The baby treasure Zeng Yi Jiujiang maternal and child supplies market is now no longer!

As a native maternal and child product chain brand, the baby treasure can be described as a household name. From 2003 to now, I have been 13 years, I have 4 chain stores in Jiujiang, which is distributed in various districts, the store is next to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital It is really good to say good conditions of the day, of course, you can also do this achievement today.

Jiujiang love baby treasure

爱婴宝 曾叱咤九江母婴用品市场 如今风光不再!

Taking me as an example, most of the relevant supplies within the age of three are from love baby treasures, from supplies to milk powder, complementary food, re-toys, apparel, etc., no calculation, at least 3 More than 10,000, after the born, the cost of the baby treasure is much smaller, I also listen to several reasons:

1. The general price of love baby treasures is slightly higher, the entity’s relationship, and the cost is naturally flattened to the consumer.

2, the impact of micro-business and foreign purchases.

3. Some maternal and child websites have been established, online shopping has become normal.

4, other physical maternal and child brands to preemptive resources.

In the middle of 2010, the opportunity was coincidental, and I asked why I didn’t enter the e-commerce field as soon as possible. I had such a good member foundation. The answer is that the cost of the entity is too high, the store rent, personnel Salary, etc. If you do e-commerce, you will directly affect the business turnover, so at the time, they didn’t consider going to do the e-commerce platform. Perhaps it didn’t find a better combination of combination at the time, the opportunity was missed, and I just saw the WeChat subscription number of the baby treasure. I couldn’t see the trading volume, and I didn’t know how to effect. I think I should It has not yet developed the consumption habits of members users. Users who are highly high or high will choose to pick it up to the physical store.

Today’s baby treasure, still have a certain trust in the eyes of the people of Jiujiang, but there is absolutely no scenery in the past few years, just choosing more, the channel is also more convenient, this for love baby Bora is a challenge. Entrepreneurship is like this. If you don’t enter, if you stick to the existing fruit, you will be submerged by the Internet.

Written | Hu Xiaoli

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