Hospital Management Symposium, held in 2020 standardized portable blood glucose meter training sessions

Site News (Quality Management Department Xiaojun Xiang) October 15, 16, 2020, the hospital held portable blood glucose meter standardized management of special training will be. Chao Chien-min Hospital, vice president attended the training sessions. Quality Management Department, head of nursing department, the ward nurse, staff responsible for managing blood glucose meter, the operator total of nearly 200 people attended the training. Training chaired by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of quality management song song.

On the training opening ceremony, Chao Chien-min on the well hospitals care testing (POCT) standardized management work done work arrangements, he introduces the development trends of POCT POCT and the importance of good standardized management and on how to make our hospital standardized management of POCT conducted work arrangements.

Nursing director Lixin Xia to carry out POCT nurses with work done mobilization. In the training, Deputy Minister of Quality Management Department song song describes the specific arrangements for the work of the hospital standardized management of POCT to the participating health care provider. 2019 hospital blood glucose meter than in working for deployment, the dispersion of the original instant detection of the regulatory authority was integrated, unified responsibility of the Quality Management Department.

Subsequently, the endocrinology nurse Lee tolerance for a detailed explanation on a portable blood glucose meter and standardized the use of standardized blood collection. Lee tolerant detailed and vivid explanation so that every participant of the teachings have a deeper understanding. Biochemistry laboratory technician team leader Wang Meiying director introduced blood glucose meter and biochemistry than on a typical case, and personnel training with a summary of lessons learned in order to better complete the work after blood glucose testing. The last of music from a blood glucose meter manufacturers and engineers from high-strength Huayi Wang Chao glucose meter manufacturers engineers were spent on proper equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance were trained. On-site closed-book exam after the training.

In the future, hospitals will continue training and assessment work immediately detect hospital personnel as planned, it will be authorized by the assessment of the hospital. Hospital will be on the whole process of real-time detection equipment equipped, use and quality assurance regulation, to ensure standardization of running real-time inspection of the hospital. At the same time the whole process of POCT standardized management supervision, to ensure fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment services for patients.

[Source: Inner Mongolia Medical University]

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