Xiaomi Youpin 816 New Smart Pet West Intelligent temperature control+sleep monitoring

Xiaomi Youpin 816 New Smart Pet West Intelligent temperature control+sleep monitoring

For modern people, pets have become an indispensable family in our lives. Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has the latest crowdfunding of a smart cat nest, integrating intelligence, security, and fun. It abandons the concept of traditional cat nests, equipped with a mobile phone app to detect pet state in real time Adjust and put the pets with micro -care.

This cat’s nest uses the fashionable space cabin shape, and the stability of the triangle overcomes the defects that are easy to overwhelmed by similar products before. At the same time, the cat’s multiple export design meets the cat’s nature, and it also avoids the danger of suffocation caused by the only export of the cat’s dumping. Once you are dumped, you don’t panic. The bottom of the space cabin is equipped with a sensing sensing device. Once the cat’s nest is tilted or left, the mobile app can be reminded. Light control is also added to the cabin, and seven lights are adjusted with lightness, so that pets that are alone at home will not suffer from darkness.

This cat’s nest can not only control temperature, but also provide temperature setting suggestions for the new pet owner to help pets comfortable to spend the heat and cold. Not only that, unlike the wood and fabric materials used in ordinary cat nests, this cat’s nest material has chosen injection molding parts that are not easy to mold and deformation, and the new design refrigeration system, even if the southern humid weather, the surface will not be exposed during refrigeration. Essence Fundamentally avoided skin diseases that pets will cause in humidity. The bottom of the smart nest is equipped with the Whist Tong bridge, which can accurately monitor and record pet activities and sleep data in real time. Its health can be followed at any time through the mobile app.

Under the premise of satisfying home aesthetics, the cat’s nest is designed to be removed. The shoveling officers no longer have to worry about the cleaning of the cat’s nest. Even if the hair is sticky, it can be easily cleaned. The cat’s nest can be separated up and down, which is easy to clean, reducing the difficulty of the cat’s nest cleaning. And in terms of structure, it can be used alone on the top and below, and can also be used as a pet place and entertainment venue for pets; three entry and exit round corners design to protect pet safety; The advantages of cleaning; the embrace design in the cabin gives pets everywhere in the owner’s warmth; large -capacity design allows pets to have a physical space.

With so many functions, it costs electricity? The pet space compartment uses intelligent energy consumption design, which greatly reduces the power consumed. Use only half -electricity a day. Let pets also be trending with a trend, and the new product is in Xiaomi with crowdfunding.

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