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Regarding the classification, protection principle of particulate matter (dust), and the protection of particulate matter (dust) in the previous issue

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The introduction has been introduced. Today we mainly introduce anti -virus masks/masks. In addition, dust mask/mask (suitable for dust and powder chemical poisons, such as sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, etc.) and the method of protecting masks (3M data).


Anti -toxic mask/mask is a special labor insurance product for protecting personnel’s respiratory system. It is generally composed of filter boxes or tanks and masks. The main body of the mask isolates the air and plays a sealing effect; the filter box filter can to filter the poison gas and dust. It is mainly used for operating environment containing low concentration of harmful gases and dust. Anti -toxic masks/masks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, mine, metallurgy, military, fire, rescue, rescue disaster relief, sanitary epidemic prevention and science and technology and environmental protection.

1. Principles of anti -toxicity

There are many types of anti -virus masks/masks. Usually, according to their structure and working principle, they are divided into two categories: air filter masks/masks and gas supply masks/masks.

(1) Air filter mask/mask

The air filtration mask or abbreviation is referred to as filtering masks. The working principle is to make the air containing the harmful air filtering through the filter material of the mask and then inhaled. The structure of a filter mask is divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, and the other is the filter material, including filter cotton for dustproof and chemical filter boxes for anti -virus.

(2) gas supply mask/mask

The gas supply mask/mask refers to the clean gas source that isolate the harmful object. Through the power of the power, such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder and other devices, the face and masks are sent to the face of the person to breathe.

2. Applicable environment

Anti -toxic mask/mask is the guarantee of life in the neutral and special period of industry. He is the guardian of human survival and health. It is mainly used for operating environment containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapor. Only adsorbing agents or sucking agents are installed in the filter box. Some filter boxes are also equipped with a filter layer to prevent gas solids at the same time. Some military anti -virus masks are mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or water -resistant oil and anti -fabrics are used as the outer layer. The glass fiber filtering material is the inner layer. Protection.

Anti -toxic mask/mask is a work of bionics, inspired by the wild boar on the battlefield after the First World War. At that time, a chemical weapon was used, but the wild boar was not poisoned after the war. Therefore, the shape of the wild boar nose was imitated to create an anti -virus mask and anti -virus mask. Anti -toxic mask/mask refers to masks/masks that can be used to prevent dust and anti -virus, and can filter harmful substances.

Third, common specifications

We can divide the types of anti -virus masks according to the shape of the anti -virus mask, the place and ingredients of use.

Anti -toxic mask can be divided into shape: plane anti -virus mask, cup -type anti -virus mask, valve anti -virus mask, folding anti -virus mask. This type of mask is mainly used in places with low density and low -density and low poisoning of normal air pressure and air circulation.


Mask -type anti -virus mask, semi -mask anti -virus mask, single can of anti -virus mask, double can anti -virus mask, isolation gas anti -virus mask. This type of anti -toxic mask is mainly used in environment with high density and strong toxicity.

The isolation anti -virus mask can be used in some special places, such as closed and toxic space, but the price is relatively high, and it is not very convenient to use.

Anti -toxic mask filter box specification table:

Product number




Protective object

Anti -virus type

No. 1 (Type B)

Organic plastic

95 grams


Inorganic gases or steam: hydrogenocyanic acid, hydrogen chloride, hydrogenation, light, dilate, chlorine chloride, benzene, bromine methane, dichloromethane, Louis gas, mustard gas, hydrogen phosphate, etc.

Comprehensive anti -virus

No. 3 (Type A)

85 grams


Organic gas and steam: phenyl chloride, acetone, alcohol, aniline, carbon chloride, carbon chloride, methane, bromane methane, chlorine, nitrone, chloride, etc.

No. 4 (K type)


Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide

Monotonic anti -virus

No. 7 (type E)



Acidal gas and steam: sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, light, phosphorus and chlorine -containing organic pesticides, etc.

No. 8 (H2S)

105 grams


Hydrogen sulfide or ammonia

No. 6 (HG)



Mercury or mercury steam

Fourth, choice method

There are three principles of dust mask/mask (suitable for dust and powder chemical poison, such as sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, etc.) and anti -virus masks/masks:

First, the dust resistance efficiency of the mask. The high and low dust efficiency of the mask is based on its fine dust, especially the blocking efficiency of respiratory dust below 5 microns. Because the dust of this size can directly enter the alveoli, it has the greatest impact on human health. The general gauze mask, the dust resistance principle is mechanical filtering, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, it passes by -layer -layer blocking to block some large particles of dust in the sand cloth. However, for some fine dust, especially dust less than 5 microns, it will pass through the eyes of gauze and enter the respiratory system. There are some dust masks abroad, and their filter materials are composed of permanent electrostatic fibers. Those respiratory dust less than 5 microns in the process of passing this filter, attracted by electrostatic and adsorbed in the filter material capture to the micro fine Dust, truly plays a role in dust blocking.

Second, the degree of tightness of the mask and face shape. The air is like water flow. If the resistance is small, it will flow towards it. When the mask is not close to the human face, the dangerous matter in the air will leak from the dense place and enter the human respiratory tract. Then, even if you choose a mask with a good filter material. It is impossible to protect your health. Many foreign regulations and standards now stipulate that workers should regularly test masks. The purpose is to ensure that the workers choose the appropriate size and take the mask according to the correct steps.

Anti -virus mask on extension 丨 ghost face anti -virus mask 丨 anti -virus mask

Third, comfortable to wear. The respiratory resistance must be small, the weight is light, wearing hygiene, and convenient maintenance. In this way, workers will be willing to adhere to wearing and improving their work efficiency in the workplace. There are currently foreign maintenance masks, without cleaning or replacing parts. When the dust is saturated or the mask is damaged, it will be discarded. And many masks are arched shape, which can ensure that the tightness with the face shape is good and can retain a certain space at the nose and nose, and it is comfortable to wear.

Five, wearing method illustration

(1) Granular protective mask


(1) 3M AURA wear action

(2) Wear wear action

(3) Ear wearing action action

(4) Cervical wearing action


(2) Protective mask


(1) Mask wearing coherent movements

(2) Mask wearing decomposition action

Animation demonstration is 3M information

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Organic plastic

Organic plastic

Organic plastic


Organic plastic


Organic plastic

95 grams

95 grams

Comprehensive anti -virus

Comprehensive anti -virus

Monotonic anti -virus

Monotonic anti -virus

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