My balcony does not dry, design bay windows+track, it can be used too easy to move the desk

Fans: My balcony does not dry, and the TV cabinet is designed with a long bay window. The balcony is transformed into a leisure learning area.

This is also common.

Fan: But I installed the mobile orbit on the ground, and the desk was moved casually ~

I have to take it out to share it ~

A table is common on the bay window. The advantage of installing a track -style desk is:


1. Random mobility, can be moved at will, can be moved at will without being restricted by space.


2. There are various ways of use. Not only can it be used as a desk, the table and coffee table can be competent to meet the needs of different locations. Can add multiple desk combinations.

→ How can I install a mobile orbit desk on the bay window?


The track is on the bay window:

Two parallel straight gaps are measured on the bay window, and the guide track is installed according to the needs of the length.


The slide rails at the bottom of the table legs are installed in the track, and the ends of the track should be closed and fixed to avoid sliding out when pushing the table.

The orbit is on the side of the bay window:


The connection between the track and the desk is installed on the side of the bay window. If the orbital table is designed on the bay window and affects the use of space on the bay window, it is not necessary to consider this problem installed on the side.

When installing the orbit of the moving table, it is necessary to ensure that both sides of the track are on the same level, so that the situation of the sliding rail stutter will not occur. Some families may have corners. It is best not to keep the orbit design all the time.

When selecting the track, be sure to choose a better quality hardware. The tables are often used. If you buy poor quality materials, it is more troublesome to replace it. However, one of the most headaches of this design is that the track is exposed to the air. It is particularly easy to hide dirt in the gap, which is not easy to clean up.


→ Not everyone’s bay windows are suitable for installing moving track tables.

The first is that the length of the bay window is long enough to install the track. Secondly, the material of some bay windows is not suitable for emptying the slide rail, such as marble material, so as not to destroy the bay window. It can also be paired with a few desktop on the bay window, which is also very convenient to use.

If the bay window is suitable, it is recommended to install the side orbital table; if the height is short and the length is sufficient, consider installing it above the bay window. (Some pictures come from the Internet)

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