7th with autumn and winter mountain cashmere sweater, women, don’t catch cold, warm, carry with a cardigan

Cashmere knitted loose V-colonal vest / coat set

The first look, I like this sweater, I like it, don’t! This set of exquisite autumn and winter cashmere two-piece sets are in a fast-paced life, such as in the sea, such as indoors, you don’t need to wear too much, so a vest is equipped with shirts or T-shirts, then go out, you You can choose the same color system or another color system to make a mashup, because there is a premise of styles, so don’t worry about it conflict between them.


100% goats, bat sleeve, shoulders, knit sweater


Camel always brings me a pleasant mood, this unique design, it is a kind of enjoyment in the wardrobe. Some people are very embarrassed to do this, so they often find the needs of some living. For example, when they have gathered with old friends, they are comfortable, but they are not saying that It is possible to worry about it, but a state of relaxing as much as possible, and let others feel pleasing to the eye, since the season wearing a cashmere is worse than fusioning it and sweater.

Cashmere baseball leading rope texture knit sweater


In the soul of the girl, there is also a sense of the temperament of boys. Sometimes I don’t want to dress up too women, I don’t want to emphasize the existence of the curve, just feel comfortable than everything. With the card, his pants are echoing to match a pair of learning shoes, which is my favorite Business-Casual because I think of a very important official meeting, temporarily holding an emergency meeting. In this way, the wind is more than a much more than I have been insisting. It is to concentrate on things, and don’t worry if you are not well enough. You can take the land of the windbreaker directly, go home with the children in the house, my suggestion is all colors. When I arrived at the weekend, friends who like riding horses can take it with the horse-pants, plus a pair of high boots handsome and english.

Cashmere medium long knit sweater coat


Whether it is at home or in the office, as long as one to cool down season, I will see the place where you can get it, you can prepare a big sweater jacket, not only you can easily warm you, you can warm to others. people.


Goat Slim knit POLO cardigan

And the basic funds in different people also have different requirements, which is a simple cardigan, basic vertical brace sweater, will look more slim and renewed, basic money, in fact, some small changes will make it keep active. Active in your wardrobe and life, a little bit of pit strip is just right, you can help you cover a little bit of meat after a little bit of meat, and will not be easy to open.

Cashmere British Reviced Color Twisted Rope Sweater


Miss Baker, greeted the sunset, her loveman Bryce sang a small night song that had been practiced while in Yurule, with her skin, and their skin was sunnyed by Jin Can. Bright this is Woody Allen’s movie – “Magic Moonlight” is not too much in Miss Baker, but it has attracted his knit sweater by Bryce’s V-neck cloves. It seems to look. It’s too much to don’t seem to have a little bit, and the tightness usually can’t ask me.

Goats, rolling knit cardigan shorts

Although Peter Handke is in the forest, it is willing to spend time with Haibei to fall into the hospital, even if there is not much. This real soul is so understanding life and I know that girl thinks, entering a low temperature season, the knit cardigan in everyone’s hands is too much, there is too much, this piece is not as stunned, I just think it is simple to think. The classic version has a constant vitality. I want special recommendation this sunset orange different from the past knitted color, it is the first time in front of you, with a little caramel, and a little red Brown is a very colorful color.

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