Collaborative robots are also “crazy”

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Just yesterday, another collaborative robot vendor festival car robot just officially decker Cerendy 300 million yuan.

From the tide of this robot financing in 2020, collaborative robots are also favored in China.


In 2008, Rodney Brooks, a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of MIT, Created by American Robotics, Created Rodney Brooks, which created Rethink Robotics, and he would make behavioral artificial intelligence theory and its in MIT. Research results and experience are applied to the development of robots, and the RETHINK has also known as the collaborative robot.

Ten years later, the local time on October 3, 2018, Rethink was suddenly exposed, and the message was even got a confirmation of Rethink Robotics CEO Scott Eckert.


At that time, the industry was watching, surprised, and couldn’t help.


However, Rethink’s story has not ended.

Just in Rethink is exposed to a month, German automation and robotic integrator, and Rethink Robotics, the world’s largest distributor Hahn Group announced that the Rethink Robotics brand trademark and single arm robot SAWYER product technology, and established new Rethink Robotics GmbH.

This means that Rethink has a reborn, Rethink after rebirth, will enter the Chinese market in the second year. On the occasion of the World Robot Conference in the 2019 World Robot, it is announced that the Hunan Ruisen Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic collaboration, joint promotion and development. Rethink Robotics related products and technologies.

Obviously, Lu Yu has found a new opportunity in China, and there is also a status of the high-rise in China and even more than Rethink’s “four families” (ABB, Anchuan, Kuka, Donkey), And collaborative robotics in the field of the world – Your robot (UR).

According to UR, in 2017, the Chinese market has accounted for 20% of the global market; in the latest data released in December 2020, the global collaboration machine has reached 50,000 units (Note: 2017 UR The global installed capacity is 150 million units).



IROBOT founder Colin Angle has said at the first RE: MARS meeting in 2019, and collaborative intelligence is a higher level of robot intelligence.

Such a concept is unwinding with Rethink.

If you read history, you will find that in fact, Rethink’s founder Rodney Brooks is one of the founders of the IROBOT joint founder in the field of sweeping robots.

However, the crash of collaborative robots has far exceeded a conceptual awareness of robot practitioners.

From the industry research data, according to GGII data, the 2019 global collaboration robot sales is 255,500 units, the market size is 4.41 billion yuan; from 2014 to 2019, the annual compound growth rate of global collaboration robots sales is 50%, expected to In 2023, the sales of global collaboration robots will reach 80,000 units, and the market size will be close to 12 billion yuan.

From the current situation of the market development, there is no way to say that the domestic market for robotics, the enthusiasm of the industry has exceeded the European and America, especially in the country, in policies (new infrastructure, KP, industrial Internet), or in the market environment and The company’s survival environment (drop in this increase) has put forward higher demand for digitization and intelligence.

Chen Zhe, vice president of Wuyuan Capital, has recently said to Lei, and the emergence of Kob & Chow provides a good exit method for capital investment of hardware enterprises in China. The robot industry has become a few in the year. Can see a good exit path and have an income industry.

On the data, the entire industry is in a benign growth mode; the market, there are both demand for digitalization, and have policies; on the supply chain, domestic, such as the beads, the Yangtze River Triangle, etc., and the world’s most complete robot industry supply chain.

This makes the epidemic in a significant impact on many industries. In the case of industrial ROI unclear, the robot industry has further heated, which includes collaborative robots.


On January 14, 202, the cooperative robot manufacturer’s card robot official successfully completed C-round financing, the financing amount exceeded 300 million yuan, this round of financing was jointly piloted by the Fund of the CITIC Industry Fund and the national capital investment. Compute;

On January 15, 2021, the collaborative robot manufacturer Vietnamese Science officials completed 320 million yuan in new round of financing, this round of financing was investive by Zhongjin Capital, the capital, Wenshu capital, China Merchants Capital, Yunhui Capital, Potential energy capital and the old shareholder.

Within the month of 2021, two large financing news were announced in two days. If the other collaborative robot manufacturers in China, the Elit robots in China have completed 100 million yuan B round finance information in August 2019. From the perspective of financing, several collaborative robots have currently have a good living space in China.

In terms of application, it has been applied in areas including 3C electronic, automotive and spare parts manufacturing, home appliance production.

According to Officials, Vietnamese Technology, on a mobile phone automatic test line, Crussia Technology applies four collaborative robots to complete the mobile phone automatic upper and lower materials, communication judgment mobile phone test results, NG product reflow, production capacity per day, per hour Statistics, non-penetration statistics, good rate statistics, non-good items detailed display, TOP5 bad item statistics, TOP4 test bad equipment statistics, realize mobile phone automatic test, filtering materials.

Professor Tang Min, from the State Council, pointed out that

In the future, China, with mass production, low-cost labor-intensive industries is unstoppable, China’s only leaving is small batch, customized flexible manufacturing capacity.

In traditional enterprises, during the transformation of manufacturing, the entire robot industry, including collaboration robots, is truly “new infrastructure” from technology research and development, and has become a brick in the manufacturing digital transformation, and began to think about it. The problem.

Jürgen Von Hollen, the global president of Your Robot, pointed out:

Collaborative robots are more than just a favorable tool of large enterprises, but also a good helper of SMEs, everyone can use collaborative robots. As for how to start robotics, you need to determine the process of implementing automation, whether you need to change the mechanical components in the process and the available space of the factory workshop, thereby selecting a flexible automation solution to ensure the security of the workers and consider the value of automation.

How to use robots, how to use the robot, next or will become an anxiety of small and medium-sized enterprises that face digital reforms.

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