What is the significance of three claws, four -claws, and six -claw diamond ring? Don’t send it wrong

The shining of diamonds depends on 4C, and its inlay process is also one of the indispensable elements that highlight the brilliant diamond. Different diamond inlaid processes can better display the style of the wearer. Let’s share the meaning of various claws inlaid with diamonds.


1. Three -claw setting

Represents “I Love You”, and the triangle state of the three -point structure is the most stable, which contains mutual admiration and is indestructible.


According to the third letter “C” in the 26 letters, it is equivalent to “Care” in English, which means “care”. Care.

2. Four claws inlaid

Represents the love of “lifetime”. According to the fourth letter “D” in the 26 letters, it is equivalent to “Digest” in English, which means “understanding”.

In love, when we always have emotions, we need to be tolerant and understanding each other. At the same time, in the marriage life, the status of the two people must be performed as symmetrical and build a warm love harbor together.

3. Six claws inlaid

Almost everyone knows that the six -claw diamond ring is a classic in all the classics in all diamond rings, and the meaning of the six -claw diamond ring symbol is little known. What is the symbolic significance of the six -claw diamond ring?

Moral one: From a professional perspective, claw setting is one of the few inlays that can maximize the beauty of jewelry to the greatest extent. The claws are most exquisite with six claws and four claws. , But it’s not an exaggeration. Therefore, six claws mean a perfect, sending couples to the perfect lover.


Moral two: Six -claw inlaid is a crown inlaid. Wearing it is the other party holding you in the palm of the palm and deemed it as a princess. According to the sixth alphabet “Free” of the 26 letters, it means freedom, which means that in love and marriage, the other party should give the other party’s right and maintain the right to keep secrets.

Moral three: Six -claw diamond ring is known for eternal love token. It is a “diamond ring in the diamond ring”. It is designed with simple and generous, but it is perfect, because the six -claw structure makes it perfect from which angle, and six of them are perfect, and six are six, and six are six, and six are six, and six of them are perfect, and six of them are perfect, and six of them are perfect, and six of them are perfect, and six of them are perfect, and six are six, and they are perfect. The shape of the paw looks like a tray with diamonds in the middle. This structure makes the diamond particularly conspicuous and firm. And the six -claw part and the ring arm are hollow, making it look more layered, more inlet, so that the diamond is more shining. At the same time, it also means to protect love firmly.

Moral four: The six -claw diamond ring has also been given a very romantic meaning. Its six claws mean responsibility, commitment, tolerance, trust, care, and cherish. Every woman wants to be cared and loved by her lover. In marriage, a happy marriage requires a lot of factors to maintain it. The diamond meaning is long, and it is also hope that marriage can last long. It is indispensable.

4, group inlaid diamond

The inlaid diamond ring is a atmospheric promise of “love you all to fall in love with you”.

Love in the world needs to go through bumps to ultimately combine it. The group inlaid means that the love of the two sides is bits and bit, and the heart is together. No matter how much love is, it will not be crowded.


For a woman, happiness is not only in the heart, but also to have a diamond ring for a lover to propose, which is an extremely happy thing.

Whether it is the three -claw “I love you”, or the love of the four -claw “life”, or the infinite love of the five claws, or the six -claw “the other party holds you in the palm of the palm, regards it as a princess,” or The atmospheric promise of “love you to fall in love with you” is an indispensable and important part of the wedding.

The ring is not only the token of love, but also the beginning of a woman’s important time, and it is a symbol of the maturity of men, so we cannot ignore this important link.

Love is the long -term companion of life, and the ring is the confirmation of the love of the two people in this life.


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