The whole city is surrounded, the desperate of the fresh supermarket: the hand is cut with bone knife to kill customers, grab the car, hurt people; after 33 hours, fear of criminal jump suicide

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When the 61-year-old field is recorded in a black short-sleeved shorts, the foot is on the blue sneakers, wearing a blue mask, holding a chopping knife to quickly step in Huang Xiaoli’s monitoring video, that kind of person may take a person at any time. The murderous is not banned. She feels creepy.

Huang Xiaoli is an entry and existing vehicle management personnel in the community near Baidong District, Shenyang, monitoring video shows that she has passed with the murderer. On the morning of July 14th, Huang Xiaoli and another woman who took the pet dog had walked on the same road, and after Huang Xiaoli walked into the nearby public toilet, the woman who walked in the back was unfortunately. The Tian Chang inscriptions chopped. If Huang Xiaoli is slow to take a few steps, there will be her in the people who are chopped.

More skilled is that before Tian Changluo appeared in Huang Xiaoli’s video, it was 9:50 on July 14th, and he sells pork in the white rose, fresh supermarket, white rose, fresh supermarket, fresh supermarket, in Shenyang City, and a male customer After the dispute has been disputed, the knife is chopped. After the man died due to rescue. And Tian Changluo in the process of escaping, continued to fight, and eight citizens were killed as 7 injuries.

In the process of escape, the hand chopper knife appears in the monitoring video.

The last hurt of Tian Changlu is already a 6-story old old residential building, No. 6, Huilai 2nd Street, Sujiatun District. It is very close to his place, only 1.5 km, and a fresh supermarket of white roses. More than 20 kilometers away. In just a few hours, Tian Changcheng crossed the cross-regional escape and harm many people.


With the beginning of the arrest operation, local dispatching a large number of police officers on the field-type search search, and the bounty to provide favorable clues to the police will rise from 50,000 to 100,000 yuan.

At 18:4 of July 15, after nearly 33 hours, Tian Changluo, Shenyang police finally found his body in a sewage in Baijia Town, Weinan District, and it has been afraid of suicide.

After watching some of the live fragments of the past, he can make such a tragic thing, it seems to have a lotion. From the disclosed referee document showed that Tian Changu has a criminal injury.

In March 2016, when Tian Changru took a 327 bus near home, he was injured in the mouth of the stainless steel warm water bottle with a mouth angle. After more than 8 months, I took the initiative to go to the public security organ for investment.


In the impression of most customers who bought pork in Tian Chang, Tian Chang Lu also never been a person who would do business, others did not be good, even didn’t have a good attitude towards customers.

Because of buying pork, a dispute supermarket clerk cuts people

On July 15th, near the afternoon, the white rose nuts near the intersection of Nancammen Road and Machine Street, Dadong District, Shenyang City is still locked in five white rolling doors. The fresh supermarket opened every morning at 6:30 every morning, because it could not be opened, disrupted the living habits of the residents of buying vegetables every day, they can only buy elsewhere. After buying the food, the wounded case occurred before the entrance of the kindergarten opposite the fresh supermarket.

White roses are not particularly large, but it is sufficient to meet the daily lives of nearby residents, although there are similar supermarkets nearby. But the passenger flow here is the most popular, not only because of fruits and vegetables, the price is also the cheapest surrounding.

The police news released by the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau showed that 9:50 on July 14, the white rose fresh supermarket meat counter staff field (male, 61 years old, Jilin Meihekou City) Due to sales of pork and customer Wu Moumou Disputes occurred, and the knife will be chopped by Wu, and after the rescue is invalid.

The white rose of Tian Changlu works fresh supermarket

It can be seen from the photos provided from nearby residents, and the head of the field is located in the middle of the middle. What is the dispute between Tian Changluo and Wu Mou, nearby residents are also different. Some residents said that Wu Moumou was desirable because of the meat of pure meat, but because there was fat in the meat, it was not satisfied, the two had a dispute. There are also residents to say that because Wu Mou wants to buy a pound of pork, the Tian Chang recorded more than two two people finally disputed. The person who is discouraged before, and is also hurt by Tian Chang.

According to the residents of Zizhu County, the residents of Zizhu County, the residents of the White Rose Fresh Supermarket, Wu Moumou, is very likely to be the boss of a restaurant near a catering store. According to industry and commerce information, this restaurant operator and Wu Moumou. In the video, 120 emergency personnel rushed to the white rose, and sent Wu to the hospital for treatment after the stretcher.


