“Innovation Invention” small alarm, nurse good helper

Most people who have experienced the experience of inpatient infusion in the blood tumor department have such experience, that is, because the infusion, the family members of the child want to leave, they dare not go away. The patient’s patient’s condition is critical, the patient’s infusion is large, the special drugs are large, and the infusion requirements are strict. Although the nurse often inspected the entire process of the entire process of infusion, it was still unable to accurately determine the time of the infusion. After finding that the liquid dripping in time, the risk of re -exhausting the blood, the risk of blood recovery increase the infection. quantity.


The infusion alarm is suitable for any infusion bottle or liquid bag. It uses non -contact detection, does not pollutes the drug, is light and convenient to the alarm, and it is simple and durable. At the beginning of the infusion, the alarm clip was pinched to the upper part of the liquid surface of the infusion of the liquid droplet. The alarm sound of the alarm, at the same time, the red light flickered, and the infusion device stopped working. It reminded the patients and family members of infusion. The nurse can complete the bottle or remove the needle in time during this time. Automatic alarm with abnormal infusion and infusion. During the inspection of the nurse, especially at night, when the infusion alarm sound was heard, it would immediately change the liquid to the patient to ensure the safety of the patient’s infusion and significantly reduce the workload and mental pressure of the medical staff.


The small alarm not only reduces the care burden of the children’s family members, and enables the nurse to be more convenient to observe the disease during the infusion treatment process, and better serve the children with infusion, prevent adverse events such as the infusion of the infusion, and the blood -reconciliation and rebuilding. The occurrence, reducing the disputes between the nursing and saving human resources, and the improvement of patient satisfaction. Getting the parents and nursing staff of the children unanimously recognized, it is a good helper for nurses and sisters!

Article Author: Sun Dan, Gan Hui


Author Unit: Hematology Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital

Author: ArticleManager