In the case of the jeans in the jeans in 200 yuan, this elasticity is good to wear yoga.

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The jeans are taught, but most of the jeans in the market are not very good. PRTH This zero-borne jeans uses four-sided bombing and “Tianti” ingredients, soft and still washable.

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Like wearing jeans, but afraid of fading? Prth This jeans must not be missed. I was soaked in the basin for 15 minutes, the remaining water was very shallow, and the first washing of most denim clothes was significantly faded, and the color fastness was quite worthy.

The fabric component of this jeans is 98% cotton fiber + 2% Laika, the hand feels soft, wearing a clear dreamer, excellent elasticity makes it free to be free. It uses an inclusive loose straight version, no matter what kind of leg type, wear the legs to wear. However, because the loose version of easy-to-leg short, the pants tube is added to the middle of the trouser tube, and the long leg line is visually drawn, and this is not enough.

In terms of matching, this jeans is the same as the male and female. Due to the loose version, the upper body is best not to wear a slim costume, the girl can roll up the pants, wear the orthimate shirt, easily create handsome boyfriend.

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Fabric & Technology


This jeans uses a 11oz pound denim fabric, suitable for autumn and winter. Its fabric contains 98% cotton, soft feel, the same is true after washing, and it can be seen in the body. In addition to cotton, its fabric has also joined the best quality spandex – Leka, so the landscape of the trousers has a good elastic force, and there is no binding sense.


In terms of color fastness, this jeans also showed excellent. I was soaked for 15 minutes, and the water in the basin was very shallow. It was obviously faded with most denim costumes. This jeans’s color fastness is quite worthy of affirmation. In the process, this jeans sides are double-needle seams, using YKK zippers, with good pasta.


Design & version


This jeans is a very strong loose straight version, no matter what kind of leg shape, wear the legs. The pants tube is joined in the middle of the pants, extends from the pocket to the trousers, to a certain extent, to the role of the long leg line, avoiding the loose version of the shaped legs.


It is also a small idea in design. The waist is selected with a custom metal button with brand logo, which is different from the market, and the button is similar to the suture, and the overall quality sense is strengthened. On the front of the pants, the pockets of the pants are added to the slope provision, so that the space is larger. The back pocket is relatively low, and it is convenient for jacket. In addition, the back waist is integrated into the Paris buckle design of old-fashioned jeans, so that the whole pants have retro feelings.


With suggestions

This jeans is the same as a male or female. Since it is loose, wearing it is very casual, so the upper body is best to choose a loose t-shirt or shirt, avoiding the formal style. The girl can be rolled up in the trousers, and they can wear handsome boyfriend.

Clothing detail


Name “Non-Decolor” fabric. After 15 minutes of test, it couldn’t be completely not flexible, but the balance in the basin is very shallow, which is relatively rare in cowboy, and the color fastness is good.

A custom metal button with brand logo, which is different from the market informed, and it is the same as a rass with the suture, and the quality of the trousers look better.

The unique front and rear pockets. There is a slope province on the front large pocket to make the bags in the bag larger. The position where the back pocket is placed is low, and the bag is more convenient.

The rear reticle has joined the old-fashioned Paris buckle design. At the beginning of its birth, it was used to adjust the tightness of the trousers. Later, with the popularity of the waist belt loop, it gradually been canceled.


Hand wash fastness test

Experimental description

Soak the clothing for about 15 minutes, simulated daily washing, and observed whether the clothes were faded.

Add tap water in the bin, put the test cloth, and soak it for about 15 minutes, remove the clothes and observe the color of the water.

Conclusion: After about 15 minutes, it is soaked in a full water, the water is extremely shallow, and the performance in the denim fabric is good, but the first washing still suggests separate from light-colored clothing.

Washing report


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