Inventory Xiaomi is the most happy adult man who is happy to feel happy.

All the “Big Boys” of the love hand, if there is no such a fine tool, the fun of toss is at least half. Xiaomi products, it seems that we understand the big boy of our love, launched a lot of men exclusive “small toys” – a wide variety of electric tools.

From the electric screwdriver to the electric drill, electric hammer, electric polishing machine, electric angle grinder, electric hot melt gun, even there is a chainsaw and a hedge, which is a hardware supermarket, and all kinds of “toys” fully meet various DIY. toss. Take everyone today, take some inventory, Xiaomi has the most worthy of the best, high cost power tool, I don’t know if you can make you feel happy.


Recommended 1: Mijia Brushless Smart Home Electric Diamond Happy Index: ★★★★ ☆


This rice-free brushless smart household electric drill is designed with a machine and electrical integration, and there is no spark. The motor is small, low noise, high power conversion, no need to replace carbon brush, longer service life. Have high-definition display, display the current operating mode machine manual gear digit number in real time. Three mode of operation, press the bottom button at the bottom of the display, you can switch.

The continuation of rice screwdriver products consistently simple design style, the body lines are smooth, and there is no screws in the surface. With metal paint + UV-free paint two surface processes, showing high-grade matte metal texture, scratch resistant dirt, whole machine adopts PC + ABS high-strength engineering plastic, and the latter half is passed by mist surface TPU soft rubber, more post Holding the hands of Asian hand-shaped grip to make grip more comfortable.

Recommended 2: Mijia Electric Screwdriver Happy Index: ★★★★ ☆

Mijia This electric screwdriver uses integrated cordless portable design, 2000mAh large-capacity battery, easy to start, won the German IF Industrial Design Award. Use strong magnetic motor to provide 5N.m large torque, lamp, large home, electrical appliances and other easy installations. Separate battery shell design, using flame retardant material, safety insulation. Patented integrated design, no screws, beautiful and reliable.


The texture is warm and the grip is comfortable. Innovative three-speed commutation knob, can be operated in one hand. With 12 high-quality S2 alloy steel batches, high precision bite, with 60mm additional extension rods, short for spaced spaces with poor viewing, to meet most of their families. With 3 annular LED light strips, clear lighting. Overall storage, easy to carry, convenient to take.

Recommended three: GreenWorks multi-function electric grinder happy index: ★★★★


This first self-lock design, shutdown is lock, fast and convenient. Cancel the lock shaft button to prevent misconduct, give you peace of mind. Small and medium-sized wooden carvings, olive engraving, literature cleaning, peeled, small drilling, can be used for wood, jade carving, nuclear carving, bone carving, stone carving.

High-volume battery continuously, electricity display is clear, 1000mAh large-capacity battery, full power can continue to work for about 40 minutes, LED display, gear, electricity, six-speed speed, different creation scene, gear position Visit in real time. 80W high-power high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, self-contained blade-based cooling system, long-term durable.

Recommended four: wowstick lithium mini hot melt rubber brush happy index: ★★★ ☆

This hot melt adhesive pen uses a small portable design, the head is using a magnetic warehouse cover, which is convenient to use smoothly. Hidden storage can easily store 3 rubber bars and prevent loss with it. The shell is wrapped with a custom insulation protective sleeve, and the bottom is provided with a security lock. Everyday use is safer.

Customized copper mouth with thermal components, 15 seconds high-efficiency, quick heat, smooth and automatic constant temperature, think you enjoy DIY fun. Built-in 2000mAH lithium battery, once a charge for a long time, long-lasting is 2 hours, and it is easy to use. Humanized Type-C charge interface, it is easy to compatibility with most of the mobile phone rechargers on the market, which is more convenient to follow.

Recommended 5: AKKU Ank 20V Lithium Electric Repair Saw Job: ★★★ ☆

Xiaomi products on the new AKKU Ank 20V lithium electrogrammed saw AK1761, multi-scene cut wood, metal, PVC, gift 4 saw blade, 20V lithium electricity, 2000mAh large capacity, guarantee 60min long-lasting battery, small and light, labor efficient.


High-strength self-locking chuck, ensuring that the saw strips will not fall off, adjustable to the mountains, make the operation more stable. It can be used to cut the wood column within 20 cm, the trees, or the metal outdoor cable within 6mm, and the water pipe plastic tube within 4 cm, and the PVC pipe is easily set.


Recommended six: Duke multi-function temperature control hot air gun HG-1 happy index: ★★★ ☆

This is an entry-level hot air equipment, which is more suitable for amateur repair and DIY enthusiasts. It has energy saving and power saving mode, saving up to 40%. The operating temperature can be divided into five gears, and set between 80 ° C to 650 ° C. With the digital temperature control system, the set temperature is always constant, not affected by the air volume setting and the nozzle used.

Suitable for pigment / paint removal, plastic parts improvement, automotive machine packaging, film, plastic welding operation, cable contraction, bolt release, carriage repair operation and pipeline flange formation.



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