Summer exercise, are you wore the right in sportswear?

Since Nanjing’s official enters, it has been sultry and humid, and people feel wet all day. In such a “sour” season, you must not forget exercise! After exercise, a sweat was sweated, and it was called a cool. But after the summer exercise, the body is wet, the clothes are sticking to the body, and it is not “happy” at all. Can you reduce this “not painful” by dressing? Today I will talk to you how to choose sportswear correctly.


How to choose sportswear?

Sports uniforms refer to the comfortable clothes wearing during exercise, so it should meet the lightness, fit and suitable for sports needs. During exercise, many people like to wear skin -friendly and comfortable cotton clothes, but this kind of clothes are not easy to dry after absorbing sweat. After being wet by sweat, it is easy to stick to the skin surface, which can easily reduce the temperature of the body surface and cause a cold. It is recommended to wear less cotton clothes during exercise. When choosing clothes, pay attention to the inner side of the thighs and underarm parts. It is best not to have edges, shorts and inner pants, to avoid wear out of the tender parts such as the inside of the thigh and under the armpit.

Female athletes should wear sports underwear during exercise. They choose to choose different support for underwear with different support for different support for the bottom of the underwear during exercise. For example: static exercise such as yoga and Plati can choose weak and more comfortable sports underwear; jogging and strength training can choose to support medium -sized sports underwear; Strong underwear. During exercise, you must wear underwear to effectively prevent the coat from directly exposed to the body and cause the skin to wear. When exercising, all personal clothes must choose quick -drying fabrics, light and breathable, and must be skinned; cut off the water washing label to prevent friction damage to the skin. During exercise, it is recommended that you wear scientific wear: Choose a relatively good material with relatively good breathability, sweat absorption and sweats, and unknown clothing, such as aggressive dry clothes, such as polypropylene and other materials. There are many kinds of quick -drying clothes on the market, just choose the one that suits you.

It is necessary to add a sentence here: Many people will prepare a new set of equipment when participating in the competition (such as the marathon, etc.). This approach is very unwise. It is best to wear what you wear daily. Location damage.

Sports clothes are from thick to thin: down jackets, velvet jackets, fleece jackets, sweaty underwear (personal clothes), and quick -drying pants (generally wearing in summer). They all have different functions, wearing on different occasions and temperatures. Down jackets: Generally wearing in relatively cold snow and plateau, the weight is lighter and the warmth is better. Chung jackets: Outdoor activities must have clothing, which has the functions of windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear -resistant and other effects. Capture: It can play a role in wind protection and warmth. It is generally worn outdoors or in winter. Sweet underwear: The main role of this kind of clothing is to keep the body dry after outdoor exercise, and daily exercise in summer is not commonly used. Speed ​​dry jacket: The best dress for summer exercise, it is not easy to stick to the body and dry it after exercise. It is best to choose the pants tube and the sleeve. You can wear it on more occasions.

Professional sports socks are also particularly important in exercise. There are many choices on sports socks on the market: thin and thick, cotton and non -pure cotton, low socks and high socks. Which one is selected? It is recommended that you do not choose socks with 100 % cotton ingredients. Although the cotton material is sweaty but not easy to dry, it is easy to get wrinkles and hair balls after washing. The choice of science is: choose a thick thick socks in thickness, you must not wear stockings; the material is best for cotton + polyester fiber/nylon/spandex/nylon, etc. Try to choose socks above the middle tube to avoid the heel of the shoes. In addition, it is recommended that you have a clean suit and a pair of clean socks during exercise to replace it after exercise. Wet clothes should not be worn for a long time.


How should different sports match sports clothes?

The summer in Nanjing is generally hot and the air humidity is high. At this time, a lot of sweat will be produced outdoors, and the clothes will soon be wet. It is recommended that you wear shorts and shorts, and the fabrics from the inside to outside are thin, breathable and dry type to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke; Hats (thin and dry materials) to avoid heat stroke and heat irritation. In addition, be sure to bring the replacement clothes and change it in time after drying your body after exercise. If you are exercising for a long time, you can also wear short tight -fitting installations in the interior, which can not only reduce the jitter of the body during the running, but also avoid the friction of the skin on the skin during exercise (for example: many men are running for running The marathon will be pasted during the marathon), and it also has a certain protective effect on the skin.

If you are moving in an indoor environment in the gym, you can wear it according to your own conditions, but you still need to wear clothes with fast skin fabrics. You can wear some slim and fashionable clothes to effectively transfer the shortcomings on the body, and have a certain effect on the effect of exercise. It should be noted that if there is air conditioning in the room, you need to pay attention to avoid cold and cold alternation.

When outdoor sports such as off -road races and mountain climbing, this kind of sports are generally carried out in mountainous areas with low temperatures. Although in summer, it may also be “cold”, so the clothes need to be increased or decreased according to local weather conditions. Suggestions for clothing wear, from the inside to the outside: quick -drying clothing + sweaty underwear + warm middle layer + waterproof jacket; among which sweaty underwear and warm middle layer can be increased or decreased according to temperature. , And also need to prepare dry clothes, install it with a waterproof bag, and replace it in time when the clothes are wet; if necessary, you need to wear a warm jacket such as a assault jacket. In addition, you need to prepare a hat to wear when you feel cold to avoid a large amount of body heat from emitting your head. We suggest that you must learn survival skills before participating in this extreme exercise. Scientific preparations and safe competitions!

Summer exercise can also choose bright clothes. Studies show that bright colors can stimulate the desire of sports, make people’s pace lighter, and improve the effect of exercise.


Other wearable tips

When performing some damage risks (for example: roller skating, skateboarding), it is recommended to wear the corresponding protective gear. There are many types of protective gear, including: muscle stickers, bandages, knee pads, ankles, etc. You can prepare the protective gear according to your own situation, especially the damaged parts. Wearing it under the guidance of experts.

Summer sports sunscreen is necessary. It is recommended that you prepare two sunscreen: face sunscreen and body sunscreen spray. When choosing, in order to effectively prevent sunburn and sunburn, you must choose waterproof sunscreen marked with UVA and UVB. The sunscreen used for the face cannot be multiplied too high, otherwise it will hurt the skin too much. It is recommended to choose SPF30-50. You can also use lubricating liquid and vaselines on parts that are prone to friction and injuries, such as under the armpit or the inside of the thigh, avoiding friction damage between the skin for long periods of exercise.

In addition, wearing wearable devices, such as smart glasses, smart watches, smart bracelets, etc. At present, more exercise watches are used, which can provide various information such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen, step counting, timing, temperature, height, humidity and other information. Summer exercise is also a high incidence of cardiovascular disease due to high temperature. At present, excellent watches and bracelets on the market can do certain health monitoring. If possible, it is recommended to wear it during exercise.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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