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According to the foreign language of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the German translator, Kafka research expert Ye Tingfang died in Beijing on September 27, 2021, enjoy 85 years old. At the age of 9, Ye Tingfang lost his left arm because an accident accident. Under extremely difficult conditions, Ye Tingfang translated a group of classic German writers such as Kafka and Dilomata to China, known as “Interpreter Kafka’s first person”. “

“Pursue Muse” is a self-selected set of Ye Tingfang. The book is in its name, which includes the experience of Ye Tingfang’s beauty of literature, art, and buildings. As Ye Tingfang said in the preamble, “My life is supported by these Muse sisters.”

“Pursue Muse”, Ye Tingfang, Business Press, May 2004.

Anxiety and liberation

Anxiety is a modern person, first is the fundamental survival of modern intelors or cultural people.

If the Europeans rushed out of the darkness of the medieval year, the new mainland was found, and the industrial revolution was set off, so that human beings saw their greatness and beauty, and therefore issued a “essence of the universe, the primate of the universe”, then modern people In the face of science and technology acceleration development and productivity, it is shocked, but it finds that he has become “the killer of the earth, and the natural enemy of all things”, so it is “the pests of the universe.” So, I haven’t waited for us and repent. Nature began a fierce retaliation; I didn’t see it, I have never heard of the monsters “El Ni”, completely strange plague “AIDS” raging; today, Jianghe decid, tomorrow Sands; here are endangered, there are ozone empty buses … We have been convinced that the world will be more and better, and human beings will be more and more peaceful. Who is constantly coming to like this unexpected alert. When God is in creating people, I really added “original crimes” on him, so that he is not in the world.

Although we have made the crime of redemption to nature, it has a lot of action, but this is at least a target. Modern people are increasingly discovered – escalax or strange circles, especially we are embarrassed and confused. Once, when we broke free, I thought I got my freedom, and I didn’t know the other side of freedom, and a new 镣 镣 tailored us. You see: There is no legal system, we will feel fear, warmly calling its birth; the legal system has been established and perfect, we must be careful, even have to spend money to spend a lawyer to act as a mental bodyguard, otherwise there will be confrontation law. Shaping God, I hope it can bless us, once we caus them, we caught its slavery; we checked Newton, Einstein, think that physics can transform the world, but the development of physics has led to tens of thousands of nuclear warheads They are enough to let the Earth destroy again. …… This quasi-theielly circle has plagued the Austrian novelist Kafka, making him a series of masterpieces that shocked the world literary world like “whipped”. This strange circle also tormed the American writer Heller, which took him the eighth year to complete the “black humor” “22 military regulations”. It even excited to the Marxist drama Bracht, he made the owner in the “Sichuan Good Man” that was full of wisdom, “Sichuan Good Man”, I can’t do it, I don’t do evil, what should I live? ? Swiss players Di Lamat were aesthetically confident from this life situation, and thus created another tragic comedy.

In the face of the distressed or anxiety of survival, the most serious “silly hat” is Kafka, and he is eager to experience the life experience of alienation, and writing writing as a process of this experience. If you don’t think about your own care experience, he said: We thought it was running forward, the more excited, the more you ran, the more you come, but you don’t run, or stand In the original place! This absurd and embarrassing feeling is in the heart, it has become a “huge world”, anxious, anxious to vent it, otherwise it will “tear”, and once they are venting, it is “the huge promotion of the outside “, Is a great happiness and happiness.

More than Kafka, Dermart is too smart and “猾”, he saw that “the reality is in a matrix form”, but he turns it into a aesthetic game and as a creation of mystery: “Write the drama is not wrong.” There is no wonder, his play is laughing every time, while hanging two tears. If he is happy with Kafka through writing, then the latter is an anxiety venting, and he is a happy “aesthetic fiction”.

Nowadays, people have made like Kafka. Kundera is probably one, his words “life can’t bear the light” said that there is no life experience, it can’t be written, it is an old card. The same town. Different, he walked out of Prague, and he walked out of that era, and his life was abandoned by flowers, and Kah was still unbearable, because now Yangshi praised him. Not necessarily recognized, otherwise he is necessary to “all burn off his work”?

