Grace Wald’s Legend-Set Light-Sheng Bingding

Green, represents peace and friendship —- Grais Wald’s legend


Power: Pick up the equipment


Agile: 75% of the block to the junior shield

Physical strength: support as much as possible

Energy: No need


[Attack Reiki]

Holy Frozen: MAX

[Defense aura]

Resistance cold: MAX

Rescue: MAX

[Battle Skills]

Sacrifice: MAX

White heat


Holy Shield: All the remaining points


[Character equipment]

Helmet: The courage of Greis Wald (inlaid Ice Demon × 2)

Weapon: Grees Wald’s Redemption (inlaid 5#× 3 + Bingzhu × 1; or all inlaid 5#)

Armor: The Heart of Greis Wald (inlaid Ice Demon × 3)

Shield: Grees Wald Glory (inlaid Ice Demon × 3)

Necklace: The Angry of the Prince

Gloves: Zhuo Gulla’s grip

Belt: long skewers (for the power of Thor)

Shoes: Meat Eater (or toe of the small fairy)

Ring: Cream of Crow

Ring: Golden Ring (Requires Stealing Life> 6, Full Resistance> 5)

Author: ArticleManager