Enter Autumn Artifact | Cotton Times Baby Constant Temperature Sleeping Bag, let the baby sleep all night

After giving birth to the baby, a year, the sky, the north of the north, you have to give your baby a good sleeping bag. Especially like now, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, the sleeping bag is definitely the mother’s renewal artifact, the sense of security is The sleeping bag is given ~ sleeping bag can prevent the baby to kick and catch cold, protect the baby’s safety, prevent the baby’s facial occlusion caused by suffocation. Today, I recommend the baby’s thermostat sleeping bag in the cotton era. I will find out with me ~

入秋神器 | 全棉时代婴儿恒温睡袋,让宝宝安睡一整晚

The cotton era baby constant temperature sleeping bag selection German warming fiber, also adds the constant temperature fibers of astronauts, can intelligently adjust the slight weather of the baby’s skin, feel the excess heat, prevent the baby from sweating, feel When the heat storage is released, the warmth is reached, so that the baby can be comfortable in the sleeping bag, enjoy higher quality sleep while reducing the possibility of catching a cold.

For the material, the material of the cotton era baby constant temperature sleeping bag is used in the industry’s forefront of the international SM cotton, compared to other cotton, and it has good breathability, and the baby is very comfortable and very comfortable; and the fabric passes Physical water is washed with soft treatment, and the sleeping bag is not easy to deform the ball, the more soft.

In addition, from the style design of the cotton era baby constant temperature sleeping bag is a wide-shaped crotch and the legacy design, which is easy to turn over in the evening, nor worrying that the baby kicks the quilt, no confusion, sleep, sleep. At the same time, its cuffs and beams are ribs design, and the baby is more comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that the sleeping bag in the cotton era also has an effect of antibacterial, mildew, anti-mite, which uses SAFFUS organic polymer antibacterial technology, with AAAAA-level antibacterial effect; and according to test, after many washing, sleeping bags still Have antibacterial effect. At the same time, the constant temperature sleeping bag uses environmentally friendly active printing and dyeing process, does not add a fluorescent agent, rest assured to contact your baby, health and safety, mom is more assured.

Today, the hot sleeping bag in the cotton era is introduced to this. Do you feel very easy to use a sleeping bag? Discuss it in the comment area message!

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