In the survival experience, today’s cultural people is getting more and more anxious under modern philosophy, but most of them are willing to take the road of Dilomata, that is, for the helplessness of the world, “quiet him,” in the bustling An anxious soul. The author will not engage in aesthetic game, only knowing the kingdom of the United States freely galloping, to balance the weight loss of life. When did there be a voice in the heart, shouting, in a jealousy, just take a picture of a picture, watch a ballet, listen to a song … I call it “aesthetic balance of life suppression.” This attitude is just sings and sings Mr. Zhou Guoping; Mr. Zhou said that under the weight of matter and money, choose a “aesthetic life”!

How to see the Nobel Literature Award?

The Nobel Literature Award is from 1901, just in the same age with the century. In the process, seven years were not performed by the two world wars, and actually commented on 91 awards. 4 of them were double winners, so there were 95 lucky people. But in fact, not every winner is lucky, such as Sartt, France, claims to “reject all honors from the bourgeoisie” and refuse to receive award. Some of them are not hot, even more like, such as Lu Xun, when someone is proposed to recommend it, he claims that he does not want to become a “temple” writer, so he no longer has a vitality. Of course, such an example is unique. On the vast majority, this award is considered to be greatly accepted. However, the selection literary award is not just like the scientific award, and the results of the invention can be determined by the experimination, or see if it has solved a problem that people struggle. Literary achievements are unpredictable, and literary awards are more affected by many factors. Some works have no deep era content and long-lasting aesthetic charm, but they can have a certain sensation effect, so they are famous, but they will become tomorrow Huanghua; some writers have a prophetic feature, before the time That is to grasp the spirit of the times and capture new aesthetic information. Such writers are often regardless of it, or as “non-literary” heresy. No wonder that “the most difficult history of contemporary history does not care about justice, and in the end, he will inevitably want to see some people, neglect some people, or some people. What other people, Nobel Literature Awards Awards Committee is made by one The country, that is, the scholars of Nobel’s Swedish, she lacks international, which is a limitation. Although the intense debate in the annual award can prove her to fair pursuit. But the annual selection results announcement, almost Along with the unsuccessful distortion or complaint.

This is not difficult to understand. People often say: literature is human learning, is an emotional art, reading or judge, not only by the objective impact of the era, nation, region, history, culture, politics, language, customs, etc., but also subject to everyone’s character. The effect of subjectivity, life experience, knowledge background and other subjective factors. There is no wonder that there is no paradox mean in the Nobel Literature Award: the genius found by her is almost as much as the genius buried by her! Therefore, if you want to choose the top 60 in the world writer galleries, we can’t tell you unfortunately; almost half is missing by Swedish College! Among them, only 7 million Austria have six: novelist Kafka (1883-1924), poet Rulke (1875-1926), novelist Muzil (1880-1942), poet and drama Huo Huo Mistar (1874-1929), the novelist Broch (1886-1951), poet Zeland (1920-1970), etc .; France has six: novelist Zuora (1840-1902), novelist Ruster (1871-1922), poet Valley (1871 1945), poets and drama Clare (1868-1955), poet Brend (1896-1966), Novelist Marlo (1901- 1976); Five Britain: Novelist Had Dynasty (1840-1928), novelist Lawrence (1885-1930), novelist Kangrad (1857-1924), novelist Woodwood (1882-1945), poet Otang ( 1907-1973); At least two of Russia: Novel Hotel Lev Tolste (1828-1910) and Novelist Putting Writers Golgi (1868-1936); American Two: Poet Pangde (1885-1972 ) And poets and the novel home Nabokov (1899-1977); Ireland: Novelist Jois (1882-1941); Sweden: Novelist Drama Sterling (1849-1912); Norway: Player Ibi (1826-1906); Spain: Poet and Drama Lell (1898-1936); Turkey: Poet Hickmet (1902-1963); Japan : The novelist Sanshui Yushu (1925-1970); Switzerland three: novel home Valse (1878-1956) and drama portraits, Novelist Dirent (1911-1990), Frisi (1911-1991 One of Lebanon: Ji Bron (1883-1931). China has a population of 1.2 billion people to be called the world, and she should at least three to five: Lu Xun, Lao She, Shen Congwen, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun.