However, as of the paper, the above speculation has not yet obtained the police ‘s confirmation.

For Tian Chang, some staff members of the White Rose Fresh Supermarket avoid talk. However, another fresh supermarket nearby clearly remembers that after the Tian Changlu is sometimes going to get off work, it will go to their fresh supermarket to turn a circle. Sometimes, even if you don’t enter the store, you will look at it from outside, but weird is He has never bought something.

At noon on July 15, the staff of the white rose fresh supermarkets moved the boxed trucks in the store.

Hold the chopper knife to escape on the way, continue to hack people, grab the car

Although on July 14, Shenyang has a rain, but two poplar and road towels and road towels and bruises on the intersection of Nankammen Road, Dadio District, and the paper towels of large pieces of blood and bruises remain in place. Here is the place where the Tian Changlu is in the white rose fresh supermarket hacking, the second wounded. Net transmission video shows that the two older women’s heads have been injured and have a lot of blood.


Tian Changlu chocked a few old people in the intersection, the blood of the old people stayed on the big tree and on the ground

For the situation of Tian Chang, Luo Qiang, who is sitting on the road, there is no too much, and he misunderstood two pairs of old two in quarrel, waiting for him to react, Tian Changlu has wounded to continue escaped. The first reaction from Luoqiang, who is born from a small learning martial art, is to run out, but did not catch up. After returning to the original, Luo Qiang immediately picked up the telephone reported the police and hit a first aid.

Tian Changlu has been escaped to the east. After a few hundred meters, a silver car parked in front of the auto repair shop made him a thought of the car, the owner was sitting on the driving position, but this did not let him Dispatch this thought.


The nearby young repairer witnessed the next happening, because the car window of the car is open, so the Tian Changcou has cut the knife to cut the seat belt of the owner. During the fierce battle, the male owner was injured. In the end, Tian Changlu still gives up the robbery. The injured owner then slammed the abdomen from the car, leaned by the car, and called alarm phone.

Tian Chang Lu Lu robbed the first car, the sedan was still parked in the original, the car owner’s blood in the car and the end of the car.

On July 15th, the private car who did not taken away by Tian Chang Lu still parked on the side of the road, but the window closed, the seat of the seat in the car was able to see obvious blood, the seat belt has not seen.

Next, when Tian Changlu is running to the intersection of Nankumen Road and the North Of Street, there is no choice to continue, but in the north, it entered the North Dashang Street. This road is being constructed, which can only be allowed to allow a row of vehicles.

At around 10:00 close to July 14, Tian Changlu appeared in Huang Xiaoli’s video surveillance. His pedestrian speed is very fast, the right hand holds the chopper knife, look back from time to see the situation, and disappeared after a few seconds.

Fortunately, Huang Xiaoli escaped, but the last 30-year-old woman who lived in the same community behind Huang Xiaoli was unfortunately suffered from poisonous hands. At that time, he went to the dog in the same way as usual, but because of his long search. In front, the left side of the neck was chopped.

According to a Japanese store owner, this woman often bought things in his store, so two are more familiar. After the female was cut by the Tianshi, he had to help his own blood in his store. The daily miscellaneous owner then found a blue towel from the store to give this injured. The pet dog of this wounded also took a while in the store, and the family of the injured was later taken away.

According to a boss nearby, Tian Changlu has taken a van near the hurt near the North Big Street Street, and then the car will continue to escape.

Living in the home is killed in the family, I like to open the door during the day.


No one knows, why the last hurt of Tian Long Cruises will be the 6th Dividend of the White Rose Fresh Supermarket in Sujiatun District, Shenyang.

Here, it was killed here. It is a 60-year-old security guard who lived in the 6th floor of this 6-story residential building. This security guard has divorced his wife, and his wife lives abroad, and he is also alone. Why is it forced by this toxic, no one knows the real reason.


On the second floor, the security home is still placed, and there are many green plants that he take care of him before, and the police also entered their home from the balcony.

According to a female residents living here, she didn’t hear the sound of fighting from this security home, just heard the “咿”, I didn’t want to think about it. After the incident, the police rushed to the scene, she learned about what happened upstairs.

Because the door of the security home is already closed, the police can only enter the room from the second floor balcony. The security guard was then sent to the hospital for rescue, but died due to rescue. At this point, Tian Changluo has caused 2 deaths, and 7 were injured.

