Zisi sueds, ceramic pots, mahogany pots, you are greedy, hidden in white tea injured

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Many years ago, our white tea is still the first pack.

It is the box of the universal version of the white tea.

You can buy a package.

At that time, these packments, wadeders, thousands of miles, changed the car and changed the plane, when it came to the hands of the tea friends, basically, no longer the new look when packing.

Dust and full face, like a frost.

The corners are wear, the surface is dusty, and it is common.

One word, ugly.

And this tea, many times the tea friends are used in collecting – according to the requirements of the village, leave the wall, three-layer seal package, put on the bookshelf.

The problem is coming, who is the study, can you put this less than a new box?

This is too low.

So, the tea friends habitually habitually take this box as a general express box – receive other express, don’t you throw out the outer box?

After throwing out this ugly box, the tea friend looks at this bag of tea, it seems to be more ugly, the aluminum bag, the plastic bag, it seems extremely no grade, and the identity status does not match what.

Buy a variety of clay pot purple jar wooden box, put tea in, this, tall.

In the study, the more you look at it.

In those years, some white tea are all collected.


Until one day, there was a picture of a tea cheek to show me a picture.

Said, how about this jar bought back?

I am shocked.

This only thought that it would not, everyone suspected that my outer box is ugly, throwing out the outer box after receiving the goods, direct red fruit with plastic bags White tea?

I scared it on the spot.

Rapida, hair ring, tell you, white tea storage is three-layer packaging, the lack of layers are not good, the outer box is ugly, it is also the best protective barrier of white tea, can moisture waterproof to prevent sewer …

Although people are ugly, they are gentle.


It can’t be used in appearance, I feel that ugliness is decisive. This can throw the best protective barrier of white tea, and the Emperor Chongzhen destroyed the Great Wall, it is the same consequence.

After the promotion, everyone quickly went to the throwing box and found it back – did not find it back, I got a suitable box and put tea again.

This, carton, aluminum bag, plastic bag, three layers of packaging together, white tea is properly collected.

There is also a tea friend, too much mind, belonging to the type of heart, because the outer box sent by the village is very strong enough, and the tea is excellent, but it has not been unrestrained, I have made it a transformation.

The tea friends bought a beautiful wrapping paper, lattice, small floral, there should be, put the rough outer box, like a book, put a beautiful coat to the outer box.

Such boxes are placed on the bookshelf, placed in the living room, will only increase the light, will not fall.

That, I didn’t hear anything, the tea was odor, and I didn’t heard who’s white tea runs away.

A peaceful.


Last year, we suddenly discovered that because of the uglial ugly, because some of the outer boxes were most suitable for the tea, there was a part of the tea friends to throw out the outer box – just like throwing out the clothes.

Then, an outer box is redefined.

That is, in the original box used for transportation, an inner box is added.

The tea received, it is two outer boxes, like a Russian suit.

The outermost outer box, in the process of transportation, will definitely be wear, dust, everyone doesn’t like it, you can throw away.

In the inner layer of the outer box, we added a carton.

Used is the five-layer corrugated cardboard, the hardest type, the exit level. It is also printed on tea poem.

When everyone receives the goods, if the outer box is thrown, this in the inner box is still, the inner box can be with the plastic bag plastic bag, form three-layer packaging, properly put a solid protective barrier for white tea .

Let the tea leaves in the box, aluminum bag, and plastic bags, sleep well, and Chenhua is incomparable.

And, this inner box, still a design, not the ordinary leather carton.

The pattern and poems are printed above.

On the bookshelf, you can become a landscape.


Li Tianhua is designed, I am satisfied.

In fact, she also designed a more complex layout, but unfortunately, the printing factory can’t do it – according to the print factory, this is not, or if you draw it?

Is a box hand drawn? NO!

Li Tianhua is re-regenerating.


Until this year (2021), very little to hear tea with tea friends.

Three-layer packaging method, away from the wall, in our propaganda, household name.


Not only the tea friends know the hardware indicators stored in the white tea, but even many of the original packaging, small tea plants, small workshops, and the largest flow, follow the tea packages of their own home, changed to three layers.

It can take the power of a whole industry, and the village is smashed.

These years of bitterness, repeated emphasis, put themselves into a clear forest … fruit does not have a white fee.

