Recent ten best wants to start AJ1! Black red color color seizes half of the wall

AIR Jordan 1 was born in 1985, it is a balloon named after Jordan’s name. Today, AJ1 is popular among the world. Whether it is a young 00 or OG’s shoe, there is a unique emotion and love for this pair of shoes.


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In recent years, Jordan seems to slowly transfer your mind to innovation, launched a lot of new color colors, which also borrows high-quality and classic shapes, and it has become the top theme of this era. Today, Xiaobian is organized to organize the drug friend to see the AJ1 that will be filled in the hand. Let’s take a look ~


Air Jordan 1 x Nike SB High Og Light Bone White Black Scratch

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The AJ1 high has always been to show people with a classic look, but this year’s AJ1 has many new intentions and fun, which is a scratch AJ1 created by Jordan and Nike SB, except for the LOGO, other details and AJ1 Basic same.

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The biggest pleasure of scratching the elements is that everyone can integrate their own philosophy into the shoe. Small compilation is ideal for scratching ideas to customize the small pattern, and the original gray and scraped pink It is also very harmonious in chroma.

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Boys don’t have a girl in pink! This will never hit the shoe, it is easy to play, but also a kind of feeling that I bought a pair of two pairs ~ No wonder everyone can not stop the scratch!


Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Lake

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This AJ1 MID with TOP3 color color is very similar to the special purple gold Swoosh, just like the main scene of the Lakers, so it is also known as the Lakers color.

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The shoe body is wrapped in black suede. The front palm has a classic leather royal blue, but the shoes have used a red satin material, so-called “self-red blue out of CP”, such a combination seems to be actually brought Unique charm.

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Diversified color combination, multi-material match makes this level of shoes in the face. I have to lament the boutique of the AJ1 MID series is getting more and more!


Air Jordan 1 Mid White Black Gym Red Chicago GS white red basketball shoes


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Can you take a large piece of shoes in the washing machine? Is this for the AJ1 MID, and the first thing of the first little sister on the article. Sure enough, the MID series of AJ1 is too suitable for girls’ feet, not only coloring fresh, and the height of the shoes is also very friendly.

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The overall red-white combination is compared with Chicago, which increases the white area, so that this is more compliant with AJ1 MID, and also has a more textured leather treatment in the red portion.


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Such a combination makes this on the shoes, whether it is daily pressure, and the AJ Girl of the sports air can be easily controlled, and the different charm will look at the style of the little sister. Is it feeling that it is poor in the shoe cabinet? What?



Air Jordan 1 Ret High Prem Mushroom Fossil Black Card Its Pearl Milk Tea Chameleon Women

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In this hot summer, in addition to alone, I am alive, there is only a glass of pearl tea to save me! But this chen is not a peak, I am talking about AJ1 “fossil” with pearl milk tea.

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Coloring is mainly with shallow tan and black, which is very similar to the very high cork coloring scheme that has a very high NIKE heat, giving a visual comfort and high level.

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At the same time, in the middle with cream color, it creates a retrostatic feeling, as well as the same crystal bottom with the same “Spider-Man” color, very rare. Unique color matching on the classic shape, the temperament does not lose to other OG color colors, is also very good choice ~



Air Jordan 1 “Turbo Green” Tiffany Green 2019 All-Star


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Tiffany is simply fairy colors for the summer. This pair of Air Jordan 1 “Turbo Green” is stimulated in white, Tiffany, which is equipped with light gray matching, and the whole is excellent in suede.

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The tongue is called the nike air tag of Zijin color, and the whole effect is created. It gives people a high-end retro feel, but there is no new charm, especially suitable for girls’ summer.

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Tiffany is also a very neutral color, unlike pink may not be suitable for some tough guys, Tiffany is too suitable for boys. If you are a haunted man who caught black and white, it is better to use Tiffany green to light your match. ~



Air Jordan 1 Low “Black TOE” black toe low

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I don’t know if it is a pleasant charm of black feet toe, or a low-top sense, this is a very good choice for AJ1 LOW’s black toes with extraordinary strength. It is also a very good choice for a summer. (Our home’s shoe box is really good)


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Compared with high-top AJ1 black toes, it is relatively high. The black part of the leather is presented with suede, but will show the unique charm of the low-spirited shoes, and the feeling of the same work with Dunk Low.

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I want to share my love with you, this is available for AJ1 LOW, whether it is a couple of shoes or a parent-child shoes!


Air Jordan 1 Mid Obsidian obsidian

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Since last year, Jordan has made a number of uncomfortable redescent in the AJ1 MID. Take this to the first shoe-type foot-back to everyone’s line of sight, and even some colorful heat is not lower than the high-top color. This is also the eyeballs of the obsidian.

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Unlike most suede materials, this is a leather upper with high helper, while obsidian blue can give people a high level, combined with excellent texture.

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You don’t need too much color combination, only obsidian blue and golden flying people logo build a pair of streamlined AJ1 MIDs, and it is very good to match the upper foot effect.


Air Jordan 1 Retro High Black Gym Red Red Hook Black Toe 2019

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The most popular in AJ1 is definitely a black-red color combination. The past black red combination has been difficult, and this is the same as black-red combination of high-value AJ1 red hook black toes may be your best now. Select ~

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In fact, it is close to the black toe, coloring schemes, and the high “prohibiting transfers” color, so some people call it “forbidden to sell 2.0”. However, Swoosh replaced it with Jordan classic “GYM Red” from black, and there is no flavor.

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High-top AJ1 classic lychee leather, plus the classic color scheme, I really don’t want to match it, I don’t want to use the app can be lower than the original price, hurry to start a pair ~



Air Jordan 1 Mid SE GS CORAL Stardust Coral Gold

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Pink is very significant in the growth of girls, just like a protective color has always accompanying them, naturally have special emotions to pink ~ how can pink shoes do not love? That is the best choice for coral gold AJ1 MID.

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Suitable for girls’ scholastic shoes, this is a little dirty powder property with a little dirty powder property with a coral gold Swoosh, and a large-scale suede joining, simply volatilizing the girl’s breath in the air ~

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If you are greater, it is also a very good choice for coral gold as a for daily outlet. It is also a very good choice to prove that there are girls who can resist pink.



Air Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Black TOE Female Red Silk Black Toe

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Re-incurred and then regulated, adhering to the black feet coloring OG breath, then equipped with smooth silk texture, this for silk black toes, I think it is this year’s year’s shoes, I don’t think, just listen to me like this ~

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Unlike the previous AJ1 silk, the red part is converted into a very good silk fabric on the basis of black toe color, but also maintains a lot of lychee skin, it is worth mentioning that the AJ1 flying wing Logo of the shoes is new. The relief process, combined with silk, showed exquisite retro atmosphere.


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Silk joining the charm of the AJ1 black toe again, it is definitely a heavy color color this year. It is a pity that the foot of the boys and this is nothing, because it is sold in WMNS specifications, with a maximum of 44.5 yards.

The above is the AJ1 recommended today, as a Today’s AJ1 is still on the throne? In short, people who love will always love, the charm of classic shoes is always unlimited ~

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