Shanghai Meijiajing, Tianjin Yu Meijing, Chengdu Chunjuan astragalus cream … It’s not a pity that these old domestic products need to be too unfortunate

As the major international skin care brands have gradually swept the market, the old domestic products have gradually begun to be forgotten, and those familiar old packaging is not worse than imported goods of hundreds of yuan.


Those “grandma” skin care products, in fact, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious,

The cost -effectiveness is high, and the skin care effect is good. The only disadvantage is that the packaging is too ugly.

Obviously, it is easy to be eliminated in this era of face value.

On the effect, our old domestic products are definitely not lost, especially the five skin care products hidden in the grandma’s wardrobe. When you look at the packaging and smell the smell, you feel that you return to your childhood.


01. Shanghai Meijiajing Pearl Cream

I remember when I was a kid, my mother would buy Mei Canada Clean Tremella Pearl Cream as soon as I got in winter. In order to save a few cents, I bought it for bags, and then brought it into the bottle. Nothing can be wasted. Meijia Jinglin Pearl Cream is used most in autumn and winter. The effect of moisturizing and resisting drying is particularly good. It will not be reddish every morning and evening to rub the skin.

Although it is a pink creamy texture, it is easy to push away. It is suitable for various skin types. It is a savior for dry skin and moisturizing. It is rich in natural pearl essence and white fungus extract, which makes the skin more delicate, soft and elastic. In addition to being used as a cream, it can also be used as a body milk, hand cream, cheap and easy to use, and it will not distress.

02. Tianjin Yu Meijing

Not to mention Yu Meijing, I believe that many post -90s were used in the 90s. As soon as I washed my face, my mother let my mother let

“Tu Xiangxiang”

The built -in milk flavor is particularly good, and the moisturizing effect is super good. Even now,

A dry -sensitive skin like me will also use it as a proof before makeup.

, Two dollars a big bag, what else do you buy French big treasure makeup before?

03. Chengdu Chunjuan Astragalus Cream

As an Internet red domestic cream, Chunjuan Astragalus Cream is the main ingredient is

Astragalus root extract, avocado fruit





Unlike the current skin care products, it contains a large amount of additives. Natural ingredients are used with confidence, and it will not cause burden on the skin. In addition to the basic moisturizing skin effect, the main focus

“Yellow Remove Huang”

,were able

Improve the dull complexion

And other issues.


Let me talk about my feelings. As a mixed oil skin, I choose a refreshing type. I do n’t feel particularly heavy in autumn and winter, but it is not recommended to apply too much at one time, otherwise it will be a little greasy. It is said on the Internet that it has


Acne and whitening

The effect, for me, feels that it has a certain effect on diluting acne marks. As for whitening, you should stick to use to see the results. You can try it.

04. Fujian Pianzi Pearl Cream

This is really a must -have cream all year round. Don’t look at a small bottle, but the texture is full, and the ductility is not greasy. It is simply a “dry skin” savior.

It is recommended to use dry skin as a night cream

It can play a good moisturizing and moisturizing effect, and the skin is soft and delicate in the morning;

Oil skin is recommended to use autumn and winter



05, Jiangsu Baozhongbao urea cream

Chicken skin savior! Really easy to use!

It took me about half a month. The chicken skin was obviously improved, and the skin gradually became moist and smooth. Its main component is


As a natural moisturizing factor, it can also be played


Softened horny

The effect, if it is used as a body milk, can be applied to the knee position to soften the keratin to remove the dead skin.

The only disadvantage is that the texture of the urea frost is relatively heavy, and it is a bit difficult to push away.

It is best to use it as a hand cream and body milk

If it is dry skin, it can be used as a cream, after all, the moisturizing degree is very good.



The five “domestic creams” shared above are cheap and large bowls. The effects are not lost in big names, and most of them can be bought in the supermarket. Interested friends can try it. After all, old domestic products are rest assured!

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