Cover a big hat and claim to develop a fighter self-developing fighter, the daily F-2A/b finally uses a foreign instruction pod

Japan is one of the few countries in the world with the ability to develop fighter jets. After the end of World War II, Japan attaches great importance to the development of the aviation industry. One of the aircraft developed is the YS-11 transport aircraft. Today, this transport aircraft is still in Japan in Japan The Aviation Self -Defense Force service. YS-11 is a successful attempt to the modern aviation industry in Japan. Subsequently, the fighter equipment equipped by the Japanese Aviation Self-Defense Force wandered in the process of introducing and authorized production from the United States to improve imitation.


The main force of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force is F-15J/DJ. There is a total of 201 in service. In addition, there are 90 F-2A/B fighters. The RF-4E/EJ fighter has increased the F-35A Lightning II fighter model since 2018. This model has made Japan a few countries in the world for stealth fighters. Text/AZ


Most of the fighters equipped in the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force are produced in Japan. F-15J/DJ, F-4EJ and F-35A are developed by the United States. The F-2A/B multi-purpose fighter equipped by the Japanese Aviation Self-Defense Force is known as the model of Japan’s independent development, but this fighter is very similar to the F-16C/D fighter of the United States Rockhid Martin. Japan’s F-2A/B was completed with the assistance of Lockheed Martin, USA, and was improved on the basis of F-16C/D. Similar to F-16C/D is reasonable. Things. Text/AZ

Recently, the F-2A/B fighter of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force was found to use an advanced pod system. This is a large number of sniper pod systems equipped with a large number of US Air Force. This is an advanced multi-purpose indicator pod. With a variety of tracking and targeting functions, including the United States’ F-16C/D and F-15E, all of which are equipped. The sniper pod system has also been sold to many countries and regions with the exit of the US fighter. Text/AZ

Previously, the Japanese Aviation Self-Defense Force F-2A/B multi-purpose fighter used the J/AAQ infrared night navigation indicator pod system developed by Japan by himself, but now it has begun to use the system introduced from the United States. The cabin cannot meet the needs of combat, which also shows Japan’s shortcomings in the development of weapons and equipment. The F-2A/B fighter developed by Japan is actually a transition. The current F-2A/B fighter aircraft is mainly to fight land and the sea. This is a supplement to the F-15J/DJ fighter jet. Text/AZ

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