New building materials: Gypsum brick! Light quality, fire prevention, moisture -proof, shockproof, insulation, sound insulation, and sound insulation are all very good

Gypsum brick is a new type of building material, not only light quality, fire prevention, moisture -proof, shockproof, insulation, sound insulation, sound insulation, strong hanging and hanging, but also the characteristics of rapid construction. At the same time Wind design is really great building materials! Let’s continue to look down, understand the magical gypsum brick characteristics and this construction case.

Construction wall

Three characteristics of gypsum bricks: moisture -proof, good sound insulation, fire prevention

The material of the gypsum itself has part of the water absorption function, which will adsorb too much water molecules in the room, and release it under the sun, as if a small dehumidifier is installed in the room.


The wall surface built by gypsum bricks is also very good.

The fire prevention and earthquake resistance of the material itself can make the occupants enjoy the time at home with peace of mind.



Because the area of ​​plaster bricks is not small, it can be combined quickly, so the construction time can be shortened!

What’s better is that the cost of gypsum bricks is relatively low, about 150 yuan per square, which is really noble and not expensive building materials.

Kitchen renovation appreciation

The house located in the downtown area, if there is the protection of gypsum bricks, can block the annoying noise downstairs outside the door. The family in the house can enjoy the quiet leisure time.


Gypsum bricks have fireproof function. This nature makes the kitchen more secure, and at the same time, the moisture -proof function also allows the kitchen to not have wall cancer.

Bathroom renovation appreciation

Gypsum bricks can not only be exposed to the outside with industrial style, but also can be matched with other design styles after painting!


Simple white walls, paired with temperature wooden doors and decorations with ingenuity, simple and elegant space feels born.

Good building materials can enable residents to enjoy a comfortable and healthy daily life. This is also the biggest benefit of choosing moisture -proof plaster bricks! Will your home decoration be selected?

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