You can match the workers of boots, sneakers, canvas shoes, do you want to coil it?

Hello, half a month since the last group purchase of Benge. I do n’t know how do my friends feel the upper body?

Of course, Benge, who has been lurking in the fan base for a long time, also saw a lot of everyone’s sunny orders. Today, I chose a few proper buyer shows to share with you ~

Benge’s third group purchase is about to start! This time we choose

Beach hunter


Army pants.


BeachHunter is a domestic original brand that focuses on American retro. The owner is called “von pants” by the player because of his unique insights in the field of pants. As a deep player, Feng trousers have their own unique insights on the costumes of retro products, especially good at military restructuring and motorcycle installation. The reputation in the circle is very good, but it is little known outside the circle.


This time Benge also got the real thing in advance and asked three colleagues in our company to try on.

Model height 175, weighing 115

Model height 180 weight 142

Model height 168 weight 145

Unique design details

As well as


Body limit


as well as

size selection


, Benge will post videos tomorrow to talk to everyone ~


Quietly reveal the price that everyone is most concerned about:

5 yuan


Finally, I hope that everyone can feel the intention of Benge’s group purchase, so much support ~

PS: Our group purchase time is March 22 (that is, tomorrow). The group purchase method will write in the WeChat (Benn men) tweet tomorrow ~ Welcome friends who are interested to pay attention.

Author: ArticleManager