And the white tea in these years, it can finally tell a paragraph.

However, the world always floats the gourd floating the scoop.


One wave is not flat, a wave is definitely.

When everyone knows that white tea is afraid of moist, some tea friends in the northern region, their tea, start running.

Yes, it is not a tide, not generating sourmei chocolate taste chocolate taste, etc., the strange flavor is generated after a humidity, but is running.

After a good end, white tea has been taken for a while (about four months to six months), the taste of the tea has changed.

Asked, did the box often open?

Reply, no, sealed.

Ask, how is the air humidity?

Reply, it is very dry.

Hey, it is so strange, I only have heard of the big change, how can I change the tea? Is there a box of white tea, stay there, no one moved, it can change the strange flavor, change the rating?

Which magician is this?


Later, I realized that it was a disaster of tea tanks.

They feel that the three-layer packaging is too much trouble, usually taking the tea is inconvenient, and a variety of tea cans.

Of course, this is not excluded because of its own interests, and each tea can manufacturer promotes the results of guidance.

In short, there is a part of the tea friends, no tea is sealed with aluminum bag plastic bag, and then put in the paper T box, they choose a beautiful tea can to store their baby tea.

These moves to the tea cans, there is no moisture, just running – in the dry north, I want to be tidy, it is very difficult – this makes the village of Fuzhou, the village of Fuzhou, the village of Fuzhou, is envious.

We need 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the air humidity can be reached, and the northern tea friends, the power of the blow, it is achieved.

We need to use the equipment, pay the high-spirited electricity bill, and the northern tea friends are relaxed.

People are more than people, it is really gas.

Just because of the air dryness of the city living in the city, these tea friends have released their hands and feet, put the tea into the jar.

The reason is nothing, usually drink tea, take tea with a jar, too convenient.

Who knows that the container itself is not easy to seal, so, this jar of tea, after four months, of course, natural, running.

The aroma is weakened, and the taste is also weak.

The tea friends will suspect that the tea itself has exceeded the standard, and in fact, it is only the tool to choose a tool.


This kind of sports, if it is just a starch, the taste is rating, and it does not generate a sour taste flavor, not anxious.

Find a set of three-layer packaging, reintegrating them, cutting all the slits of the carton to attach the transparent glue.

It has been sealed for two years, and the north is dry, and this tea is naturally turned back.


The runner of northern tea is different from the south.

While running in the South, it is often accompanied by tidal, plus temperature. Therefore, it is easy to generate a sour taste flavor.

The north is not hot, not hot, the tea after running is only a good agricultural condition, just like a person who wants to practice in the process of sleep, but he is asleep every time, it will be quarrel Wake up, I woke up if I fell, this couldn’t sleep, didn’t sleep, how to practice internal strength?

This person’s internal strength has been practicing, and the road to martial arts will pass.

White tea installed in a jar is like this.

Every time I started to Chenhua, I was opened, it was opened, and the outside air was poured in a lot. This tea wouldn’t want to Chen.

In this way, reciprocate, new intraquate, completely do not have time to accumulate.

Not only the new intracence is unable to generate, but those in the cells are stored in the cells, and they have gradually been decomposed with a large amount of air poured with a large amount of air, and there is something else.

This tea, the aroma is faded, and the taste is inexpensive.

Of course, this kind of runaned white tea, with its own dryness, there is a white tea, which is light after a period of time, their oligomers, the degree and effect, or completely different.

After a dry degree of dryness, Chenhua, after a period of time, the extra water branch within the cells ran out of the strange, stop the age of tea, and accelerate the redox reduction of tea, let this tea mildew, acid, to form chocolate, etc. .

While it is just a white tea that is just running, it does not generate sour, chocolate flavor, it is only fragrant, and the soup is no longer thick, just like a person who is thin, the five senses is still, but the meat is gone.




There is a good day for good tea.

Autumn with sunshine is a good season.


In this Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone will take a long time to take a long time.

I have carefully deprecated tea, how is it?

In the afternoon of clear sky, I bubble them.


It’s hard to comfort.

Since ancient times, the autumn is sorrow, I said the Spring Disease.

Clear air is on the clouds, and the poetry is in terms of tits.

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