Qin Wei is so beautiful, white down vest is stacked in coats, and the foreign is warm.

In the cold winter, the fashionable little fairy must take into account the fashion attributes, and take into account the practicality of the warmth. If you want to increase the practicality of warmth, you can use coats like Qin Xiaoxian. Stripping the down vest to present more levels, even if the base-color matching can also present more fashionable feelings.

Model Analysis of Qin Wei:


Tongue match – reduce color matching difficulty


Qin Wei is more beautiful, white down vest stacked coats, and warm. A basis of the same color matching can reduce the difficulty of color matching through a very simple match, especially for those who are not very good at color, in the wearing, simply mixed with the same color It can minimize the difficulty of color matching, wear visual summary and simple feelings.

Overlay – make warmth upgrade

The way coats is stuck in the down vest. You can show a warm effect upgrade by superimposing. This matching method is ideal for small sisters who are more pursuing warm performance in winter, but the light color itself is slimming. The effect is not very significant, plus the superimposed mode is easy to show a thick and bloated matching effect. If the body is not enough, it is best not to try this superimposed method.

Internal length – the feeling of adequate layers

Using the inner and short matching mode in the collapse, the coat of the inner gentle is slightly longer than the out of the down vest, and there is a shortest level of a long-lasting level in the lower body. For tall sisters, this method is usually better, and the elegant is atmospheric.

Sports Boots – Comfort and Ocean

Qin Wei with a pair of gray white boots, the short boots showed a very strong feeling, while warm performance will be stronger than ordinary sneakers, this pair of boots in the style of style preserved boots Fashion feelings, also show enough comfort through the shoe design of the sports style.


White small square bag – exquisite and age


Qin Wei with a simple and clean white small square bag, and the pure white small bag showed a very exquisite matching effect on the shoulders, which is very simple in the design of the style, but highlights The girl will feel very strong, with a white down vest and coat, look simple and harmonious, and there is no lack of hierarchy in the overall color match.

Other match analysis of down jackets:

Down clothing laminated lamb


If your body is very bone slim, you can try some warm performance in winter, such as using down jackets to lash coat, your own down jacket and lamb jacket are very good in warm performance. With the single product, the two single product stacks will be presented together will keep warm, but the body is not slightly thin, this kind of matching method will look very bloated.

Down clothing stacking small coat


Most girls are in using the down jacket, they are all over the down jacket outside, but the hipster little sister Liu Jialing chooses to wear the down jacket in it, with the previous short small jacket, and wear a whole The same is different.

Down jacket overlay sweater

If you want to wear warmth and want to wear trendy age, you can use the down jacket to overlay the sweater to get the matching effect, and most of the warm practiced is concentrated on the down jacket, and overlapping the hood Sweats can wear more levels and vitality, for those who want to wear vitality and imitation, this kind of method can be used very high.

If you want the duvet clothes, you can try the way to try it, you can double the fashionable.

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