How to put in white sandals? 27 kinds of Japanese women are popular with you, don’t be too beautiful

Do you have white sandals? Let’s take a look at how Japanese fashionistas are paired with white sandals today. There are 27 LOOKs.

▼ look1:

Light white sandals and floral tops and jeans create a feminine fashion. The big toe is a snake pattern, followed by the silver band, and the third is a wide white belt, a very fashionable design.

▼ look2:


Ivory Mueller sandals are a classic item, adding a sense of stability to the lady’s look. The pointed design is very feminine. The 6 cm medium followers are also very attractive. For elegant white sandals, use white simple tops and beautiful silk scarves to increase freshness.

▼ look3:


The sandals of white thin belt should be used with wide -leg pants. Select the same color pants and the same color camisole. Use a cardigan to highlight the look of white sandals.

▼ look4:

If you want to match white sandals with skirts, choose a fresh green skirt. The seductive fresh green high -waisted long skirt, the long -legged effect is perfect. Ivory -colored belt brings you a transparent feeling, and then with exquisite white sandals, perfect.

▼ look5:


As for the combination of skirts and white sandals, let’s choose a thick -bottom sandals to increase fashion. Essence The simple white sandals are well matched with the handsome CPO shirt. Combined with the front split gray tight skirt to create a ladylike style and create a “sweet and spicy” balance.

▼ look6:


The ladylike sloping sandals, low -heeled white sandals are a single product you can wear and match with any single product. The white band is very cute. Increase the sweetness through the black bottom white wave dot pattern high -waist A -line skirt.

▼ look7:


Simple white T -shirt, black camisole and white sandals. By matching the same color with the same color with sandals, it can improve fashion. Add an ivory bag to highlight the femininity of light mature.


▼ Look8:

The flat -bottom Mueller sandals are a reliable product that can also have a sense of comfort and casualness at the same time. Clean white sandals are easy to match with any shape. The thin denim top chose loose models, showing the ladylike temperament by exposing the white top inward.

▼ Look9:

The thin band white sandals add femininity and fashion. The square head design looks retro and cute. Choose a casual white T -shirt with a natural color long skirt. The dress on the front button looks beautiful.

▼ LOOK10:


Simple human character sandals are the standard items for summer. By matching the lady style items, you can create a sense of balance of sweet and leisure. Black sleeveless tops and black wide -leg pants, monochrome shapes in black and white shoes, will also look fashionable in summer.


▼ look11:

The carefully designed sandals add a bright spot to your summer dress. The transparent strap on white sandals is very cute, and purple is also noble. Create a cool summer atmosphere. For the summer wearing light, please DAPEI V -neck sleeveless top and loose and breathable pants.

▼ look12:


White sandals are also very good with light summer cardigan, and light gray pants are also suitable for summer.

▼ look13:


White sandals, the tip is golden, will add more beauty to your summer dress. Human -character sandals like summer are very suitable for pleated skirts. For loose white T -shirts, use a thin belt to mark the waistline. The green basket bag is a good highlight.

▼ look14:

This white sandals have an excellent thick -soled design, with dresses to show long legs. Stack it on a yellow dress made of cuffless tops made of knitted materials. Keep your cute summer wear with simple design and look light and charming.

▼ look15:

White sandals of square heads to set off your lightly style. Elegant white sandals are very suitable for casual gray T -shirts and striped skirts. This is a soft color matching, so it is a good choice with the yellow shoulder bag.


▼ look16:


White sandals with transparent straps are very suitable for summer, bringing a neat atmosphere. If you combine pure white ultra -long dress with simple and transparent white sandals, you can have a refreshing feeling and perfect femininity. The feminine white sandals will increase the sense of fashion by adding straw hats.

▼ look17:


For fashionable white sandals, you can choose to match mature green sleeveless dresses. If you paired with loose black pants, you can create a beautiful dress. You give mature beauty to summer fashion styling.


▼ look18:

The delicate white sandals will bring you a ladylike style in the summer. The ankle strap is really cute. For fashionable white sandals, let us wear a cheerful dress suitable for summer to create a bright vitality.


▼ look19:

The beautiful white sandals designed by the exquisite loaf Mueller shoes have a high sense of design, so it looks good in shape. By pairing with V -neck jackets and jeans, you can create fashion full of women’s feelings.

▼ LOOK20:

R is also a good choice if the feminine white sandals with masculine wear. Clean white long T -shirts, soft pants and military green CPO shirts.

▼ look21:

White sandals will add a touch of light to your feet. For clean white sandals, it is also good to choose a beige knitted hood with warmth. If you match it with fresh green pants, you will be able to show a sense of fashion.

▼ look22:

For calm ivory sandals, select V -port design to show femininity. This is a simple white sandals, so if you combine it with cute letters T and flared checkered skirts and light gray cardigan, it will be very good.


▼ look23:

White Lefu Mueller sandals create a casual atmosphere, suitable for mature and cute fashion wear. Put a white shirt in a short shirt and put on simple jeans. Fresh costumes, fresh colors.


▼ look24:

Please use white flat sandals to create a cute look. For the shape of creating an elegant atmosphere, you can use feminine knitted hood to match. If you combine leopard tight skirts, you can create an elegant and cute mixing style.

▼ look25:

The casual design of these white sandals is very attractive, so you can use them with mature shapes. The black V -neck dress has a cute buttons in front, and the hem split gives a ladylike feeling. By wearing a handsome striped shirt, you can create a refreshing look with a masculinity.


▼ look26:


The clean and simple white sandals make the light -familiar woman feel comfortable. Fangtou design is very fashionable. Purple tight tops and black suspenders are mature and beautiful.

▼ look27:

If you want to use white sandals with dresses, try to wear bright long skirts with leather white sandals. The bright orange dress looks very cute with white sandals. Let’s match a shoulder bag with a strong visual impact to complete the fashion shape.

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