Three or forty men wear pants, they must be very good, then these four pants are very suitable for you.

Is the age important for a man? Of course it is important.


When more than a dozen years, you can wear, how to come.

When I arrived in five or six, we were all in the style of the style, how to come.

The most embarrassing is the age of 30 or 40, wearing too personal, people say that you can’t reach.

Draw a little bit, people say that you are dressed and very old.

Especially the pants, it is necessary to have a little bit, then today, today’s blogger is recommended to recommend 4 style pants, especially for men aged 340.

(1) Pure color straight weapon

The trousers is basically small to eight years old, a pants that can wear in men.

General fabrics are cotton, which is a mixed textile of cotton and polyester. This pants do not pick the age, and they are suitable.

So you have to pay attention to three points:

1. Try to choose solid color, such as blue, dark gray, light gray, black, etc., do not choose too much pattern.

2. Try to choose the straight tube, because no matter what you are thin or fat, the straight pants can make the leg shape better.

3. Wear low-top shoes, such as canvas rubber shoes, casual shoes, small white shoes.

The best thing for this trousers is comfortable, people who are suitable for sports activities.

You can go out to make a basketball, run the run, or work on the site, you can satisfy.


There is no limit to the scene.

(2) Bunch of feet stitching jeans

Jeans is also the basic match of boys. It is very good to wear, and the style is also very classic.

The fabric is denim, of course, cotton, is best for men who are three or forty years old.

But after the age of 30, the style you can choose is less, basically the petule, the woolen pants can’t wear.

There are also three wearing points:

1. The bunch of pants is more distinct, and the straight pants look towed, and nine pants is too spiritual.

2. Buy the stitching jeans, completely solid color, but try to choose dark, such as dark blue, black, dark gray these colors.

3. Shoes, you can match running shoes, sports shoes, fitness shoes, try not to match the shoes.

The advantage of this kind of jeans is particularly dirty, especially wearing, and can be bought online, do not have to pay special attention to the number.

Whether it is bought, it is still a small, basically wear.

(3) Bunch of legs

The tooling pants are actually divided into many kinds, and there are also denim fabrics, and there is a corduroy fabric, and there are trousers fabrics.

The workfall is more match than other men’s trousers. If your personality is more powerful, you can try the fitness.

The choice of workfall is also very important.


1. The bunch of pants is better, of course, the straight can, but the legs are rough as possible to buy a bundle feet.

2. There are many pants pants, more accessories, but try to simply, one or two pockets are enough.

3. Improving shoes can be worn, Martin boots, basketball shoes, and even leather shoes can wear.

In general, men aged 340, I think wearing work pants is better because this pants are more young.

Moreover, the color is mixed, you can find a lot of style, many colors to wear.

Especially for this part of the personality.

(4) Dropping pants

The last one is a little pants, and the feet of the pants is generally better.

This pants can be used with shirts, polo shirts or trousers, are very suitable, and it is easy and decent.

And more importantly, there are many middle-aged male gods on the Internet who prefer this pants.


So the throne of the nine pants, it is obvious.

1. Proud pants, don’t buy pure straight pants, take a slight pants.

2. Nine pants, the pants just covered the degree of the degree of the ankle, too long, is not the spirit.


3. Shoes As long as they are not basketball shoes, but flat shoes are better, such as leather shoes, small white shoes, Mark boots, etc.


This trousers are suitable for people who are good, well-faced, and usually wearing clothes.

If you are three or forty years old, but I haven’t got married, I have to go to the blind date to turn around, or I have to come out to see a movie.

So wearing this kind of feet, nine pants, you will definitely let the opponent’s eyes.

These four pants are my very recommended style. It will not make mistakes basically wear.

But if you can look good, you can see what you wear.

You go to plant trees, built, and that of course weapon. You go to the blind date, of course, the foot is nine pants. The shopping mall is the tooling pants, the amusement park is jeans.

You have to wear a place.

Men want to become handsome, pay attention to Wang Wang.

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