Beautiful and cute girls Korean woolen princess dress knitting, drawing

From the Internet, this dress was attracted, carefully studied that there is not a complexity of the flower shape, so I will get a piece with the sample line.

Wire; cashmere purple 4 shares

2.2 Hiroshima


Size; 114CM, bust 28cm * 2, length 41cm long, dress is close to 120cm.

The model is about 90cm, thin, and the BB wear is a bit big.

I am a mother who wants the model owner to provide height, head circumference, shoulder to the length of the knee,

Specifically she threw data, no, I won’t know, I don’t know where the length is worn.


However, this size hook is also suitable for girls around 110cm.


Description; the unit flower is a piece of spell,

6cm diameter after the unit is washed (the distance between the diagonal two dog teeth)

Press 4446 to connect the cell flower,


4 sets of shells after the shell (6 shells, add 1 shell), continued 2 sets of shells, end sleeves,

After the lap is pending 1 + 1, the 8 sets of shells are finished after the shell.




The manuscript comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please private letter! Thank you for sharing! Love life loves to weave!

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