TCM acupuncture to treat dry eyes, choose these 11 acupuncture points

TCM acupuncture to treat dry eyes, choose these 11 acupuncture points

We do a lot of things in life, such as using computers, iPads, mobile phones, etc., often need to use eyes; enter places with strong light and dry air, often affect our eyes, as well There are other systemic diseases, which will also stubbornly aggravate the health of the eye.

The problem that is easy to appear is:

Dry eyes.

The following situation occurs

3 types

You need to attract attention, appear

5 species

The following situations need to be seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Eye symptom

Eyes are easy to fatigue, dry eyes, friction; white eyes;

Frequent eyelids are sinking; unknown reasons for the eyes are continuous discomfort;

Itchy eyes; the vision has clouds and mist;

There is a sense of dizziness for light; the reason is unknown to tears;

Eyes pain; eyes are easy to red.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats dry eye, not only focuses on the eyes, but also takes all -round therapy. In addition to stimulating the production of tears, the needle can improve blood circulation and immune function.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, needle therapy can help patients with eye to regulate their physical functions, achieve the lungs and kidneys, balance yin and yang, and improve their physical condition as a whole. After improving the symptoms of yin deficiency, the relevant symptoms can be relieved.

(The data comes from clinical studies jointly carried out by the Singapore Ophthalmology Research Institute and Singapore Chunghwa Hospital. The Chinese Hospital recruited 150 volunteers aged 40 to 85 to participate in the study. They are all slight and moderate -eye patients. )

TCM acupuncture to treat dry eye selection points–

Main points: Baihui, Eye Ming, Zhuzhu, Sun, Si Bai, Fengchi, Hegu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Taixi, Taichong.

Case Studies

Mr. Chen

42 years old

Senior managers in Shenzhen Real Estate Industry

The dry eyes are very serious, the eyes are unbalanced, the cornea epithelium is severely damaged, and the cornealitis, shallow cornea ulcers and other conditions occur. Almost all cornea becomes “froster glass”. After examination, the vision is only 0.5 and 0.6. Mr. Chen’s illness was very serious, which caused 5 months to fail


Work, it is also invalid after dripping eye water. When he came, his eyes were closed, and his eyes could not open. His wife was held into the clinic. After 10 days of treatment, he went to work after a course of treatment.

Dr. Zhao Jianhao, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hima Ophthalmology Hospital, subsequently gave Mr. Chen with three courses of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine ion import, thorns bleeding, wandering can and electric massage.

After a course of treatment, Mr. Chen can go to work normally after the treatment is obviously improved. The three courses are completed with a break, which is basically normal.

Ms. Yang

56 years old

Both eyes itchy red thorns and tears have decreased by 2 months. After investigation, the eyesight of both eyes fell to only 0.5. The conjunctiva of the two eyes is significantly congested, the ciliary congestion, the corneal epithelium of the eyes is filled with dysfunction and the invasion of the lesions. Eye disease, when a corneal lesion is generated, it reaches moderate or severity).

Dr. Zhao Jianhao’s Chinese medicine discern: Shenshui is dry, astrochamction, dialectic dislikes: lung and stomach heat, epidemic fever, injury, injury. Treatment: clearing heat and detoxifying and dispersion, analgesic. Review after treatment: The double -cornea epithelium is filled with a dyeing and invasion of the stove, disappearing like a magical manner. The cornea is transparent. Conjunctival congestion also diminished. After four courses of treatment, Ms. Yang’s tear film ruptured for 10 seconds. Both eyes have 1.0. Basic cure.

Remind everyone to prevent dry eye, and keep in mind when using electronic products. Keep your diet light, get up early and get up early, feel happy, avoid excessive brain, and exercise properly. Pay attention to adding sleep time and conditioning physical and mental health.

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