46 free iron shirts, these 16 brand samples are worse than “name is not true”

Save time, good care. It has always been treated with special processes, and it is possible to slowly recover from the flat-free shirt after washing. Does the exact shirt really “name of the name”? On June 13, the Tianjin Consumer Association issued a hot shirt comparison test results. The results showed that 46 pieces of brand-free shirt samples, 22 free iron shirt samples have different problems. Among them, a total of 16 brands of washing is different from the washing level and after washing, the wrinkles are not nature requirements, and the brand involved is Bosideng, Jeep Spirit, FFLX / extraordinary leader, gxg, etc. It is worth paying attention to Bonnte Bo Ni, the two brands of the woodpecker have been detected by the formaldehyde content.

This free shirt compares the test sample, from the Municipal Consumers Association staff, 315 volunteers in Tianjin shopping mall store and online shopping platform randomly purchased 46 brands free shirts. Entrusted the “China Commercial Federation Needle Woven Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Test Center (Tianjin)” for testing. Test indicators involve instructions, fiber content, formaldehyde content, odor, whole hot, water washing size change rate, wrinkles before washing and wrinkles after washing (collar, pocket, ear sleeves, door stylus, sash, bottom) After washing, the appearance is flat and the seam is flat.

16 pieces of sample wrinkles are ungenerated

This comparative trial was tested against the wrinkles. According to reports, the wrinkle stage difference was 5 nine gears. The 5th level is best, the first level is the worst, and the sample collar, pockets, ear sleeves, door stylus, swing, bottom side.

46款免烫衬衫大比拼 这16个品牌样品起皱级差“名不副实”

In the test, in 24 express GB / T2660-2017 “shirt” samples, nominal brands are “Anos, Shimibu ten meters, Arctic velvet, open, Yale, Jeepspirit, FFLX / extraordinary leader” 7 sample washing The front wrinkle-resistant difference does not match the standard requirements; nominal brands are “GXG, Bosideng, HongxiangDou, Shimibu ten meters, Arctic velvet, open, Yale, Jeep Spirit, FFLX / extraordinary leader” 9 sample washing after washing meet the standards.

46款免烫衬衫大比拼 这16个品牌样品起皱级差“名不副实”

Rich, Romon water is not qualified

Wash-size change ratio mainly assess the size of the water shirt after washing, is an important indicator for assessing the performance of the free iron shirt. In the 46 samples of this comparative trial, the 6-piece water-washing rate of “Caiziyijia, Fuji, Krecy, First Tune, Yale, Romon” does not meet the standard requirements.

Bonnte Bob Ni, Woodpecker Formaldehyde content exceeded

The use of formaldehyde as a reactant can increase the durability of the auxiliary in the textile, particularly fabric, wrinkle, and anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-contrast. However, these textiles and their products are in the process of processing, wearing or use, the formaldehyde on the product will have a negative effect on the human body, and the respiratory mucosa and skin have a strong stimulation of respiratory tract imaging and skin inflammation through human respiratory tract and skin contact. Therefore, the formaldehyde content on the textile is limited, and the manufacturer of protecting textiles and apparel has important significance.

46款免烫衬衫大比拼 这16个品牌样品起皱级差“名不副实”

According to reports, mandatory national standards GB L8401-2010 specify that products directly contacting the skin should at least B requirements. Class B formaldehyde content ≤75 mg / kg. In this comparative test sample, the symmetric brand “Bonnte BoT, Woodpecker” is not compliant with standard requirements.

In addition, the comparative test results also show that the samples of 5 samples labeled “PengulnPrince, Fair Rabbit Childe, Love Cat, Hongxiangdou, Yaer” are not compatible with the measured value.

46款免烫衬衫大比拼 这16个品牌样品起皱级差“名不副实”

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Wei

Author: ArticleManager