There are good places in this way, Muning is not idiot outside the area?

——Lu You “Book”



Late eating is quiet, and you can help your heart.

——Wang Anshi “Xinhui Pavilion”

River dream

Dream of Bijiang, Jiangnan Manguchun.

—— Zhang Ye “Mengjiangnan”

Snowy snow

Go like an arrow. Raising while swimming in the flag, Su Lanxue splashed.

——Wu Wenying “Ruilong Yin”


The heavy lake stacked Qingjia, there are three autumn cinnamon, ten miles of lotus.

——Liu Yong “Wanghai Tide”

Jiang Hong

The river is soaked in the shadow, and Hongyan wants to fly south.

——Li Zhu Xi “Water Tuning Songs · Hidden Du Mu Qi Mountain Poetry”


The mountain smoke culvert, the river is shining.

——Hexun “Sun and Xi Poeta and Langgong Shi”


Seeing Uncle Pei, Lang Xingyu Mountain.

——Li Bai “Give Pei Fourteen”

Loud moon

Qingfeng Langyue does not need to buy a money, Yushan is not pushing themselves.

——Li Bai “Xiangyang Song”

Lang Hui

Qinglu falls into Su Hui, Mingyue Helang.

——Lu Ji “Go to Luo Daozhong”

Sparse shadow

The sparse shadow is clear and shallow, and the dark fragrance floats the moon and dusk.

——Lin Ying “Mountain Garden Xiaomei”

Slightly warm

The green wind of the pond is slightly warm, remembering Yu Zhen’s first meeting.

—— Yan Shu “Magnolia Orchid”


Abandoned the name of the name, and laughed at Baiyun.

—— Guanyun Stone “Qingjiang Yin”

Micro -long

Weiyun was a touch of Yaofeng, cold and dissolved, and it was the same as the personal Qing Xiao.

—— Nalan sex “Meet Meeting Huan”

Spring wave

Jiashan Spring Stone often remembers, and Shilu storms are fine.

——Bai Juyi’s “Except the Micro of the Night”


Today, the old volume was opened in Fengjun, and many of them were gifted in the volume.

——Bai Juyi’s “Lou Zi Meng Shi Shi Mianshuo and the Micro Singing and Micro Sentences and hurt the past, because of the gift of Zizi, after the volume”

Early static

The lack of the moon hangs the sparse Tong, leaking the first quietness.

——Su Shi, “Bu Tonzi · Huangzhou Dinghuiyuan Living”


People are quiet at the beginning, and the moon is bright. Outside the screen, the jade plum was screened.

—— Ma Zhiyuan “Luomei Feng”

Anecdotic language

The empty mountains are not seen, but they have heard people’s words.

——Wang Wei “Lu Chai”

Warm words

The gentleman is gentleman, Wen Qi is like jade.

– “Book of Songs · Xiaorong”

south wind

The breeze and the moon were unmanned, and the south building was blindly cool.

—— Huang Tingjian’s “Book of the South Building of Ezhou”


The wine disappeared, and the pillow was safe.

——Tang Yin “Peach Blossom Meet Xian Ji”


Jiang Han Qiuying flew at the beginning, and took the pot with the guest.

——Du Mu “Nine Days Qishan ascension”

Hao Ping

The white waves are vast and the Hailian, Ping Sha Hao is boundless.

——Baijuyi “Lang Tao Sand”

Clear stone

The light white stone beach, the green puppets are right.

——Wang Wei “White Stone Beach”


The willow color Yiyi, Yan Guijun does not return.

—— Wen Tingyun’s “Bodhisattva Bar”


Huizawa has nothing to do, and she has forgotten her feelings.

——Rebu “Poems of Buddha on April 8”

Cloud wisdom

Looking at Yunlin, listening to Hui Bird.

——Wang Mian “Mo Xuan Map”


The eagle strikes the sky, the fish is shallow, and the thousands of frost days compete for freedom.


——Mao Zedong “Qinyuan Chun · Snow”


Chaimen He is depressed, Fox Rabbit Xiang Yu Yu

Essence —— Cao Zhi “Liang Fuxing”


Jinse has no final fifty strings, one strings and one pillar of Si Hua Nian.

——Li Shangyin “Jinse”


Who sent the brocade book in the clouds, when the geese returned, the moon was full of west building.

——Li Qingzhao “One Cut Mei Mei Hongyu Fragrant Constellation Jade Qiu Qiu”


Rizhao Jincheng’s head, facing the Guangsan Flower Tower.

——Li Bai “Dengjincheng Sanhua Tower”


The Jin account was rolled with twilight, and the screen fought red teeth.

—— Qin Guan “Huanxi Sand”


In the future, the water is flowing, and the beads are more difficult to collect.

——Nralan sex “Huanxi Sand”

Fang Qing

Fangcao pond, green yin courtyard, late sunny window screen.

——Li Qingzhao “Turning the Man Ting Fang”


On April of the world, Fang Fei was exhausted, and the peach blossoms in the mountains were in full bloom.

——Baijuyi “Dalin Temple Peach Blossom”


There was no return where the Zhizhi returned, and Baiyun was everywhere.


——Wei Ye “Finding Hidden People Not Encountered”

Well -being

Since the spring, the tragic green is red, the heart is Cocoa.

——Liu Yong “Dingxi”


Hua Lan has blocked and carved the saddle.

——Lu You “Qiaoqiao Xian”


Boping’s real person Wang Zhi’an, he was willing to hang the crown.

——Li Bai “Guan Boping Wang Zhi’an Shaofu Landscape Landscape”


The blog view is scheduled, with thick accumulation and thin hair.

