When the chocolate has also fallen in the winter, why is people who pay for the season?

Half of the seasonal style of modern people comes from the old folk or tradition, and the other half is actually the result of brand marketing in the commercial society. Winter limited pumpkin latte and sweet potato pudding, summer limited watermelon flavor It seems more likely to make consumers to buy more than conventional goods.

When the candy manufacturer, Kisses chocolate has recently launched a season-limited taste – hot cocoa Kisses chocolate, built in soft cotton candy, and eats a hot taste like a few marshmour in winter. This new taste started from November 1st in the United States, which is the first to launch a special version of the special edition of Kisses chocolate.

好时巧克力也出了冬季限定口味 为何人们总对季节限定买账?

The most successful season in the North American market is the pumpkin spice latter launched in the North American market. .

好时巧克力也出了冬季限定口味 为何人们总对季节限定买账?

According to Market Research Company NPD data, Starbucks have a higher pumpkin spices in Starbucks, which can often bring higher shops and drinks to the store, and those who come to buy pumpkin spices to latte will usually visit more than two times, the guest price is also better than Do not sell pumpkin spices latte high 10% (2017 data).

好时巧克力也出了冬季限定口味 为何人们总对季节限定买账?

Brian Wansink, Professor Cornell, explained why the season restricted always allows consumers to buy: the set of routines in the same time and a season or festival, people’s enthusiasm for festival can also be associated with people’s attitude towards the product, let People are interested in products. “It’s like giving a set of aura on the product, you must buy it before it leaves you,” Brian Wansink said.

Brands are now particularly good at using this consumer psychological limit. Interesting and hunting taste, binding to a festival, can make a limited product a lot of color.

Japan Sanke’s fruity wine drink “micro-醺 (ほろよ ほろよ)” is specially good at developing various seasons limited tastes, almost every season you can see the taste of the season in the Japanese convenience store. In addition to conventional peaches, white sand trivia, winter honey citriasis, finished strawberry flavor, apricot flavor; summer has salt warents and pineapple, etc. The seasonal defined taste and packaging of the season is somewhat different, ensuring the freshness of consumers.

Gree is also specially good at the season limited taste. In addition to the tastes defined in Japan – such as the honeydew harvested, the honeydews defined by the Hokkaido specialties, the rumor is limited, and there is a soft ice cream, and the summer is limited in the summer. The brand puts a limited taste to “Once-in-a-Lifetime Pleasure”, even if many consumers are sought after, they will sell regularly.

This also explains the “limited” two words so attractive, especially in the Japanese cultural background – it is the meaning of a one-phase.

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