Sweet hair is sultry, sparkling

The summer brightened summer brings us a lot of fresh elements, and the sister paper is booming, using youthful vitality to highlight the summer infinity charm, the refreshing summer dress is always the existence of the heart, the skirt angle is flying unlimited The romance is a refreshing, but the choice of hairstyle is an important place to be universal god. So choosing an ornament between a cooked hair is especially important. Today, Xiaobian has a beautiful hair accessory selection chapter. Let us see how they dress up fashion.

Part1: exquisite hair rope


As an important embellishment, a beautiful hair rope is a crucial choice, whether it is a handsome horse or a hair style, a small hair rope embellishment will have the effect of cake, beautiful The flowers are roped, the flowers are vivid, and the personality of the pearl rope is simple in the fashion, the lovely Scottish headband will make the girl’s temperament to show, the fashionable Korean version of the hair rope is bright and different. Wonderful.

[Korean flower cloth hair ring]

Wei Lin jewelry hair accessories South Korea card flower hair clip fabric fan hair accessories head rope skin head flower Korean version of the hair ring

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Summer is hot, put the hair into a horsetail is a playful choice. At this time, it is equipped with a retro sweet flower hair ring, the beautiful to explode, the three-dimensional full flowers realistic effect make people look bright Layer stamen is very resistant, and the lifelike appearance is full, it is like a blooming flowers generally have a vibrant color, and the colorful choice can show different charms. What are you waiting for? Get.

[Personality Pearl Rope]

Shes coloura brand headwear Korean hair accessories handmade hair ring hair rope skin pearl head rope personality

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Whether it is to pull up a horsetail or put the hair, a sweet and full wound is definitely an essential choice, the beautiful and very bright rope is embellished between the hair, shining with the chic charm, the round pearl Full and shiny, beautiful carving flowers embellishment, moving the model is very pity, the shining water drilling method is a dazzling light, the sun refits the brilliance, it is very eye-catching, can’t make a simple summit, Use it to dress up the head.

[Stylish Scottish Headband]


South Korea’s 12-way fence Cai Zhuoyu A SA with red Scottish plaid fashion headband hair belt metal

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A SA’s classic scottish headband, retro fashion breath is very good choice, fashion lattice is a trend element that is not outdated in the fashion circle, classic red and white gant or retro Tibetan green plaid, all have Chic fashion, cute modeling, germinate, habiting, sisters who are accustomed to doing such a cute temperament, let it cut out the menstrual temperament, sweet and delicious Touch people.

[Fashion Korean version of the rope]


Haircut Korea rope head rope hair rubber band bridal head dressing head flower Korean version of the hairpin hair clip

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Simple black hair rope is dotted with beautiful hanging, gray often, the feeling of sweetness is sweet to my heart, with a beautiful meaningful four-leaf style sweet and moving, beautiful pin is the unlimited hope of life. The elegant bow is very cute, flying butterfly will be a beautifully modified, romantic love style is simple, and the heart of the love is a heart, which one is suitable for yourself. Come and see.

Part2: delicate hairpin

The Korean hairpin is a very good choice for summer eyebrows. The beautiful flower clips, realistic flowers seem to be incense, with different colors, with different colors, and fashionable water drill hair clips are beautiful Moving, the delicate drill is dissatisfied with the light, which is unique, sweet butterfly hair clip fashion, no matter whether it is a commuter or girl’s sister paper, it can be controlled, what are you waiting for? I will take it home in love with them.


[Korean version of the flower clip]

Chuanye (jewelry) Korean version of the disk hair card horse tail plug spring clip bride head garnish Korean hair accessories hair clip


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The filled flowers, the colorful charm, detailing the sweet story about it, moving the model, let people feel pity, use the solid color clear color to interpret the attractive charm, film The beautiful petals are like the romance in love, the beautiful existence of the hair, the choice of different colors tells the different fashion stories, classic simple temperament charm is the perfect choice of modern urban girls.

[Fashion water drill spring pin]


Japanese and Korean water drill spring clamp clip, Korean card, temperament, pearl, front clip, small jewelry hair accessories

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This shining hairpin is grabbing, from the lovely shape of the Japanese and Korean, adding color charm for sweet girls, the surface of the hairpin is inlaid, and the bright light makes people do not open their eyes, sunshine The light-looking radiant passenger’s eyes, how monoculated hairstyle is also born because of its embellishment, round pearls smartly, let chic beauty bloom, gray often eye-catching hairpin, come Dress up.

[Beautiful Simulation Flower Clip]

Hair accessories Korean jewelry beautiful simulation flower hair clipper card Korean clinics Korean side chuck hair first flower

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Han Feng is coming, this beautiful flower hairpin is a fashionable atmosphere of the female owner, blooming in the depths of the beautiful, full of heart, full of full-scale petals, big doses, extraordinary attention Different colors tell different charms, high-end elegant blue graphs, fashion with melancholy colors, beautiful light purple faint and fascinating temperament make people fascinated, bright red is dazzling, and there are many options to match.

[Simple elegant butterfly hair clip]


Moofan blue simple elegant butterfly hair clip floring hair accessories Korean top clip spring clip

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Beautiful butterfly hairpins bring easy mood to the eye, the pleasant color is injected into fresh vitality in summer, elegant blue with sweet elegant, faint feeling very type, simple and simple It’s very beautiful, delicate and shiny quality ribbon double-layer, very talented, the smart water drill Up exquisite temperament, the long ribbon of the high-temperature edge, very moving, very exciting Oh.

Part3: headband

The headband is a must-have for a sweet girl, a simple hairstyle becomes different from the appearance of a headband, the cute bow is rumored and playful, the beautiful blue bow ends with elegant temperament, no matter Is it a commute or fashion out of the street, it can concave a chic charm, and the sparkling water drill headband is simple in the simple feeling, and the beautiful rhinestones are very dazzling. Oh.

[Wide Board Hair Holled]

S129 Korean hair accessories wholesale wide bikes, European root headband, hair, hair, hair clip, small jewelry


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The temperament is beautiful, and the fine yarn of the layer is very textured. Sweet bow is embellished on the headband, the extra beautiful moving, and the simple double-layer big butterfly knocked hoop, simple in fashion Fan, the sweet temperament, the sweet temperament, it is very like, dotted with such a headband between the hair, how can it be noticed, turning into a fashionable sweet girl, starting with a headband .

[Hundreds of water drill headband]

Korean new white bride water drill with headband Korean hair accessories crystal headband hair card head jewelry

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The pure beauty headband leads to the beautiful romantic temperament, the beautiful temperament is the necessary choice for fashionistans, the gray of drills make up beautiful flowers, lifelike flowers exude a dazzling light, in Under the sun, it is very beautiful, and the beautiful chrysanthemum style, the lovely stars shape, the charming clover, the different shapes, the same wonderful unlimited, come and dress yourself.

Ok, today, here, see you!

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