Wen Yongshan’s waist and down jackets wear personalized personality, loose and warm without losing fashion, and will not wear it in winter


#What to wear today#

The down jacket jacket has become one of the indispensable items in women’s winter wear. Volkswagen and simple wear forms make more women accept it, but how to wear a sense of fashion to test personal wear skills. The drawing rope design not only highlights the body, but also modifies the bloated feeling. The loose down jacket jacket is added to the waist design, which is not only fashionable, but also easy to age. The fluffy girl feels the charm of fashionable youth. Wen Yongshan is not bloated in winter. Want to wear a fashionable and sexy woman to see it, and the down jacket jacket can also show a different style.


Modeling analysis

Due to the waist design of the lattice pattern selected by Wen Yongshan, the overall down jacket jacket is reduced to reduce the bloated and wide visual effect. This form of dressing not only highlights the fashion and sexy, but also makes the down jacket slightly skirt with a skirt. The effect increases the girly style, so the overall wearing fashion is not losing age. The simpler the popular items, the more the personal products are testing the personal skills. If you are not careful, you will follow. The down jacket jacket taboo rigid way of dressing, with the slim inside, it can highlight the figure but open the form of wearing can more highlight the charm.

Personal design of jacket


Wen Yongshan seemed to choose a popular down jacket jacket, but added another elemental design and style to wear. The grid pattern increased the visual highlights. At the same time, the drawing line design to form a perfect figure. The more youthful. The form of young personality can make ordinary popular items unsightly. To enter winter to choose down jackets, it requires personal aesthetics.

More harmonious in the self -cultivation


The loose down jackets must be matched with the inside of the slim, otherwise it will increase the inconvenience of the bloated and inconvenient visual experience in winter, but the black slim -fitting items can be visually harmonious, especially the internal and external loose items. Matching can highlight the body advantage. Wen Yongshan has been wearing aesthetics online, not only handsome but also youthful charm. The black turtleneck sweater with tight jeans shows a good figure. Ordinary women can also wear this way not only fashionable, but also cool and handsome.

Upper width and tight

The loose upper body items with a slim lower body, visually showing the tight and tight visual effects suitable for more women with a figure, to modify the figure to show the charm of wearing, no matter what kind of woman can try. Wen Yongshan chose a loose down jacket jacket with tight jeans to perfectly show a good figure. Even if it is warm and cold, he does not forget to show his body proportion.


Embellishment of bags

The colored chain bag adds the exquisite sense of overall dressing, and is also the source of the overall youthful fashion. Wen Yongshan will create a fashionable wearing style. The eye -catching power. Young and fashionable wear are inseparable from the embellishment of the bag in order to show the sense of fashion.

If you want to keep warm in winter, do n’t forget the down jacket jacket, add the waist design jacket to more modify your body, and at the same time, the sense of fashion shows is stronger, so it shows the beauty of personal wear. Wear like this.


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