According to the nearby residents, this security is time to time, the weather is hot, because the door has a passage, so he will have a habit of opening the door during the day. Recently, the neighbors of the security home next door were decorated, and the noise was very large, but it happened that no one was decorated in the day of security, so the chance of opening the door in the day of security is more big, and the neighbors are also I am sigh if there is a decoration worker next door, and maybe it will stop this tragedy.

On the afternoon of July 15, there was a large bloody on the door of the security home, and the blood was delayed to the neighbor’s door and has been covered by the sand.


Sujiatun District, Huilan 2, No. 6, is a large bloodstain in the door of the security home, and now it is covered by the sand.

According to a staff member of the community, the victims of security and murderers are in addition to the age of the murderer. This year is also in 60 years old. It is still a security job after retirement. It is usually gathered together in the community. to chat with. The victims of security usually like to raise flowers, birds, and the balcony, hanging all kinds of green plants, and the birds he raised have been taken away by the family.


After the event, the victims of the security home also passed on the police’s police, and the inhabitants who passed by will still look at the above content, and the neighbors also feel sorry for this security.

An old man in Huilan 2nd Street, Sujiatun District, is carefully looked at the police newspaper issued by the police.

The whole city is arrested and defeated, and after nearly 33 hours, the well is suicide.

After the injured incident, it caused the attention and vigilance of the public in the whole city. Everyone always pays attention to the police to arrest progress, hoping that the hurts will fall early.

On the afternoon of July 15, the staff of the Huafu Danshun Community property in Nanjing South Street, Sujiatun District, Shenyang City took a copy of the war, and sent to the store outside the community. According to the police, the registration of the registration of the Tian Changlu is in this community. There are also many police officers who guarded downstairs at the entrance of Tian Changcaijia’s unit.

Fan Changlu live in a place where he lived in this high-rise 25th floor.

The Waipher Danshire Community is only 1.5 kilometers from the 6th Street, the last hurt of Tian Changzu. According to the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, at 13:20 on July 14, the police immediately retracted the police force immediately after locking the suspect near the Tower Town, Weinan District, and immediately retracted the police to seal the region, and launched overnight. Carpet search.

According to CCTV news, Due to the large search, the Liaoning police have attached more than 60 police dogs from the province to arrest. In addition, there are special police from Liaoyang, Dandong, Panjin and other cities to support Shenyang.

The bodies of Tian Chang Lu were discovered by the police, and the majority of the special police in the area he might appeared.


At 18:4 of July 15th after 33 hours, the police was found in a sewage treatment in the Daban Village in Baita Town, Weinan District, and confirmed that it had died.

Before the bodies of Tian Chang, the police have searched him near this farmland.

Currently, the case remains in further work.


How is the Tian Chang? Looking back at his past, it seems to find some clues from it.

According to media reports, Tian Changlu has been moved away from his hometown 20 years ago, his wife and children are in Shenyang, only household registration and land are still in the hometown. In addition, the parents of Tian Chang Lu have passed the world, and the old family is only an 80-year-old aunt, but it has not been seen with Tian Chang.

Online disclosed referee instruments show that at 6 o’clock on March 26, 2016, Tian Changlu took a bus No. 327 in Huafu County, Shenyang City. On the way, there was a mouthful of mouth and beat it, and Tian Chang recruited it. Stainless steel warm water bottle hit the opponent’s head. After identification, the right upper nasal fracture with the right side of the victim is broken, which is a slight injury; the lip mucosa is damaged.

When the bus stop near Tian Changcang, he took the 327 bus since then in 2016, and the passengers on the car took the mouth and injured people.

On December 19, the same year, Tian Chang was investigated to the public security organs, and the victim’s economic diet has been compensated and the other party’s understanding. The Tian Chang inscription was sentenced to five months by the court due to intentional injuries. During the trial, Tian Changlu has not been able to continue to be tried for a longer period of time due to serious illness.

According to the residents who often go to the white rose fresh supermarket shopping, Tian Changlu is about more than a year in the supermarket. In most cases, the customer is going to buy meat, and will not have too many speech exchanges with him. But it is inevitable that there are some customers who will pick up pork, and sometimes they will be reprimanded by Tian Chang.


A pair of old couples recalled that when they went to buy pork, the wife originally selected a 17 yuan of pork, and after her husband saw another 24 yuan, one kilogram, two people were discussing When which kind of meat, Tian Changlu said to the couple: Your money is not corrupted, of course, it is a 10 yuan or meat.

The general impression of Tian Chang’s revenue is that it is not good to have a customer’s attitude.

(The people in the literary people in the field are pseudonymous.)

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