The Clari Diamond “Size” is paying attention, different size is different, do you know?

With the broadcast of all kinds of love dramas, people’s understanding of the Kra diamond ring is also more and more. When you come, naturally, I hope to receive a diamond ring in a dream. However, the size of the diamond ring is not casual, and many of the cases are limited to their own economic situation. Of course, in addition to the economic reasons, how many “Kra” choices are also very particular.

The Clari Diamond

Diamond ring because of diamonds, there is a beautiful love, representing love, telling the beauty and eternal of love. The brand gives a beautiful meaning of the diamond ring, such as Levis, only one person in his life, meaning that life is only love, is the only true expression of a life. The size also gave a beautiful meaning of diamond ring, and the different sizes expressed different emotions.

Two Clan Diamond Rings

Two Clan is a big granite diamond, and the price of the two caravan rings is also very expensive. 1 + 1 = 2, representing me + you = We, relative to the hands of the hand and the child.

One grain rock

A separate diamond ring is a dream in the heart of each girl, and a carat a diamond ring is very precious, but it is more precious is what it is expressed. Divided with the weight of diamonds, a bar is a hundred points, meaning the perfect love of love. 100 points also represent a wholehearted love, representing you all my, love you, is not a manifestation of the boy and the manifestation of the boy.

The Clari Diamond

50 points diamond ring

Fifty diamond ring is a popular choice for many people in the moment, 50% diamond rings are more cheap, but what the love meaning it represents is not a little. Two fifty points are all love, fifty representative “You are the other half of my life”, I found each other, it is the perfect life. Fifty fifty and fifty, each life is accompanied, I will follow.

Three diamond ring

Thirty-way diamond ring is one of the most chooses. This size diamond ring can be bought by ordinary consumers, but don’t ignore its significance because it is small. Thirty points, it is a kind of fate, representing the three love; 32 is a convention, the three generations are waiting for you; thirty points is still a time eternal, life experience, never separated.

The Clari Diamond

Twenty-five minutes diamond ring

25 minutes diamond ring although the people choose not to choose, but there is also a different meaning, it is 520, representing the meaning of I love you, this is also a full love of each other.

Very diamond ring

Although very small, it is very small, but the price is quite cheap, there is a full-hearted love symbol, which means that your wholehearted love, representing the ideal love of both parties.

The Clari Diamond

how? Kra Diamond Rings, which one you decided, different meaning express, which one is you like?

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