From the above list, it is not difficult to see that the Nobel Literature Awards Awards Commission has at least three issues: First, she is unmerispected to the modern spirit in the world literature in this century, and the monarch is not seen by her “missing” writer, big Part is a strong writer, or “modernism” writer, not only the view of the view of Austria, not a confirmation of her recognition, and even the world of modern literature, the father of modern literature – card Fuka, Joyce, and Proust are ignored outside her horizons! She is also visible to the world literature in her motherland. She is also visible! This can’t be said to be a certain prejudice. Second, this prejudice of the Nobel Literature Award has also exposed in terms of ideology, focusing on the “omissions” of Brycht, Gorky and Lu Xun. Especially Bracht, he is a banner of Western art innovations in this century. His drama is both a civilian world, and it is “modern”, and it has been admitted to the two worlds of the West. And the scope is increasing, without any reason to exclude him outside the Nobel Literature Award. One point is, the winners of the third world are obviously less. Since the results of the selection in recent years, the Swedish Classics seems to be aware of this and make certain remedies.

Of course, the Swedish College of Literature also has the reason for the defense for the above-mentioned blame. It should be said that the reason is to say, such as the three “Father of Modern Literature”, where Kafka and Pruster have died, their many works or main works have not yet been published, even if they have already been published (such as Joey Si), it is not easy to find that because modern humanistic spirit and modern aesthetic consciousness take a certain amount of time, we can’t ask the Nobel Literature Awards Journey to have this kind of advancement. But she is hard to convincingly, such as Torste’s reasoning is not awarded, because the creation of the old novels in the old age, mainly writes education and religious brochures, Propaganda in anarchism, and thus the “idealism” in Nobel, the left, cloud cloud. This is difficult to establish. As we all know, Tolste is to become Tolstott, mainly because he wrote “war and peace” “Anna Khalnina” “resurrection”, which is his most essential thing as a writer. The reward should be the evaluation of the main performance of his life, or only look at it? The answer is of course it should be the former. For another example, I said that Zuo Lei did not win a prize because his work “unsecured cynical naturalism”; Ibsensheng is due to its “negative”; Harley is due to its hostess “lack of religious ethics”; Timberg is due to its “unethical and evil awkward”; … these reasons are obviously strong.

Despite this, we should also thank the Nobel Prize Jership, after her screening, or to find a large number of world-class literary masters, the number of writings that are at least a few days of writers. Although this list is also screened by the next century or even longer, it can believe that there is always a part of the annual history. If there is no Nobel Literature Award, we will also neglect some of them! Therefore, we need the window of the Nobel Literature Award, and we don’t make absolute impact on her.

叶廷芳:我的生活哲学是追求一种审美的人生 | 逝者

“Western Breeze”, Ye Tingfang, Haitian Publishing House, September 2016.

Book, my spirit home

叶廷芳:我的生活哲学是追求一种审美的人生 | 逝者

Zhaizhai is a farmer, such as farmer. Although it is not a book, it is not a book, but the book is ignorant about me. It is my job, but also my spirit home. It is the crystallization of my heart created for decades, and my horizons, knowledge, and interests.

Book Zhai, as the name suggests, the collection of books, the book, the book is its main content. My collections are not too much, there is no more than 10,000, never a clear point; if there is ordered or lonely, I don’t dare to say. But I really cherish them. Because they are not easy. Especially in the age of helping school, three, five yuan of zero flowers have been pitiful enough, but most of them are consumed for me. After work, the monthly knows the dozens of wages per month, the first thing that thought of thinking is to visit the bookstore, and the pain will be bought a few books. It is difficult to contain the opportunity to go abroad, and the desire to buy books is even more difficult to contain, because the books there are extensive content, beautiful frame, and don’t hesitate to meet some desires. Especially in 1991, life supplies have not bought almost, they are used to purchase German books, with a total of more than 100 kg, including a group of large albums. But visiting the bookstore abroad, I have to be happy, I am uncomfortable, because the bag is ashamed, but I can itch in my heart, I hope “the book”.

