Designed for women, the eyebrows of the eyebrow anti -frowning beauty instrument make you more beautiful and confident

Designed for women, the eyebrows of the eyebrow anti -frowning beauty instrument make you more beautiful and confident

Some time ago, my friend celebrated his birthday, and he didn’t think of what should be given a gift to a friend for a long time. If you buy flowers, although it looks good, it is not practical; if you buy jewelry, you may have some outdated and there is nothing new. Just on the Internet, I saw the eyebrow radio frequency resistance. I have been using his razor and hair dryer products, and I have a high favorability for the eyebrow products. Therefore, I put an order for the first time I started this eyebrow -like anti -frown anti -beauty product as a gift to my friends. From the perspective of the experience, this product is very functional, very practical and easy to use, so I will share with you this product.

In terms of packaging, the eyebrows of the eyebrows are blue and pink color matching combinations. From the perspective of the box, it is known that this is a product tailor -made for women. The front of the box is the product name, and the English logo of the eyebrows is below. On the side of the box, it is the propaganda of the eyebrow product, “Let you know more about loving yourself.”

The eyebrow radio frequency anti -beauty instrument is in the packaging box, which contains a fir -fir -firing anti -Anti -beauty beauty instrument host. One inductive charging base also contains a velvet bag, charging cable and instructions.

After getting the eyebrow anti -beauty beauty product, the start test was conducted as soon as possible. First of all, the entire body adopted a pink design with a very discussion of women. Holding it in your hand, the feel is very comfortable, and the weight is well controlled. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not feel tired.

Being eyebrow radio frequency anti -Beauty face instrument is a multi -functional product. It integrates RF beautiful face+micro -electrical beauty+import instrument+ice -coated beauty+colorful beauty instrument and other functions. A beauty instrument is equivalent to buying five different functions of beauty instruments. At least in terms of function and price, buying the eyebrow radio frequency anti -frown beauty instrument is really more value.

When it comes to the eyebrow anti -beauty beauty instrument is a multifunctional beauty instrument product, then the main part of this product must be mentioned. There are different lights in different modes.

For example, in the full care mode and anti -wrinkle anti -skin exchange mode, the massage head will emit red light. Its working principle is that the red light with a wavelength of 630nm has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source, and uniform energy density. Red light can improve cell activity, promote cell metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, promote collagen proliferation, thereby increasing skin elasticity. Lighting melanin is the bright and bright skin.

When the eyebrows of the eyebrow radio frequency are in the working mode of tiring and calmness, blue light will be emitted. The blue light of 415nm can be calm, removes acne, and is suitable for oily and acne skin


At the same time, it can regulate the secretion of skin glandular body, effectively eliminate acne and have the effect of firming.

​在须眉射频抗皱美颜仪的中间设有一个LED显示屏,每当我们切换工作模式的时候,屏幕会显示相应的模式,且同时发出语音提示,告诉你现在是什么模式,当结束后, There will also be a prompt to stop nursing, which is more humane.

Below the display is the only two physical buttons of this product. The buttons above are very easy to understand. The key button is turned on. At the same time, it is a button for mode switching. For bits, you can switch English and Chinese mode.

The bottom of the eyebrow radio frequency antisites -whitening instrument is the introduction of data parameters such as product model, rated power, rated work voltage, charging voltage, etc. The eyebrow radio frequency resistance reaches the waterproof level of IPX6. This product has a design. I like it better. In, the eyebrow anti -beauty beauty instrument uses an inductive wireless charging. When charging, you only need to put the eyebrow radio frequency anti -frown beauty instrument into the inductive charging base to charge. It is very convenient.

The back of the fuselage of the fuselage of the eyebrows of the eyebrow radio frequency is relatively simple. A conductive bar is designed at the holding place. Its main function is to introduce microcircular import and form a current circuit through the human body and instruments.

Anti -wrinkle skin exchange mode, the set care time is 10 minutes. It is a radio frequency care mode. Before nursing, it is necessary to make makeup remover and clean the skin. Is the correct way to use. It is still recommended that you use the instruction manual after using the instruction manual as much as possible before using it to avoid unnecessary damage.

Eye lifting and lifting firming mode uses micro -current care methods. The nursing time is 5 minutes and 10 minutes. It should be noted that according to the official use method, it will be more conducive to achieve skin care effect.

There is a velvet bag. When we use the perfection instrument, we can put it in a puffy bag to play a protective role. At the same time, after putting in a puffy bag and putting it in the backpack we use in our daily use, we can get to it. It is also very convenient to take care.

When used for the first time, there will be a feeling of fever and slight electric shocks. Later, I realized that it was the working principle, and it was only like the nursing mode of the skin. After using it for a while, it is really better to find that the skin is better than before. I believe that if it is used for a long time, the skin will definitely get better and better.


The eyebrows of the eyebrow radio frequency anti -beauty beauty instrument are a beauty product that integrates radio frequency, micro -current, red light, blue light, and ice. First of all, its versatility will become the first choice for many women, plus the clever color and appearance design, as well as voice prompts, wireless charging and other characteristics, making this product more attractive to female consumers. If you are also a beauty love Women, don’t look at this product.

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