Featured national wind women’s embroidery T-shirt who wears anything!

Summer is hot, the T-shirt is still the main cooling item, the very distinctive national wind embroidery T-shirt, wearing a foreign style, can instantly grasp the eyes of everyone, really try to try!

[Cotton ribbon embroidery T-shirt]

The T-shirt with a very national characteristic, simple and pure white joined the exquisite embroidery process, revealing a faint elegant and delicious taste, the curved corner design is more close, and it looks unique.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boyfriend’s T-shirt with shorts to wear handsome!


[Embroidered Art Short Sleeve T-Shirt]


This national-style women’s embroidery T-shirt, breathable cotton and linen fabrics, the embroidered flowers of the literary, showing a woman’s kind and elegant temperament, more charm.

[Loose embroidery short-sleeved T-shirt]

More relaxed short-sleeved T-shirts, you can hide your little flesh meat ~ Ethnic embroidery this summer is very popular, the embroidery pattern is more delicate.


[Ethnic Sweet Pot Num-sleeved T-Shirt]

It is better to wear the classic round neck, look good, T-shirt style fashion with retro national wind, shoulder embroidery makes the original monotonic solid color more look.

[Ethnic Women’s Embroidery T-Shirt]


Ethnic or female embroidery T-shirt, classic round neck, embroidered pattern and disk buckle, full retro feel, simple retro design, simplicity reflects temperament, cotton and linen fabric breathable.

The above is the special ethnic and female embroidery T-shirt brought by Xiaobian.

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