What challenges do stainless steel fluids face?

What challenges do stainless steel fluids face?

At present, major banks have increased the approval of financing of steel trade enterprises and even stopped loans. The guarantee company and steel dealers maintain a distance of respect and even become pale. With the continuous downturn in the stainless steel fluid pipe market, it is not impossible to restrict loans to steel trading companies in the future. As far as the banking industry is concerned, there is no loan to steel merchants at all, which means that a large number of steel merchants have closed down, and the bad debts of the banking industry will definitely increase significantly. However, continuing lending is a wayless path.

Today, many steel merchants are considering transformation, but the so -called transformation is even more irreversible. The reason why some stainless steel fluid pipe traders escape is not so much the result of macro -control, it is the result of transformation.

What about the future? According to statistics, the prices of stainless steel fluid pipes in May this year decreased by about 14%year -on -year, and even declined. In the second half of last year, the banking industry’s loan interest on steel merchants was as high as 18%(average), and the high interest loan of steel merchants was as high as annual and 30%higher. The repayment and interest payment burden was extremely heavy.

Under this pressure, many small and medium -sized steel traders chose to leave the steel industry, accounting for about 15%, and about 30%of traders have stopped business. Most of the rest of the stainless steel fluid market are blocked. According to surveys and statistics, the continuous weak market has reduced the industry confidence index of steel traders to the bottom.

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