The bought book is happy, but it is often made to make the family, and even the noisy mouth is also difficult. Until now, every family came home, the hostess did not hide the cold mun in the family, and complained to the study: “There is only a few books.” From some degree, this is not I’m wrong, until two years ago, I have never been more than 3,000 yuan in the bank in the bank! Even if you are now, people see the 歪 歪 大 大 大 大 大 不 不::: 大 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 柜 精 柜 精 于 柜 柜 精 大 精 大 大 精 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大

The book has also given me long-term troubles, because it is in space, especially after the arrival of the family, I have lived in a house, size two beds, two bookshelf, a writing desk, where there is Empty place! Don’t have already, I have to set up two layers on the desktop, used to put books. Later, I simply put the bookshelf vertical on the writing desk! After having a second room, it is only a slightly relaxed in the first two. But a study must be both bedrooms, but also a living room. And the book is constantly increasing, every time I buy a book, I have to consider the old halfway. Which book is put out in the bed? Over time, the book is full of all gaps. If you want to check a book, you often have a big half a day. Although you are full of sweat, let you not know how to cry or laugh. Two years ago, the unit finally replenished a set of single studios, so that I have a condition to make a big room, specialize in books. I put a lot of books, I personally draw it, go to the big red door wood factory to customize six 2.7-meter high hardwood bookcases (two layers of superlapses), “top-standing” to take advantage of space; each bookcase is in the middle and lower part of each bookcase Drawer, a total of 12 drawers, divided into a paid, more convenient to use. The bookcase is different from each other, and the two layers are placed in each layer; the inside six cm is added to a plate, so that the inscription has a part of the book ridges, and looks for the book. But the three layers of the four bookcases of the “one wall” only put a layer, so that the outer empty came out can put some crafts and other games. Every time I go out, I have to bring one or two artworks with local characteristics. In the glass bookcase, there is an increase in the artistic atmosphere and exotic flavor, and commemorate value. Six cabinets certainly can’t solve fundamental problems, so I seal about six square meters of corner balcony, will eliminate the four bookshelves of the eliminated, please go to the balcony, put some second bookcases to move the original two bookcases Bedrooms, put together with the writing desk, put some daily books. The bookshelf on the desk will continue to keep, all kinds of tool books. It can now be said that every book is “each of its own”, no longer being criminalized, and the dust. This is my wish. Of course, he is afraid to start.

As soon as the content says, my collection is relatively rich: existing Chinese, and German; except for literary books, there is a considerable number of art, music, architecture and even mountains and landscapings in the mountains, which can be described as Chinese and foreign exchanges. . Whenever I need to check what information in my work, I will be very pleased; whenever I think about what kind of book, I can get it, I will feel joy. Now, I will try to go to high-end efforts in the book, especially the books that do not purchase this unit library. For example, if you see the book, there is a “British Perspective Art Encyclopedia”, although it is more expensive, I don’t hesitate to buy it. Soon, I saw a large Chinese painting map “Yuan four”, “Ming Four”, “four”, and “four 僧”, etc. The large German album purchased from abroad has also become scale from abroad. Every holiday or night is quiet, I believe in looked through, taste it, it is really less pleasant, great enjoyment.

My life philosophy is to pursue a aesthetic life. In order to increase the richness and three-dimensionality of Bookzhai, I achieved aesthetic “diversified” effect. I put a combined audio and a TV set in the study, making memory symbols and auditory, visual impression integration, to increase aesthetics The concentration of the atmosphere. In this way, I am in this book every day, I am equal to immersing every day in a beautiful kingdom. Although there are other shortcomings or shortcomings in life, as long as there is this book with me, I will feel happiness, even intoxicated.

Original author | Ye Tingfang

Excerpt | Liu Yaogu

Editing | Qing Qing

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