Takani Smart trash can T1, one gesture is done, and the garbage is also very elegant.

Takani Smart trash can T1, one gesture is done, and the garbage is also very elegant.

In daily life, we will make various garbage. The traditional trash can has been dirty after a long time, especially the trash can in the living room. It feels very affecting the aesthetics of the living room. The guests at home will feel very faceless, and they use dirty trash cans for a long time. Taste.

In fact, all kinds of home products are gradually realized, and the trash can. Takani Smart Trash T1 T1 is such a very convenient product. Let ’s take a look at it.

In terms of appearance, it does have a very good design style. The solid color design has achieved a very simple and fashionable effect, especially the white, which can be said to be fashionable and versatile.

After putting it at home, there will be no sense of disobedience. Its size is quite satisfactory, and the appearance does not look too large, but the capacity inside is not small, reaching 15.5 liters. For ordinary families, it is also a relatively large volume.

In terms of keys, a circular button and an infrared sensor are embedded in the front of the product to achieve the function of automatic opening.

On the back of the product, there is a switch button, and the interface of a power adapter.

Takuyu Smart Trash T1 did not use that particularly large logo brand logo, just printed a brand LOGO on the top cover. A unique exhaust fan is also designed on this product.

The product has undergone frosted treatment, and the bottom of the bottom with silicone non -slip can bring strong stability. Knowing the appearance, what is the actual performance? Come and try its intelligent black technology.

It has a sensing open cover function, and the smart photoelectric sensor is equipped with a 35 cm distance induction. It can be seen that in normal use, no stuck will appear at all. It can quickly open the lid, and the switching process is quite soft, and there will be no surprise.

In daily life, I hate packing and changing garbage bags. Many garbage is inside, and I have to endure the smell of smelly. So after using this product, the most powerful thing I feel is the one -click package and automatic bag change function.

There is a circular buttons on the front of the trash can. After three seconds of long press, the garbage inside can be automatically packaged. After the packaging is completed, it will automatically put a new bag. The whole process is very fast, and we do not need to do it at all.

In addition to these, many details in the smart trash can make people feel very satisfied. There is a heavy sensor. If we usually put too much garbage, then when packing, it will usually automatically extend the length of the garbage bag and then pack it. question. There will be a fan with a fan, so the bag is more fitted with the trash can, making the space inside greater. It is estimated that many people are more curious about how this trash can complete the packaging task.

In fact, a special copper thread and pole are designed here. When the packaging is needed, the copper wire inside will be heated, thereby improving the temperature at the interface, and then directly achieve the role of packaging garbage with a pole.

The whole process does not need to do it at all. For such a black technology trash can, the baby also likes it. This does not start to explore as soon as he arrived at home.

After using it for a while, I really fell in love with this trash can. It is very convenient and intelligent. It can be automatically packed, automatically changing bags, and can feel the switch. With a stylish shape, it is really my obsessive -compulsive disorder+cleanliness disease. Good tools.

Quality garbage bin product recommendation: 12L round smart trash bin.

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