Women are suitable for “bracelets” or “watch”? Three reasons tell you that it is embarrassing to wear wrong

A person’s image taste is not just reflected in wearing, sometimes it can bring you the overall temperament and makeup by some accessories. Accessories are a good “weapon” for dressing. The wrong match sometimes lower your taste and grade. So how should common bracelets and watches be selected.


1. Women are more suitable for wearing bracelets or watches?


The jewelry on our hands is the most difficult to choose. Sometimes I simply wear it if it is suitable for watch or bracelets. It gives people a sense of heavyness, and it has the taste of noise.



Reasons 1. Different wear style

Jewelry is embellishment, which is compatible with the body to make the overall dress go to the next level, reflecting the texture of the wear; otherwise, it will look incompatible with your dress, and the jewelry worn by different styles of clothing is different.


Most of the expression of skirts is gentle and gentle, and everyone feels like a ladylike, indicating that the skirt is elegant. Then, the formal sense of the watch is more strong. Although there are also jewelry watches, the dress style of the skirt is more suitable Wear bracelets, easy to match clothes without stepping on the mine.


T -shirt+jeans:

The feeling of leisure is very sunny and full of vitality. It is a bit out of time when wearing bracelets, suitable for wearing watches; remember that it is not a business -based watch, and it is more recommended to recommend electronic sports tables and mechanical watches.

business attire:


In fact, you can wear bracelets and watches. The professional dress of professional clothes depends on what style of professional clothing. Leisure professional clothes can not wear watches. The exquisite and designed bracelets are very bonus.

Reason 2, different temperament

Many women are easy to enter a misunderstanding: use money and no money to judge whether it is temperament, and then buy products based on their own value and economic capabilities. But the price is not the main judgment of temperament, otherwise even if you buy an expensive jewelry, it only lower your aesthetics and taste to match.


Fresh graduates are young women who are young or young and young, and can try watching watches more. Western watches can make us look more mature and stable, and have the concept of time.

If you are worried that it looks too vessel, you can choose a lady watch with a petite dial, which occupies a small area, exquisite and beautiful, and does not conflict with casual clothes.

Labor city beauty:


Exquisite white -collar workers should need to be worn with bracelets. The aura represented by the bracelet is different from the hand. It is more feminine. Generally, the bracelet is basically divided into “gold bracelets” and “silver bracelets”. Gold is suitable for older women; about forty years old, silver jewelry is suitable for youth and has white effects.

Under the matching of professional clothing, the style of the bracelet must be concise. Do not have too many decorations, it will look unsightly. In addition, wearing bracelets should pay attention to the maintenance of daily opposite bracelets. substance.


Reasons 3. Different uses

In addition to wearing and temperamental style, it is also suitable for women to be more suitable for watches or bracelets. It is also different to deal with the jewelry worn at different occasions. The aura will also add points because of the correct wear of the jewelry.


Business negotiation:


The watch with a leather strap is streamlined and capable. The color is close to the clothing on your body. Try to choose the basic model.


Sweet date:


Novel -style bracelets, do not do not be too monotonous. You can add decorations to make the bracelet more design, in line with the state of dating, and easy to match clothes.


Wine banquet annual meeting:

The grand annual meeting banquet, Yuze Guangyan’s jade bracelets have more aura, and the evening dress is quite elegant. If you want to match the watch, it is recommended to wear exaggerated styles with diamonds to increase highlights.

Second, “hand decoration” の wearing aesthetics

(1) Watch wearing aesthetics

Watches need to be worn on the left hand, which is more convenient to watch the time; because the frequency of the right hand is frequent, it will increase the friction and collision of the watch and other items, and reduce the service life of the watch.


The watches worn on the formal dress should be simple but unique, focusing on “quality”; casual clothing bias the sports model and focuses on the style. Do not choose too expensive watches.


表 “Thunder in wearing a watch”


饰 Do not choose a “jewelry” watch

It is not versatile and is exaggerated. The color of the watch should not exceed two most versatile.

❷ Don’t be too tight

Some women feel that wearing watches are not used to move, but too tight strap can cause blood circulation to be circulated and affect physical health.

带 Far away from inferior straps

It is not durable, and it is definitely not a good thing for the body, and it will lower your overall harmony.


(2) Wear aesthetics of bracelets


Wearing bracelets pay attention to the lines of the wrist and arm. Women with large skeletons and thick arms are not recommended to wear bracelets.

There is no need to add too many accessories. Women who often like “mix and match”. Do not wear multiple bracelets at the same time, or add other bracelet decorations to look messy.

“The main points of wearing a bracelet”

In the case of wearing a bracelet, it is usually not necessary to match too gorgeous clothes, and the bracelet should be worn on the left hand of women.

, There are some folklore views. The number and position of the bracelets can represent whether women have a marriage contract and social status.

戴 You can’t wear a watch and a bracelet with one hand, which can easily affect the fortune.


(3) The jewelry worn in different seasons pay attention to


Spring and summer:


Jewelry is the same as clothing. In any season, there are corresponding seasons. Summer is the best season for wearing jewelry, because the exposed skin can be decorated through the jewelry, so the bracelet is very suitable for spring and summer.

It is necessary to remember that you only need to have a highlight. The fabric fabrics in summer are thin and the style is simple, which is a good time to use the bracelet; the exaggerated silver bracelet bracelet is pleasing to the eye.

Autumn and winter:

The fabrics of the clothes in autumn and winter are relatively thick, so a textured “small item” can reflect your taste very much. The watch will be warm than the bracelet and will not let you feel the cold touch of the wrist in winter.

Most of the clothes in autumn and winter are cold -colored, just to match the low -key watches. Whether it is a match or a daily attendance, the watch gives people a very calm and temperament.



Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, the most important point is not to wear too many accessories, whether it is a watch or a bracelet. Or other small jewelry, the more “small things” to join, it will make people unable to distinguish the master and no points. Remember to wear suitable accessories on grand occasions to show good taste.

Today, I analyzed in detail what kind of place and age level wearing watches or bracelets. Now do you know how you should choose in daily life ~

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