How can we clean the small fish tank with a filter box?

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Now many fish friends who raise ornamental fish have increasingly noticed the importance of nitrifying bacteria. A problem from this is how we can minimize the minimum reduction of filter cotton or biochemical filter materials. The loss of nitrifying bacteria that has been established.

1. Large fish tank cleaning is simple

For the larger fish tank, everyone is quite clear. The first layer of white cotton, or two or three layers of white cotton in physical filtration. When we clean it, we only need to clean the top layer. Biochemical filter materials can not move without moving, even if you want to move in batches.

2. What to do with small fish tanks


If we are small fish tanks, and we can only barely put a small fish tank with a filter cotton, there is no biochemical filter material, and we cannot change the cylinder head. If we clean the filter cotton, it will inevitably lead After the nitrifying bacterial group is destroyed, even after cleaning the cotton, the water quality of the fish tank will always be turbid for a while. Is there any good way to solve this?


In fact, it is very simple to operate. Everyone will do it. The first step we need to do is to make the water of the fish tank concentrated at a point of filter cotton. This is very important. And it is not allowed to scatter the water flow everywhere, so if it is a small upper filter of the rainy pipe, the entire filter cotton is dirty, and we can directly remove the rainy pipe.



Originally the filter slot was small, if the water flow was too scattered, it would inevitably affect the effect of filter filtering, and the water will not be too strong. Only in the water set in the fish tank, the filtration effect of the filter cotton will be the most the most. Good, and the debris on the cotton will not spread too much, of course, the water flow of the water must not be large.


Then divide the only piece of filter cotton into two, cut it from the middle, and then don’t it become two filter cotton? Just go to batch cleaning in batches, it is that simple operation, absolutely use, although the impurities are concentrated on half filter cotton, the other half of the cotton is soaked in the water, which will exist in nitrifying bacteria. You can avoid the loss of nitrifying bacteria.


, Sometimes, we can not go to excessive cleaning. Occasionally, there may be no disadvantages of dirt, but just remembers to clean them in batches. This method is definitely used. Even if you use it for a while, there is no need to wash too clean when cleaning, almost the same.


There is no fixed statement for the choice of white cotton. As long as it is thick enough to resist, because the filter slot of the fish tank is small, so we can only use thicker filter cotton, but the thickness of the filter cotton is not easy Beyond the height of the filter box, the bottom of the cotton must have a background, which can ensure the smooth flow of the water flow.




In addition, there is a problem. The smaller the fish tank, the worse the processing ability of impurities, so the faster the aging of the water body, so the drop of water and the water surface of the fish tank with the water surface of the fish tank should not be too large. Once the bubbles, the water bodies are difficult to eliminate these bubbles. In the end, it may be mixed with impurities to become an oil film, blocking the water surface, making the water quality more corrupt.

Therefore, the average small fish tank, the distance between the filter box and the water surface of the fish tank, take a small fish tank with a long fifty centimeter as an example, should not exceed 6 or 7 cm at most.



Don’t think that I am talking about it. I just measured it according to my small fish tank just now. It is definitely a relatively accurate value. This distance can ensure that the oxygen supply and water flow of the fish tank are inferior to the bottom of the fish tank. Washing can make the water flow of the fish tank not great, and it can avoid excessive foam on the surface of the water.




If we lead the filtering into the inside of the fish tank, because the rainy pipe is removed, the oxygen supply in the fish tank will not be guaranteed. Such a small fish tank oxygen pump cannot be added. The water flow is too far away, and many of the above disadvantages occur, so I feel that this distance is still more appropriate.

Of course, if the space is sufficient, we would rather not add biochemical cotton, and we can also add some ceramic ring to the bottom of the white cotton, which always come up with people.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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