The opening of the first Dyson’s official direct operation store in Shenzhen opened

On July 5, 2019, the official experience store of Dyson’s Shenzhen was opened. This is the first Dyson’s official direct -operated experience store in China to provide customized services. Including smart rope vacuum cleaners, multi -functional fans, hair dryers, smart vacuum robots, lighting and other products will be displayed in the store.

In addition to Dyson’s full series of products, customers can see the exclusive special products exclusive to Shenzhen’s official direct operating stores here, such as copper gold -limited version of Dyson V1 smart rope vacuum cleaner, black gold limited version of Dyson Pure Cool Me multi -functional fan, etc.

In Dyson’s official direct -operated experience store, customers only need to complete simple testing, and they can customize the exclusive purple -black limited version of Dyson Airwrap product combination suit according to their hair quality and styling needs. All 6 different accessories can be freely selected.

Martin Guo, president of Dyson Greater China, said: “Product experience is our starting point. We hope that customers can test well in Dyson’s official experience store to experience our technology. At the same time, it is also crucial to understand the needs of Chinese consumers and let them come into contact with effective technology. We are committed to designing engineering into life. “

Author: ArticleManager