Not enough Xiaomi router mesh? 89 yuan to start with 8 gigabit switches for steel shells, is it worth it?

A new computer is added at home, and then there are only 4 mesh ports on the Xiaomi AX3600 router. It can only be connected to 3 wired devices. Obviously, there are always several devices in the family that cannot be shared in NAS. Written a home switch product.


Big data is really terrible, thinking in my heart, and then when I strolled around Aunt Zhang, I immediately pushed the commodity of the switch. I pushed me a Tengda 8 Gigabit Switch. The price of 89 yuan seemed to be beautiful. However, the comments say that this price is not a iron shell. It is not good for heat dissipation and unstable. I consulted the official customer service. This version is indeed a plastic shell.


However, there is a price of 30 yuan for steel shells. Thinking about this is not about to reach Double Twelve. It should be possible to decline. Add attention and wait for the price to explore. Are you not in a hurry? On November 22nd, the 8 Gigabit switch of this steel shell finally reached the price of 89 yuan. The Tengda 8 Gigabit Gigabit Switch, which successfully started the steel shell, is really fragrant.

小米路由器网口不够用?89元入手钢壳8口千兆交换机,值吗?’s delivery speed is indeed the speed of God. The order was placed on the 22nd, and it was received at noon on the 23rd. Tenda Tengda TEG1008M This 8 -port Gigabit Switch is really small, which is a little thicker than the usual mobile phone. I am also shocked when I receive the goods.


Compared with the plastic shell, the steel shell feels comfortable, the shape is square, there are two hanging walls on the back, and the desktop wall hanging can be installed. On both sides are heat sink grid, with steel boxes. It is not fearful even if you bump into bumps. It is small but thick and stable. It feels good.

There is a small ground screw port on the side

There are 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports of 10m/100M/1000M on the back. The bandwidth can reach 16Gbps. The interface near the power end connects my Xiaomi AX3600 router. There are three desktop machines, and there is a port connecting a smart TV, a port of a port connecting a smart camera, and arranging one of the notebooks. I arrange for me to find that the switch on the 8 ports does not seem to be enough. It must be replaced with 16 -port products, but fortunately, there is one backup left with the two ports of the router itself.


The wiring is completed, and the computers in the lower house can access NAS devices. They can be successful, and the speed of the inner network is relatively stable and there is no speed reduction.

Next, I tested the down speed with a 360 broadband speed measuring device that is easy to understand. My broadband was upgraded from 100M to 200M. The overall performance of this speed meets the requirements.


At present, many routers on the market are very small, and most of them are about 4. If there are many devices that need to be connected in your home, it is basically not enough. The use of WIFI connection is significantly worse than wired in terms of speed and stability. Connect, then, obviously, if there is a demand, this small switch is a good choice and the price is not expensive. Of course, in addition to Tengda, of course, there are brands such as TP-Link, Mercury, and 8-port price plastic shells around 90 yuan. Even the steel shells are about 100 yuan, it is worth starting.

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