How to choose after the postpartum belt! It’s thin if you eat.

Before you have a baby, you’re a hundred, you have a baby after birth, your honey is smiling ~

Every problem after saving can only be – to restore normal body, you can have confidence!

So you need a physical tool – beam belt.


During pregnancy, because of the changes in hormones in women, the fetus is oppressed in the pelvic, and the pelvic bottom muscle will gradually relax, and this will have this situation regardless of the birth of the abdominal section.

The beam belt can supplement the muscle strength, restore the pelvis, waist belly muscles, prevent the internal organs from sagging, restoring the spinal side, bending.

The beam belt must be the following, the right abdomen is tightened.

Only this type of in order to alleviate the damage to the production of pelvic muscles, help your stomach and uterus returns to the original size, even smaller, and reach the perfect effect of restoring the body.

It is true that cotton is wrapped around the beam belt is the best in postpartum women, but it is not suitable for modern society produced by economic production. Do you have cotton every day?

The beam belt on the market will choose so much, which is the best for you?

▪ Validity: Can it support the back? Can you relieve back pain? Can I get a hood? And straight to your back? Is it suitable for caesarean section?


▪ Durability: Can I provide a comfortable tension? It is necessary to maintain a body shape.

▪ Comfort: Will you hurt skin? Is it silky? Will you wear a group or slide down when you sit down or lying down, can you wear it when you do a housework or other things?

Wear resistance: Can you wear a whole day? Can you wear (not wearing a coat)?

▪ Material: Is it late, still nylon? Are it breathable? Will it be allergic and stimulus? Is there a doctor recommended or a hospital designated?

▪ Price: Are you affordable?




Bellefit double closed belt

Advantage and characteristics:

High quality, doctors recommend, international brand


▷ You can match different styles of clothes, wear;


▷ There is a hook below, in front; there is a zipper on the side;

▷ Support to tighten the abdomen and quickly restore the body;

▷ ▷ ▷ 滑 滑, or shrink together;

▷ It is almost suitable for all body ↓


☞ The zipper in the middle of the thigh may be uncomfortable, there is a friction.

☞ expensive!

2. Belly Bandit postpartum belt:

There are different fabrics, and style, cotton, bamboo;

▷ can tighten the abdomen, waist and hips;

The material is not born, there is a breathing;

▷ Easy to wear;

There is a lace, but it is very fit, and there is no friction.

☞ It is more like a loose belt. If you are fat, it will almost open with your meat.

☞☞ May expose this underwear while wearing a coat, it is not so good.

3. Leonisa plastic experts:

▷ sexy, comfortable, suitable for wear;

▷ Protect the entire abdomen, maintain the waist curve and hips to zoom in;

▷ can be applied to caesarean section;

▷ There is a comfortable and smooth zip, there is three hooks that can take off and adjusted;

▷ Comfortable, silky material provides good breathability.

Wearing method:

☞ The material is very thick, a little bit of hot

5. Squeem postpartum belt:

▷▷ Provide back support;


▷ Partial plasticity;

The strong bone tissue will not be rolled out;

▷ can wear evening gowns, gift skirts, low waist pants.

☞ In fact, this is too suitable for postpartum, and there is no function of shrinking the bottom muscle. I think another feeling of this brand is more appropriate.

6. Three-in-one bunch belt:


▷ Solve the abdomen tightening with three belts, but the hips are tightened, more targeted, such as the basin, can tighten the buttocks, the abdomen can be tightened against the abdomen;

I have been able to use it, I can adjust the tight;

▷ The most effective help heads.

☞ It is difficult to wear because there are three straps;

☞ Brain, not suitable for wearing, or we can wear clothes.



▷ 制 Made against postpartum repair characteristics;

▷ ▷ 腹 细 细;


Made of antibacterial material;

☞ The legs will be rolled up.

8. Amon Forgive Postpartum Belt

▷ Simple and easy to pull up;

▷ can wear all day, breathable comfort;

▷ ▷ 宜 宜 and color.

☞☞ Poor plastic.

8. Gabrialla postpartum belt:


▷ ▷ ▷ 向 上 式 式 设计;;;;;;;;

▷ can relieve pain and improve body shape;

▷ anti-allergy;

It is not expensive.

☞ ☞ 穿 穿 穿 天;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


☞ ☞ 滑 滑, unstable.


The above columns can be divided into the following

▶ Zipper style (such as Bellefit)

This beam-belled with a zipper in front or side, which advantage of such a beam belt is to be easily detached and is very convenient.

▶ Corset style (such as Leonisa)


A beam belt suitable for intense exercise, which is more ornamentally, and can be used under the guidance.

▶ Bummoth upright style (for example




It is a bit like a high waist panties, which is not recommended after caesarean section, which will interfere with the abdomen repair. After 2 weeks of delivery, it can be used under the guidance of a doctor.

▶ Wrap the style (for example

Three-in-one bunch belt

There are a lot of bags wrapped in the abdomen, is behind.

Finally, I want to say, no matter which kind of choice, I should insist on wearing a bellylace, not only restore pregnancy body, but also increase the overall confidence! So choose a comfortable to persistence and stick to the belly belt, you can go to each counter to try again.


You spent 9 months of pregnancy production gaining fat, don’t think about all fat and weight in a month, please patiently returning to the prenatal state.

Please clean your clothes and use your body until wear. If there is something uncomfortable, stop using it, don’t barely.


You don’t have to bought my brand in my text, as long as you know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the beam belt.

Hearing that everyone is looking for it?


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