Dabao finished using Erbao, and chose the right money to save a lot of money (eat and drink)

After the state liberalized the second child policy, many mothers came to complain to the editor: timely the state allowed me to have a second child in time, but the expenses were too big and could not afford it. Economically, I ca n’t help you solve how much problem, but I still summarize some of the really easy -to -use maternal and infant supplies for everyone. Moms save money!

Let’s talk about the baby’s eating and drinking. After all, this is a question of care for parents after the baby is born. In terms of the choice of equipment for baby eating and drinking, such as: supplementary food, warm milk, supplementary food bowl and other supplementary food tools, if you choose well, you can really use it.

1.beaba babycook baby food grinding machine

This supplementary food machine believes that mothers are no stranger. At the same time, they have functions such as cooking, stirring, heating, and thawing. The operation is simple and convenient, safe and non -toxic. The grinding supplementary food is very delicate. Baby at the stage. After the birth of Erbao, mothers need to take care of the two babies at the same time. It is not an exaggeration to say that they will get busy.

2.OXO Supplementary Food Container


When I just added a supplementary food to the baby, each time I eat a small amount, but the mothers do a lot every time. At this time, this supplementary food packet box will come in handy. Tools related to baby food supplement must be safe. Oxo’s supplementary food is safe, freezing, microwave, and can be used directly. The auxiliary food box is very sealing, and it is not sprinkled. Small squares, do not take up space, are convenient for carrying. The box has a scale, which can easily grasp the daily eating amount of the baby.


3.babybjorn soft bib


Babyjorn is a time -honored brand in Sweden more than 50 years of historical brands. All plastic products in his family do not contain polyethylene ethylene (PVC). The kitchen series products have obtained US FDA certification.

This soft rubber anti -fragmented puppet is made of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastic rubber (TPE). The overall is hard. The rope on the neck of the baby is very soft. As for the food that can be caught, it must be fixed, so it is a little hard, so that it will not prevent the baby from eating. And the bib is easy to clean, just rinse it with water.


4.Summer Infant Portable Meal Cushion

This cushion material is safe. It can provide a clean and tidy dining desktop for babies. The meal cushion is very durable, easy to clean, can be easily rolled up, stuck in the groove, put in a mummy bag, and it is super convenient to carry. There are 7 super powerful suction cups at the bottom of the meal cushion, which can be firmly fixed on the table. Moms do not have to worry about slipping. In addition, when you go out, you can also carry the baby tableware such as spoon, fork, to carry it with you to facilitate hygiene.

5. IKEA Andylo high -legged chair

This IKEA dining chair is loved and praised by the generals, suitable for babies within 23 pounds. The height of the tall chair is close to the dining table at home, which is convenient for children to eat with adults and exercise their baby’s eating and social ability. This dining chair is very cost -effective. It is easy to install and disassemble. It is easy to clean. It can be dragged directly into the bathroom to rinse with water. It is an artifact that cultivates the baby’s good dining habits and emancipating the mother’s hands.

6. Xin’an Yimon milk device SCF355/01

This warm milk device integrates thawing, heat preservation, and rapidly heating. Gentle thawing, retaining the nutritional ingredients in the food, frozen baby milk and food take about 2 hours to thaw; you can keep your baby milk, food and water, which is convenient to feed your baby at any time; fast heating function can be completed in three minutes. There is a heating indicator, and the operation is simple. It is convenient for the elderly at home. For mothers who insist on breastfeeding, especially those who carry milk, the warm milk device is even more essential. The milk returned from get off work is heated in the warm milk device for the baby, which is convenient and practical.

7. Pigeon Pigeon Supplementary Food Training Spoon Set

This super -famous pigeon supplementary food training spoon set is divided into two spoons of solid food and liquid food. The texture is very soft and the feeding is very convenient. Help your baby transition from breast milk to supplementary food feeding.

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