House decoration, how to choose latex mattresses? Pay attention to 5 points do not fall

Home renovation, why are so many people choose a latex mattress? That’s because it’s a lot!

In addition to soft and flexible, laterally, there is no noise and vibration, no matter how it is turned over, but also breathable, anti-mosquito.

How to choose latex mattress? Let’s take a look ~

Look: Natural latex is under the light, not reflective, like the skin, there will be wrinkled, not pure white

Wen: Natural latex has a touch of milk flavor


Touch: Natural latex touch is similar to the skin, the touch is delicate, will not fare


搓: 搓 搓 胶 with your fingers, don’t cut


Recognition: It is considered to be Germany ECO certification, only 32 factories in the world will be considered, and the natural latex content can be as high as 95.1%.

How to choose latex mattress density?


75-85D: Soft hard


> 85D: Hard

How to choose the thickness of the latex mattress?


5cm or 7.5cm: put it on the brown pad; the elderly, teenagers use this thickness

7.5cm or 10cm: young people, middle-aged people


10cm or 15cm: use directly on the wooden board

My family started from ARPICO Sri Lanka pure imported natural latex mattresses, this brand has been more than 80 years, or is quite trustworthy.

Arpico is imported by Sri Lanka finished product, and the mattress is also included in the house, and the collection of the original liquid to the production plant is controlled within 24 hours. When you purchase, you should pay attention to some brands are imported by the original liquid. It will add ammonia as a preservation agent, it is harmful substance.


Arpico is not only ECO certification, but also passed organic latex Gols certification, raw materials are organic planted, only 4 in the whole industry, saying it is the “Hermes” in the latex mattress, it is not exaggerated ~ Also passed 7 international authorities were tested, and the layers of protection were more assured.

The beauty of the recent intended to decorate or prepare for the latex mattress, I feel that it can be used to collect it ~

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