For them to take a shower for free, Fuyang this team is too good.

Take a bath for the elderly, it is not difficult, but how to make a late child in the bed, it is not easy to take a bath in the most comfortable environment. This is not easy. This is a public welfare team – Fuyang Blue Sky is the old service center. They drive more than 24 towns (streets) in the whole district (street) has accumulated more than 2,000 times, and serve more than 100 people in the old man, and their families. Bring the most practical help. Recently, the reporter followed Xu Zhiying, Jin Hong Ling and Liu Yun came to the Senuch of Xu, a newly wash in the Xinxuan Tang Village, Fuyang District.

A set of inflatable baths, a bath towel, buffet and protection of privacy.

Xu Mai is 88 years old this year, because of the bed bedroom for more than 10 years, is taken from the only daughter-in-law. However, daughter-in-law has diabetes, and these years have been greatly better than before. “The mother-in-law’s block is much bigger than the daughter-in-law. It usually rubs your body, but let the daughter-in-law take the bathroom to take a bath, and let the son come to wash, the mother is not willing, so the bath has always been a big problem. Xu Zhiying told reporters. But after Xu Zhiying came, it was basically solved after Xu Zhiying. The bathroom comes with a set of inflatable baths, so that the elderly don’t have to move, lying on their own bed can take a shower. “Grandma, you relax, we will turn over.” During the speech, Jin Hong Ling and Liu Yun took a fever to the milk milk, and then turned over, gently loot, Xu Xiaoyeded it in this special In the bath. Then, the air pump starts working, and “” sounds. Standing in Jinhong Ling in Xu Milk Bed, said: “Grandma, you don’t fear, it will be charged immediately.” The bath is filled into a small bed with a pillow. Xu Zhiying took out a pink large bath towel from the bag and covered in Xu Mai. Don’t underestimate this bath towel, it is because of this layer, the old man is alleviated in many eyes. Next, the bathroom is undressed by Xu Mai, rubbing the body, flushing, etc., all under the bath towel, not in the face of the old man’s body, retain dignity for the elderly.

During the bath, Jin Hong Ling will give the elderly to massage the body and constantly ask the feelings of the elderly. “Is this water temperature comfortable?” “This is not heavy?” “It is uncomfortable here.” This communication can not only understand the situation in the old man in real time, but also make the elderly unloaded tight emotions. I took a shower, unload the inflatable bath, changed the clean clothes, and the shades of my milk showed a smile. “I am looking forward to you now.”

However, things have not finished yet, Jin Hong Ling took the old man’s hand’s foot nails in the water, quickly found the scissors to help her. Looking at the bed, the pole laughed and rushed to Xu Grandma and her daughter, and rushed to the home of the next old man. “In the first door, many families and old people will have concerns, but they will experience it once, they will agree to continue service, because we don’t just have professional technology, but also to protect the elderly as an important step.” Xu Zhiying said.

Behind the bath, “pay attention” is a lot. Xu Zhiying is the founder of Fuyang Blue Sky for the Old Service Center. This year, Lei Feng, this newspaper reported her: pay tribute! This Fuyang people are doing this in 26 years!

Helping the elderly is part of Xu Zhiying’s public welfare action. “In the early days, I found that in the process of visiting the elderly, Fuyang has a lot of elderly people like Xu Grandma. Their bathing problem plagues family, I think, if Fuyang has such a specialized buffet organization, perhaps can solve Many problems. “But think about it, it is difficult to do it, first take a bath for the elderly, it is difficult to fill Xu Zhiying. Under the guidance of the relevant staff of the District Civil Affairs Bureau, she found a group of people who are willing to work in pension services, and they lead them their training courses to participate in pension guards. “I understand the class, I originally gave a bath to the elderly ‘a lot of places.” For example, the bathman has to check room temperature and the physical condition of the elderly. If it is winter, then you have to go to the elder in advance. In the middle, open air conditioners or they own the heaters. In addition, the bath personnel will also wear disposable medical gloves to protect the elderly and protect themselves. In addition, in the bath object, some elderly people need to disinfect the elderly because they have a catheter after surgery, or with a collar bag. Because the objects of the buffet are old people with basic diseases. Their safety is most important, Xu Zhiying will contact the hospital in advance, once unexpected, the ambulance person will be in place.

At present, Fuyang Blue Sky has more than 120 boat objects for the old service center fixed service, and some temporary joys buffet objects, while the full-time bathroom personnel have only 7 people, and 5 of them holds a senior pension care certificate. 2 people hold intermediate pension care certificates. “We divided into three sets of action, in addition to full-time staff, there are also some part-time, each group generally 3 people, at least 3 afterno-time time in the first week,” Xu Zhiying told reporters.

Such a team, the province is rare. In July 2019, Xu Zhiying’s bundled buys project successfully declared the urban two-level public welfare venture capital project, which was investigated by the government by 150,000 yuan, which greatly alleviated the difficult problem of funds. “Take a bath to help the bathroom subsidy is 60 yuan, and there are fare, bath supplies, equipment fees, etc. It’s enough. In Xu Zhiying and players, the bath is not only to take a shower for the elderly. They treat every old man with the attitude of “old old and human old”. “No one knows this time the bath will not be the last time, we hope that every old man is clear and refreshing, the body faces.” Xu Zhiying said. Not long ago, a 87-year-old man who had once helped the bath just passed away, and Xu Zhiying was impressed by the scene of the last buffet of the elderly. Since the old man is not defeated in a month, the face is very poor, the belly is hard, lying on the bed full of eyes. In the process of taking a bath for the elderly, Xu Zhiying and their teammates have made a massage for the elderly, and even helped the old people to defend. Xu Zhiying said: “Maybe others will feel dirty, but our bather will not, this is our duty.”

“It’s like this to do a good job in the help of the old man to help the elderly.” However, there is still a lot of Fuyang to do this special elderly group. ” At present, the number of disabled elders in Fuyang’s difficult families is thousands, and the bathroom needs are very large. “This work satisfies the most basic life needs of the old man, which is critical to improving their happiness, but the current professional lack, social power is thin, and the efforts of everyone needed.” Director of the Pension Service Guidance Center of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Fuyang District Hu Weidong said.

[Source: Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau _ civil affairs dynamic]

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