——Po Su Shi “Give Zhang Hu”


Last year met the deep courtyard, under the begonia, Zeng Ge “Golden Way”.


——Li Yuanzheng “Tea Bottle”

Si Yu

The emperor of the Han Dynasty thought of the country, and Yu Yu couldn’t ask for many years.

——Bai Juyi “Song of Everlasting”


The jade bowl is cold and cold, and the pink melting fragrant snow is light.

—— Yan Shu “Huanxi Sand”

Loose wind

The sunset rose, and the grass was dew.

—— Pei Di “Huazi Gang”

Bijiang River


Jiangbi Bird is over white, and the mountains are blue and white.

—— Du Fu’s “Two Sentences”



The mountains and rivers are full of thoughts, and the wind and rain are even more harmful.

Know the summer

Lian Yu didn’t know the spring, and the sun was deep in the summer.

——Fan Chengda “Xiqing”

Sea of ​​clouds

Mingyue came out of Tianshan, and the vast clouds.

——Li Bai “Guan Shanyue”


Jun asked the return period, and Bashan night rain rose autumn pool.


——Li Shangyin “Night Rain Send North”

Lin Jin

If you wait for the forest flowers like a brocade, you will see the flowers when you go out.


——Bang Juyuan “East East East Spring”


A song of high singing a bottle of wine, one person fishing alone in Jiangqiu.


——Wang Shizhen’s “Qiujiang alone fishing map”


The end of the song was gone, and the peaks on the river.

—— Qian Qi “Provincial Test Hunan Spirit Drums”


It evokes the moonlight for a day, and as I am full of ice and snow, it is mighty.

—— Xin Qiji “Water Tuning Song Head · Ma Shudu You Yuebo Tower”


Qingfeng River is far away from the autumn sail, and the ancient Mu Shu is beside the city of Baidi.

——Gao Shi “Send Li Shaofu Degraded Wang Shaofu Defense Changsha”


Spring water is full of four Zezawa, Xia Yundui peaks.

——Tao Yuanming “Four Osh”

Late sunny

Heavenly sweet grass, the world is late.

——Li Shangyin “Late Qing”


The falling wooden mountains are big, and Chengjiang is clear.

—— Huang Tingjian’s “Dengkuka Pavilion”



No one won the night tonight.

——Che Chen and Yiyi “Rain Qing · Tiantian Lack of Southwest River Face Qing”


The small fan is slightly cool, and the summer is long.

—— Gu Taiqing’s “Bodhisattva · Dragon Boat Festival in the Dragon Body Basin”


Grass on the Qingqing River, thinking about it.

– “Drinking Horse Great Wall Caves”


Yingying is a water, and the pulse is not allowed.

– “牛》 ——”


Silently forgive what is, today and yesterday.

——Liu Zongyuan “Living in the Suburb”



Few Golden Sky, Wan Wan Green Red Live.

——Li Bai “Qiupu’s owner returns to Yan Zai in it”


Jin Xia Xinxin gradually went eastward, and the shadow was still looking at it.

——Liu Yuxi “August 15 Night Taoyuan Play Month”

Shan Shan

The air shifts, Shanshan is cute.

——Louguang “Xiang Li Xuanzhi”

Bi Lan

The blue bush, high into the sky, the big river turning the gods and swaying smoke.

——Li He “Wushan Gao”


The frost was on the road, and Yingxue intends to get cold.

——Hexun “Yong Zaomei”

No pole

Gradually, Puwu returned, Jin Yan Cen was silent, and the sun was rushing.

—— Zhou Bangyan “Lanling King · Liu”


There are woods and woods in the mountains, and the hearts are happy.

– “Yue Ren Song”


The history of the book is full of self -confidence, and the diligence and 劬.

——Liu Zongyuan “Reading”

Blue wave


There is no wave of Bihai, and Yaotai has a road. If you think about it, you can fly together.

—— Yan Shu “Tap Sha Wing”


Songxue fluttered cold, the ridge was frozen, and the red pepper was shallow.

——The Zhou Mi “Xianxian Yin”


Green Zijin, Youyouwoxin

Essence – “Book of Songs · Ziyi”



If you know what you know everywhere, it should be like Fei Hongza Snow Mud.

——Su Shi “Hesuko Yuki Nostalgia”


Chaoxi welcomed Yan Chonggang, and the rain stayed in the hometown in the late rain.

——Su Shi, “Drinking the Lake on the first sunny rain”

Lan Ruo

Lan Ruosheng spring and summer, Wei Wei Qingqing.

——Chen Ziang “Feeling”


There are beautiful women in the southern state, Rong Hua Ruo Tao Li.

—— Cao Zhi “Miscellaneous Poems”


The most suitable, Lan Yanshui moon, fog clouds and rain.

——Wu Qian’s “Bridegroom”


The gesture is cold and light, and the slightly sun is down Chuqiu.

——Ma Dai “Chujiang Huai Gu”

Chu Yuyu

Chu Tian was long and dusk, and Song Yu was worried.

——Li Shangyin “Chu Yin”


Strive for the drooping flowers of Tonghua, and the small makeup is clear.

—— Zhou Bangyan “Huanxi Sand”


The quiet girl is her, I am in the city.

– “Book of Songs · Jing Girl”

Quiet autumn

Late autumn and cold night Galaxy Jing, Yueming Shenzhen Court atrium.

—— Yin Yan “Linjiangxian”


Bingxian wrote more love, hated people, and Fufang Lan Youzhang.

——The Zhou Mi “Embroidery Feng Flower Crimson · Fu Narcissus”


Nanxuan has a lonely pine, and Ko Ye is from Mian Mi.

——Li Bai “Nan Xuansong”

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—— Yan Shu “Huanxi Sand”

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