With tight-fitting skirt package hip fashion, more than a little sultry

Went to the sultry spring, it is good how can you got a little package hip Dress skirt to do? Today we take a look at a simple package hip skirt also can wear different styles.


Tight package hip skirt with a T-shirt to wear the most comfortable, baggy T-shirt giving a casual feeling free and easy, and so with the young most first street casual range of children.

Dressed in sequined skirts, stretch milk Sili Bu, does not tie the legs diaphragm. It must be wild, belong to a rescue bland series.


◇ with a shirt

Workplace fairies can choose to go with tight-fitting white shirt package hip skirt, with the added package hip skirt, and then put on high heels, instant upgrade gas field, but also to attract attention, build big legs oh. And not only able to retain the shirt, but also broke the solemn sense of the shirt.

This A-line skirt, to feel particularly recommended to his thigh fat mushroom cool – not her body, as long as the waist of the buy back of her dress calibration will be high. Watching the version is not fancy, very real beauty, save your coat closet a variety of knitting are alone.

◇ chiffon shirt

Chiffon slim and elegant, very comfortable to wear, and retro vogue of the moment, comes with fashionable chiffon index, with tight-fitting skirt package hip, very obvious feminine.

Fei often a color of the skirt, the seven color combinations, graphics, mosaic-like, scattered mosaic, though but see no correlation between color hit the color clear, but the pieces together seem ji is nice, yi-eye may find spending first two extra coordination and felt the United States, then more and more beautiful with age.


No woman no lace, compared flowing chiffon fabric, lace fabric easier to create feminine. Black lace sexy nude-colored lace has elegance, with tight package hip skirt, not only can hold live the workplace, but also to Fun nightclub oh.


A dress can be described as semi-evergreen models in skirts. And this skirt it on the version, the version she belongs to the effect of small A word length on the knee, can block just right to cover the buttocks, hip, fleshy thighs, buttocks also nicely decorated curve.


◇ with sweater


Tight package hip skirt upper body with sweaters and knitted sweater is the most photographed outfit, bag hip skirt with a casual sweater, whole body shape is very lively and refreshing sultry, can by age oh.

This simple short leather skirt gas field without losing the style is fashionable street shooting regulars. Love beans and stylish guest, autumn and winter love to use it for a single product with a variety of sweaters. Bi JING, but also want to wear clothing slim big legs in the winter really is not easy. But this leather skirt, let you easily have really great legs.


Sweater with bag hip skirt worn is very good, you can give people a fresh feeling. The casual elegance with the perfect combination, not only give you a comfortable feeling, it is loose sweater can also help you cover the fleshy belly and waist, cover the meat was thin.


Stretch denim dark blue flounced skirt, tight package hip skirt type, easy to wear clothing with small Bottom, swaying flounced hem, elegant and feminine at the same time have increased the sense of playful, you can pull legs ratio portion, to reduce the effect of age was thin. After two hip pockets to do a different design, while adding a sense of fun has a hip visual effects.

Come and use your wardrobe basic models to match package hip skirt, one day a new model is no longer a dream.

Author: ArticleManager