Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Review: Guardian Health Safety Growth

I believe that a lot of parents will come with a child watch for children. The children’s watch not only let parents can understand the children in real time, but also become a social tool for children, playing increasingly important roles in children. For children’s watches, children hope to get more interesting functions, and parents also hope that children’s watch provide more precise positioning, better daemons.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

At the Huawei flagship new product conference on July 29, Huawei brought a new generation of children’s watch – Huawei children’s watch 4 Pro. Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro is a voice that carefully collects the majority of parents and small users, and creates a new generation of children’s watches on this basis. Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Continues consistently high level hardware configuration, bringing 9 heavy AI positioning, 5ATM waterproof specifications, equipped with 5 megapixel HD camera, and 800mAh battery, 1GB + 8GB large storage, etc. At the same time, there are various sports patterns and sports PK mode, as well as a full-time video, original light guard, and “shake, add friends”, etc., while bringing more fun to children. It also provides a full range of guardians.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长


Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro’s design emphasizes technology and texture, the laps use NCVM non-conductive vacuum electric plating technology to bring very strong metal texture and gloss. Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro provides pink and blue color, 57.5g weight has a relatively comfortable wear experience for children. The watch uses a 1.41-inch AMOLED screen, providing 341PPI high resolution, contrast to 100000: 1, support NTSC100% wide color gamorphosis, brings more delicate display while also have a richer color performance.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro has original embedded LED lights, with space-sensitive dial, every time you light up, you will automatically illuminate. In addition, this LED light also provides nighttime walking lighting and safety warning, guarding children’s transportation and personal safety, and the LED light can flash with the music rhythm when music is played, and in sports PK mode, the LED light flashed to bring full. A sense of ceremony.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Built a 5 megapixel camera, more support HD video call, can answer Huawei mobile phone, smart screen, and flat video call on the watch. 85 ° super wide angle plus F2.2 large aperture can bring a better photo effect, so that more friends can take pictures together. In addition, Huawei Children’s Watches 4X New Yao will not only have a front camera, but also a side camera that achieves a smart identity function through a side camera.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro machine uses 5ATM waterproof device, supports 50 meters of strengthening waterproof, the horn of the watch more supports one-button drain, and only one press will quickly recover audio after swimming.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

There are two buttons on the side of the watch, but the button also uses waterproof design and takes 200,000 buttons to test, so that the product is more durable. When you encounter a danger situation, press the “Fun” button for 5 seconds to start the SOS call function, the watch will call the primary administrator and send the real-time environment photo of the local friend.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro’s SIM card slot is designed on the left side of the body and seals the screws, which makes the SIM card not easily removed without the tool, and of course Huawei also provides a tool to install the SIM card.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro uses a fluorornulatable strap, and the strap reference refers to the control of the food contact material control, the strip is stable, and the biocompatibility test is tested through ISO10993-10, so that the children are more safe and secure. In addition, Huawei Children’s Watches 4X New Yao will use nylon knitting straps, including reflective yarn, in the dark, can reflect in the dark, showing a bit of light, extravagance.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Built 800mAh Big Battery, with Huawei’s intelligent power saving technology, can achieve two days in the classic scene, can achieve five days in the super-power mode. The watch uses magnetic charging, supporting fast charge, charging for 20 minutes to reach 50%, can be full in 90 minutes.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Watch pairing

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro for the first time I need to install SIM card and the mobile phone pair, the mobile phone pair, the mobile phone is installed on the mobile phone. The two-dimensional code is bound. After the binding, you can make a variety of settings on your mobile phone and implement functionality, call, chat, etc.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Security guard

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Support GPS + Beidou + Glonass Three-Mode Satellite Positioning, WLAN Location, Base Station Positioning, Indoor Location, A-GPS, Accelerometer Assistant Location, SOS Aided Location This 9 relocation. Huawei Children’s Watches 4 Pro Having Huawei Self-developed network positioning service, intelligently acquiring the optimal positioning effect, and positioning the child’s usual location through the AI ​​algorithm, making the watch the positioning of the watch, the more accurate, and support more than 5,000 shopping malls in China , Indoor positioning in the airport, high-speed rail and hospitals, also supports roaming around the world and regions.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Records a precise positioning every 120 seconds, achieving a full-time high-frequency, low-power footprint record, so that parents can keep up with the trail of children. And you can use the security area, when a child leaves the security zone, the phone will receive a notification.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro supports watch application installation, supports children’s WeChat and QQ, so that children have their own social circles.

Full scene communication

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro supports smooth linked videos and voice calls, which is also the place where Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro is different from the general child’s watch, and can listen to Huawei video calls for mobile phones, tablets and smart screens.

5 million pixel camera can bring high quality call video, not only see children, but also see the surroundings. In order to ensure the quality of the call, Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro uses AI adaptive control and source channel linkage intelligent transmission technology, in a weak environment, use ultra-decibel technology to compensate the picture quality, and can smooth communication when the network is deteriorated.

In addition to smooth talking, Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro also supports text chat feature, supports shakes to add friends, different brands of children’s watches, friends only need close to shake, you can easily add friends, or sweep through WeChat Watch QR code, or mobile sharing children’s watch WeChat business card, add children as a friend, achieve cross-brand, cross-devices interact, let the children become a social trader.

grow healthy

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro supports skipping rope, sit-ups, etc., you can record moving data to help children do better exercise. Huawei Children’s Watches 4 Pro also add professional swimming mode, you can identify froamy swimming, free swimming, butterfly, backstroke four swimming positions, can record swimming distance, swimming, calories, speeding curves, swimming, the number of swims, the average number of times, And the main pole and Swolf (professional swimming efficiency) index help children correct swimming.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro Bufes ALS Ambient Light Sensor and UV UV Sensor, you can identify and record natural care, and you can encourage children to exercise outdoors throughout the watch.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

For children’s daily running records, you can view on the APP, not only can you view the number of steps, sports data, you can also check the time of natural care, so that parents can better master children every day.

85 ° self-portrait super wide angle

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro’s 5 megapixel camera supports 85 ° super wide angle, with a better photo effect, can still take a clear photo in a weak or backlight, and support speech control.

In the camera function, Huawei children’s watch 4 PRO can not only shoot clear, but also brings more interesting dynamic stickers, and the watches have a large number of dynamic stickers, so that children’s photo is more fun.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

Summary: children love, parents peace of mind

As a new child watch, Huawei Children’s Watch is indeed a new child watch, it is indeed in all aspects, and the watch provides a full-scale safety guardian while the watch provides a watch. Come, experience the happiness and growth of sports. Huawei Children’s Watches 4 Pro not only brought better experience in safety guards, but also brought more communication with all scenes, Based on smooth communication, there is better call quality and convenient communication.

华为儿童手表4 Pro评测:守护孩子的健康安全成长

In addition, Huawei Children’s Watch 4X New Yao is a cool design, which has double-camera configuration, and intelligent knowledge of security guards and all-time communication companion function, and the full-scene communication companion function. , Scan code and other functions, also have NFC credit function, implement traffic cards, access cards, let Huawei children’s watch 4x new Yao has a more powerful feature.

It is understood that Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro will be on August 20 00:00 in Huawei Mall, major authorized e-commerce, Huawei experience store and authorized retailer to open pre-sale, price of 998 yuan, August 30:00 00:00 Formal for sale, interested parents can pay attention!

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